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Bajaj Capital helps you to Save Tax.Hurry march is approaching!

Bajaj Capital is an Investment Advisory and Financial Planning company and a SEBI-approved Category I Merchant Bankers. They offer personal finance advisory & investment planning service to individual investors, corporate houses, institutional investors, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and High Networth Clients.They have good marketing and distribution channels for selling mutual  funds, insurance, bonds etc.They are in the whole financial scenario except banking.

Obama Plays Villian in the Outsourcing Saga

The americans have voted for change and they have gone for Obama and loaded him with a huge task to revive the US economy which is in bad shape.Obama was voicing concerns over the tax breaks enjoyed by us companies which offshored jobs to their offshoring centres in India.Everyone thought that his statement were in for the polls.Now he has said again in the State of the Union address that he is going to have a relook in the US tax code. Pranab and PC expressed concerns over US's new protectionalism.Democrats have been saying for years about this.Microsoft, GE, HP, Motorolla, Pepsi, Honeywell ,IBM etc are among the thousand companies that is offshoring different jobs to their development centres in India and get it done by indian engineers or youths and take the money back to US and get it taxed at just 5.25 percent as against the usual 35 percent of foreign earnings.This is due to a 2004 tax holiday provision for foriegn earnings. Obama is right about what he is saying.As the ruler

BSNL Launches 3G Service

Last week we heard that MTNL launched 3G services in Mumbai and Delhi.Now BSNL has also launched 3G services in different cities.The private players are yet to get the spectrum.Customers need to have a 3G enabled handset and they will have to purchase a new USIM (Universal Subscribed Identification Module) for Rs 300 which will have a validity period of 7 days. Why should you shift to 3G from the current 2G or 2.5G networks? High speed data transfer mainly the internet.Speeds of 384 kbps is realistic in 3G network.You can make video calls.Live video streaming and live tv on mobile will appear realistic.Imagining a situtaion when you can see the live video feed from your CCTV on your phone to know that everything is ok at home.Now you know it is the future and sure the operators will invest in the new network as they have already made money from present investments of 2G mobile networks. Click here for the BSNL 3G Tariff Click here for the 3G Frequently Asked Questions

Movie Mart Online Movie Rental Service

Reasons to Smile......Tax Cuts

The interim budget was passed today along with a finance bill and surprisingly the congress has moved away from his earlier stand.They have tinkered with the taxes to boost demand.Service tax is now 10% from 12%.And excise duty have also been made in the tune of Rs 30,000 crores for the exchequer.We desperately needed a booster announcement and it has been done. Elections are round the corner and the parties are out there to please the public.The congress has come forward to describe Slumdog Millionaire bagging eight oscars as it's achievement.Any way sounds funny........ It is good that cement prices will come down because of these tax cuts.Now we desperately needed lesser taxes on petroleum byproducts like diesel and petrol.The government taxes ridiculously to make people think twice before buying those as they are scare.What a fool's logic? If the government feels that petrol and diesel are not good for the environment, why do they allow sale of cars, buses and diesel genera

Idea Shriya Saran Gandhi Commercial Controversy

Youth Congress in kerala has raised their objections about the Democracy ad of the cellular company Idea.Watch the video and find whether any disrespect is depicted against Gandhi. Now is youth congress forgeting what gandhi told us about tolerence.Otherwise you won't talk about boycotting products of a Swadeshi company and talking about dealing them in the street.

My Religion - Hindu in the records

As per government records my religion is hindu.I was born to hindu nair parents and they raised me up in that fashion.But i could not identify myself to the religion the hindus follow around me.They do all the wrong doing, drink, steal , cheat and then go to a temple and put some money in the box kept there.They offer some offering to the god and think that god is pleased.By the way they are offering the things to god in exchange of some favours, like more income from bribe for a person working in a Road Transport Office.I could not visualize god as a person offering material benefits inexchange of a bowl of gold coins, poojas etc.. I believe in god and i believe in the scriptures.But i do not believe the whole part of it.I imbibe what i feel comfortable for me.I can understand that Lanka was once a rich and prosperous country but i cannot understand that sun rotates the vindya mountain every day.I can understand that lord hanuman jumps over the sky to eat the sun god or bhagiradha pra

