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Tata ’s Luxury Crossover Aria Review

Tata Aria Crossover Tata Motors has always been in the business of providing more facilities in its vehicles at affordable prices. From Tata Sierra, Estate in the 90s, Indica in the 2000s and the latest Nano were all reflections of this philosophy of Tata Motors. Tata Indica was an affordable diesel car introduced to replace the Ambassador every Indian drove and at prices less than the big elephant. Tata Motors got global attention when they introduced the world’s cheapest car –the nano. The latest car introduced by Tata is Tata Aria.Everyone refer to it as a crossover. I  don’t know what exactly a crossover is. But looking from it’s shape I feel that crossover is a car containing features of an SUV and a normal sedan. The front would be looking like a sedan while the rear will look like an SUV.In India people call Tata Sumo, Mahindra Xylo, Toyota Innova, Chevrolet Tavera etc as SUVs but they are really MUVs or people movers. Design Front view of Aria looks lik

OlivePad Upgraded to Android 2.2

OlivePad VT-100 which is claimed to be India’s first 3.5 G tablet has upgraded to Android 2.2. Features Faster and improved Javascript rendering Installation of applications on SD card Faster switching between multiple keyboard languages Can use phone as a mobile hotspot Automatic  update of all applications on one click Supports 3G, Wifi & Bluetooth wireless technologies Inbuilt 3 megapixel camera and an additional front camera Can be used as a mini touch notebook Smart phone with voice and video calling Gaming console, television and an ebook reader Inbuilt GPS Sensor Accessories along with OlivePad Tablet 16GB memory card and leather carry wallet FREE with the tablet Six months subscription to Wenga TV application. Lifetime navigation by Mapmyindia. Applications Can create word documents, ppt, excel etc Browse internet, instant messaging, youtube, GPS enabled maps with turn by turn directions Multimedia Support - Can play video and music Surf your favorit