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Hindus Need a Bhavya Ram Mandir at Ayodhya

Fanatic Barbarian Invaders in the past destroyed thousands of hindu, jain , sikh and buddhist temples. Ayodhya , the birthplace of Lord Sri Ram was also under seige.Hindus who are devoted to Prabhu Shri Ram want to have a temple at the place of the disputed structure once they were freed from the fanatics.It became controversial and communal issue so that many indian people got killed in communal riots that happened after a mob of emotionally charged karsevak hindus who are devotees of Prabhu Shri Ram destroyed the disputed structure illegally with force.It did not become a local issue.It divided hindus and muslims in India.BJP lost elections in Uttar Pradesh for decades after this incident.India lost deep assets in Pakistan who helped us for covert operations.Demolition of the disputed structure is a wound that would take lot of time to heal.One side celebrates as Shourya divas and the other as Black Day.More than 25 years went away.Past is past.Hope that muslims and hindus would s

Curious Case of Disasters in Communist Families

Dear Communists, don't teach only the "liberal & progressive" values to your children.Teach them the "regressive, fascist, savarna, conservative" values too and let them make the right decision when they age.Though the pain suffered by both people are personal, society has much to learn with the personal losses of these two people. We all would be feeling sympathy to the family.But the public perception that they themselves brought this disaster is not true.In these days, it is very expensive to get a college education.So the parents need to sacrifice their own life and money to get their children educated.But the children who are self reliant are seen running after newly imbibed 'isms'.They should desist from harming their parents.The pain received from children is so hard and the media as well as society which celebrates it is degenerated one.The fight of the father for the wellness of the daughter is great.If you have seen the movie Taken (