Discouraging thoughts on a Positive Day

I do not like to write discouraging thoughts here.But since i have vowed to write honestly, i am typing my heart here.Ever since i left the world of PCB and circuit design, i began working about 15 to 18 hours online.Tremendous hours sitting in front of the computer had made me lose all the human feelings.At one point, i found that i am losing grip of my life.Recently i have made it sure not to work tremendously in the weekends. This Friday and Saturday i needed to meet my lawyer for discussion about a litigation going on.Both days i worked for a couple of hours.Sunday i made it sure to holiday this time... I was spending about 12000 Rupees in labour cost for maintaining planted rubber trees for this month.The workers were there and i thought i could holiday there and can do some work with the trees also.So i planned to do the painting on the trees.Painting is done on young trees to protect them from the scorching heat that is yet to come in March and April. I couldn't photograph m

Lemme introduce myself ---- Maneesh J

This post is primarily to introduce myself to the world.I am a twenty five year old man blogging from a remote village in Kerala named Nooranad in Alappuzha District.I am an electronics engineer working online designing websites for different people.I shall give you a pic so that if you happen to see me in the street some where, you will recognize me.Then you can walkin to me and say a hi. I have been running a career information website for indians for a while.I blog there too.The site is Career Drive India.You can access it at . I was always averse to posting photos on the internet.I was afraid that some one will take this and make a comical work on photoshop and post it at different websites.Any way i have fought out all those thoughts.This photo is an old one.It was shot on 16th June 2008.Will try to load a new photo.But you know, basically i am a lazy guy.So my promise will take some time.

I am going to be serious with Digital Tyke

Let me say the truth......Even though i have been running this blog for a while,i haven't spend enought time for maintaining this blog.I was lazy whenever i get to blog for digital tyke.Yesterday i got a mail from a user who expressed similiar ideas. Honestly i hated to share the personal details with the whole world who happen to visit these pages.What ever you write is evidence and people will always judge you with what you write.So it is about the resistance from a part of me stopping me from posting my details on this blog.I want to break free from that part in me and want to reach out to my users.So i am going to make some serious attempts. The last time i wrote a personal post on this blog was when i was stressed out too much.Thanks to god for making me delete that bcos it read something similiar to a suicide note. I have always been an introvert since i recognise the world around me.I was born in a village in kerala named Nooranad.I still live there.But till today i couldn&

Earn Big From Your Website Using Chikita

Chitika is a good ad network for publishers.Chitika has been around for a while.We heard them first with their product eminimal.In 2006 i applied for chitika and they rejected me.Later in 2008 they mailed me and provided me a chitika account. Chitika ads works well for your us or canada search visitors.You can set to run an alternate code for all other users.Chitika is hundred percent compatable with adsense and it beats adsense sometimes. Chitika Premium is their newest product which also is only for us and canada traffic only.Try out chitika in your blog or website if you haven't heard of it.

Job for Ayurvedic Medical Officer

Ipca Traditional Remedies Private Limited, Mumbai Experience:1 - 5 Years Location:Mumbai Suburbs Compensation:Rupees 1,75,000 - 2,50,000includes personal allownace/pf, medical, LTA and sharing boarding and lodging with all meals Education:UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization Industry Type:Medical/ Healthcare/Hospital Functional Area:Healthcare, Medical, R&D Job Description treatment of IPD/OPD using modern diagnostics, emergency medicines and inhouse depveloped Ay treatment protocols/products and procedure for certain forms of cancer and chronic diseases. Documentation and data generation at all levels Desired Candidate Profile BAMS/MD (Ayurveda) with relevant clinical experience in nutrition/ yoga/panchkarma or emergency medicines. scientific bent of mind and research attitude. good communication skill and pleasing personality Company Profile promoted by Ipca Laboratories Limited ( a front line pharmaceuticals of India)in association with

Every Indian have a debt of Rs 30,000

This is what the last five years of the UPA Government has led us in to.The agricultural loan write off was good but costed the national exchequer.Yes they have collected record income tax collections but why forget the fiscal deficit. India is a country of the poor.All policy decisions should be made considering the poorest of the poor in the country.The Rs 60,000 crore debt relief was helpful for my Uncle.He possess crores of Rupees worth land planted with Rubber trees that fetches him Rs 30,000 per month by selling rubber sheets.He took an agricultural loan pledging some gold loan and took Rs 50,000 from a village bank and he didn't pay any penny and his loan was written off and his gold was returned.But many people who sold their houses to pay off the debt incurred by cultivating paddy did not found themselves in the debt relief scheme.Their offence that they paid a part in time. Every Indian is soon going to have a debt of Rs 30000.Here is my source .You will find all the num

