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Couple of Orangis Online related Ashram Visits

Running Orangis Online requires me to visit reputed organisations. So i decided to meet the person in the administration of Ramakrishna Math which was founded by Swamy Vivekananda. The person who claim to be a Sannyasin managing the Matham is very arrogant. He was pouncing upon me as if i was an enemy. He was not at all ready to hear my proposal. This Monday i visited another Ashram, a growing one headed by a Sanyasin in his youth. It is believed to be an offshoot of Sivagiri Ashram, Varkala founded by Sree Naryana Guru.Sree Narayan Viswa Dharma Math is headed by Swami Shivabodhananda.Contrast to my experience at Ramakrishna Mission, this person is so warm and cordial.He showed me the ashram, temple, conference room under construction and the home theatre due to inauguration. The home theatre room is superb.I asked him ,"What is the use of a movie theatre in an ashram, after all vidhi (direction from scriptures & shastras) for brahmacharis and sanyasis is to avoid wordly

BSNL 3G Wireless Broadband Speed Test

Ever since 3G service started in the airspace over my office, i took one connection from BSNL. I had a huawei modem with me with name Idea Netsetter written all over it.It was a SIM killer. If i put a different SIM other than the one they gave with the idea data connection, this device had the ability to render the SIM useless. I sacrificed a Tata Docomo SIM to learn that.I got that 'Netsetter' hacked or reprogrammed with a technician to get a universal USB dongle with Mobile Partner software that could use any SIM. Enough of small talk,these are the results Device Speed: Max 7.2 Mbps Device: Huawei High Speed WCDMA/ EDGE/GPRS compatible USB modem Tower: WCDMA BSNL MOBILE - PARA JUNCTION / NOORANAD

Arun Jaitley's U-Turn on The Henderson Brooks Report

Shri Arun Jailtey, when he was the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, wrote that Central Government should declassify   'The Henderson Brooks' Report.The report is about the reasons of failure happened to indian armed forces in the war with China in 1962.His blogpost about the issue is now in a deleted state.This is what is found on the BJP website. The first 111 pages having been made public, it is now necessary that the balance pages also be made public rather than allow public opinion be influenced by unauthentic sources . Shri Arun Jaitley is the defence minister of present Narendra Modi led Union Government of India has now taken a U Turn on the issue.Times of India article says that "This (Henderson Brooks report) is a top-secret document and has not been declassified so far. Release of this report, fully or partially, or disclosure of any information related to this report, would not be in national interest," said defence and finance minister Arun Ja