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FirstCry Discount Coupon Codes

Make use of discount coupon codes and save money when shopping online for parenting, baby related products at FirstCry. 15% Off in TOY Category Coupon Codes FCDGM15LEGO OR FCDGM15WW 10% OFF in Back to School Section Coupon Code DGMFC10BTS Get 100 Rs Off on Purchase of Rs 500 (Diapers Excluded) Coupon Code FC100N500 Go to Firstcry website and enter the coupon code to claim the discount. Click here to Claim the Discount <p><p><br /> <ilayer src="" z-index="0" width="300" height="250"><br /&amp

IndiaCan Broadcast Journalism Course

Educomp is an indian online education company whereas Pearson is an international education content provider service.Both of these guys have made a joint venture which is a vocational education company which believes it can make money from the youths of india.The IndiaCan Broadcast Journalism course and training have been entrusted to the NDTV whom they have roped in this.Students are expected to have fruitful sessions in which they can get insights in the industry from media professionals such as journalists, video editors, theatre people, personality trainers and corporate trainers.

Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service Nooranad

I didn’t grew up planning to be an entrepreneur and choosing a different life. Now a days people have been branding me as ‘abnormal’. Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service was also born out of the so called ‘abnormal’ behavior that the society bestowed upon me. A carpenter from Ernakulam was hired to make kitchen cabinets as a part of renovation of my home. His name is Selin. Selin told me about a grass cutting machine used in Ernakulam by workers of LNG Terminal. His description was that it was a long rod machine with a diesel engine on the rear and rotating metal blades on the front. He also offered help in buying it from Kochi. Later on a train journey I gazed upon such a machine operation. On that moment I felt there was a small business opportunity since my village is facing acute shortage for agricultural manual labour for weed clearing operations in rubber plantations. Then for some days I did serious research on brush cutter models and their prices. I learned from owners the pros

Recharge your mobile phone for FREE

It might seem like a rumour but it is true that the company Mobikwik is providing free mobile recharges to phone users as a part of marketing of their online mobile recharge website.They make money out of the information you provide so it does not cost them much.Here is the way to get the free recharge.We suggest all users to read the FAQ and Program Policy. Visit Free Recharge web page and enter your email address. Download and install the toolbar they offer in your computer. You will get a confirmation email in your email inbox.Once you click the link you get the free mobile recharge.  Update on 14th June 2011: Our Source says that the company has stopped the free recharge offer.

Aadhar - Unique Identification Number for Indians

Our indian establishment (read government) does not know who indians are.There are terrorists, bangladeshi migrants, others inside india.That might be the reason behind the UID Project now renamed as Aadhar.Nandan Nilekani was made boss of the project. The Aadhar Project Kickstarted in my village called Palamel in June.I was informed that by the neighbours. I purchased the enrollement form from a nearby shop that sells forms for Rs 10.I filled it up attatched a copy of the voters id card and reached the government approved IT kiosk in every village of kerala called Akshaya center. They gave a number 10034,10035 and 10036 for my family and i was asked to come on june 2nd.On june second i went and i was given another number 279 and was waiting patiently for about 4 hours and later i was called.My thumb impression of four fingers each of both hands was recorded in a scanner along with the two thumbs.I was sitting in front of an LCD monitor where i can see the things getting recorded.I