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Send Money to India using remit2india

Times of Money is a money transfer company belonging to the Times of India group.Remit2India is a secure way to transfer money to India from abroad.They have roped in citigroup for providing this service.NRIs around the world can benefit from this service.

Fight Hairfall and Maintain your Hair

Losing hair is dreadful if you are a beauty conscious person.Dr Batras has got a holistic hair loss treatment .Dr Batra's has been a symbol of quality homeopathetic treatment.The company has been founded by Dr. Mukesh Batra.They now have about fifty five clinics in 25 cities all over india, Dubai and UK.In 2002 a survey was conducted by Americal Quality Assessors which is an american market research organization.Dr. Batras received a Customer Satisfaction Rate of 98% accordining to march 2003 audit. <p><p><p><br /> <ilayer src="

Blogger - A Free Platform for Blogging

I am suggesting Blogger, a free blogging platform owned by Google.Let us learn about blogger.Have you decided upon a domain name or killer brand name for your blog? Features & Things you should know about Blogger You can find it at . Your blog is stored at the Storage Servers of Google free of cost. Your blog is given a web address of free of cost. If you can buy a domain name from a domain registrar, you can use your own domain and your blog will be . Blogger is a key to the google adsense account you will be making shortly after creating and running your blog. You can write unlimited number of blog posts and make unlimited number of blogs. Your google username and password is used to signin in the Blogger. Not much technical knowledge is needed to create your new blog post. Blogger Blog network itself brings you referral visits. You don't have to worry much on Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to make money by blogging?

Maybe i should have published the topic of this blog couple of years back.Now that people are more interested in microblogging.I am writing this post for the people who have no idea of blogging or have never heard of Adsense.If you want to make money online, you have to work really hard.I have made assumptions that you have a PC/imac/Notebook/Macbook with internet connectivity.You are expecting your earnings from blogging to be a supplementary revenue stream and you are ready to sacrifice three to four hours a day for making this to work. 1. Making Money From Blogging is not very easy You should be serious with your new endeavour.Set aside minimum 3 hours.Like all other things in life, blogging also is not for the lazy ones. What is a Blog? It is a webpage on the internet through which you communicate to your users.Ideally a blog is a platform used by users with no or little technical knowledge.They write articles called posts.These posts are displayed one after another.The cru