Every Indian have a debt of Rs 30,000

This is what the last five years of the UPA Government has led us in to.The agricultural loan write off was good but costed the national exchequer.Yes they have collected record income tax collections but why forget the fiscal deficit.

India is a country of the poor.All policy decisions should be made considering the poorest of the poor in the country.The Rs 60,000 crore debt relief was helpful for my Uncle.He possess crores of Rupees worth land planted with Rubber trees that fetches him Rs 30,000 per month by selling rubber sheets.He took an agricultural loan pledging some gold loan and took Rs 50,000 from a village bank and he didn't pay any penny and his loan was written off and his gold was returned.But many people who sold their houses to pay off the debt incurred by cultivating paddy did not found themselves in the debt relief scheme.Their offence that they paid a part in time.

Every Indian is soon going to have a debt of Rs 30000.Here is my source.You will find all the numbers and about the financial stimulus schemes and duty cuts.How many indians can afford this debt?There is no india shining.India is what the movie Slumdog millionaire portrays.Our immediate priority should be to bridge the gap between rich and the poor.

The poor is not asking to give him luxury or to fit an air conditioner at his home.He is just asking to make food items affordable to him.He is just concerned about his livelihood than a war with pakistan, man landing on moon or whether sensex touches 21000 again or not.

The policies of the UPA Government didn't addressed to fight inflation.Ofcourse they did some money tightening steps and the recession resulted in decreasing the inflation index to a level less than five.

But the rulers should understand that people do not want you to feed them.They are asking you not to make life harder.

Note: i do not have the opinion that the nda government was better in this regard.


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