Our Brahmos Website Might Have Been Hacked

I had visited brahmos website to know about the company as it is located in my state.See what a google search displays.. Interesting the ones and twos in the description.My brain (idle lazy fellow up there) told that it is possible because i remember seeing a flash animated page as intro at the home address. Here is my AVG Websheild responded when i visited the home page. and read it.................. I went to know who owned the domain and found the result here . THE RESULT Domain ID: D87543621-LROR Domain Name: CDMON.ORG Created On: 14-Jun-2002 15: 32: 59 UTC Last Updated On: 22-Dec-2006 11: 27: 13 UTC Expiration Date: 14-Jun-2013 15: 32: 59 UTC Sponsoring Registrar: Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. d/b/a (R27-LROR) Status: CLIENT DELETE PROHIBITED Status: CLIENT RENEW PROHIBITED Status: CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED Status: CLIENT UPDATE PROHIBITED Registrant ID: DI_4829820 Registrant Name: Jaume R. Palau Regist

Be Truthful to Your Partner

Arun and Anita are two best friends studying in the same class.Arun showed Anita some marble pieces and Anita asked for it.Arun gladly gave it.In return Anita gave Arun the chocolate box her father had gifted her on her birthday.Anita was very glad. That night Anita slept well but Arun could not sleep well.Before handing the marble, he hid the best one in his pocket.He was thinking whether Anita also took the best chocolate before handing the chocolate box to him.

Compare Insurance Policies before Buying

Compare the available medical insurance policies before buying one.You can save up to 40 percent.Enter you mobile number in the form before.Policybazaar customer service personnels will call you back.

You are wasting money on your Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer is a mysterious printing device.You are a home/ small office customer.You find an HP printer cost around 2000 Rupees which can print photos, letters , brochures, media covers etc.You fall for the Hewlet Packard's advertising and you buy it. Everything seems good in the beginning.When your ink is out, you want to replace a catridge.You go to a store and find two catridges for 1700 Rupees.This happenned to me in 2004.I went for the cheaper option, refueling via a syringe which the local computer store boy did for Rs 100.Refueled ink resulted in damage of the printer. Now i got the printer repaired in 2006 and it costed me 800 Rupees.Now again the printer went dead after couple of month..If some one wants the printer , i shall give it to you free of cost...........Call me at 9947202625........ If you find value in the crap, it is yours..........................

The Impossible

Jacob was returning after a grandeous party.He was so drunk that he could not walk correctly and he fell many a times and got up back.At the bank of the river, he saw some people queuing for baptisation.Jacob also joined the queue.The priest was shocked when he saw Jacob when his turn was ripe in the queue. Father asked him whether he was ready for the ceremony and Jacob replied with a yes.Now the priest sank Jacob's head for five seconds and took it back and asked him whether he saw God.Jacob told that he saw only two fish in the water. The gathering laughed silently.Reining the presence of mind, the priest sank the head again but this time kept it for 45 seconds.When jacob struggled, the head was taken back and he was asked the same question. while wiping the water in the face and gasping for air, he replied,"Are you sure that god fell in the same river?".

Google Advertising Page Design in Fresh

Google has changed their advertising page designs.THe dognaming website image in the adsense login page no longer exists... TO VIEW THE NEW DESIGN Go to Click Advertising Programs Click go to adsense or go to adwords for the service you are interested in. By the way today the go to adsense page displayed 404 error.Hope it works when you see it.

The Unseen Dream

A Senior Executive of an MNC visited the company canteen after heavy midday meals for the  coffee even during the period of recession.He was sitting in the cafeteria and noticed the boy  cleaning the table tops.The old man decieded that he should be the person to spend time for the break. He asked the boy. "What is your monthly salary?" The boy replied with a smile. What are your future plans? The reply was silence. Where would you see yourself after ten years? The boy glanced him with an unfriendly look. The man in suit continued his discourse. "Do you know when i came to this town, i had no money?But today i have everything. Name.......Fame............Money.............Power...........Esteem........" What do you have ?As a poor canteen boy with no future dreams and expectations, you  possess nothing?Tell me boy, what do you have? The boy replied while walking towards the kitchen, "I got to go because i have some work   pending."