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PSU Malabar Cement Website Doesn't have sufficient Bandwidth

Malabar Cements is a public sector company owned by the State Government of Kerala.It is notorious for rampant corruption.Everyone knows that recruitment in the company happens in a shady way.This time when job recruitment is happening for managerial and non managerial posts for which candidates need to apply before 21st November 2012, the website is inaccessible.How on earth are the public expected to know about the required qualifications when your website is down.

Sabarimala Online Darshan Booking Website has a new Domain

Last year we have written about Online Darshan Ticketing System at Sabarimala.This system is operated by Kerala Police.Now queuing system is more ayyappa swami friendly with it's new domain . Another noticable fact is that they have started running online banner ads to make money from the ayyappa swami visits. They are making $$$ over the service which is FREE!

Yamaha R1 Sports Bike Review

Superbikes or Sport bikes are motorcycle tweaked for high speed and acceleration.These vehicles can be braked at higher speed,cornered well at high speeds.They will be powered with engines that burn lot of fuel and hence will be less efficient vehicles.These vehicles are made for excitement and not for commuting.Yamaha R1 is a litre class superbike sold in India. Design It was in 1998 that R1 was first spotted on the roads.Dark twin headlamps and pilot lamps look like a bull staring at you.Powerful and massive engine is located beneath the big twinspar frame in the side.Further top is the chiseled like muscular fuel tank.The front view is made majestic by 43mm front fork with independent damping, big disc brake with six piston caliper and wide tyres.The controls located behind the big visors shows the vehicle 's speed, engine speed, gear position, temperature, time, trip meter,service indicator etc.The attractive feature in the rear is it's exhaust.Underseat double exh

Missed Call Alert Service FREE on BSNL Mobile

After doing MNP and changing my number 9947202625 from Vodafone to BSNL Mobile, i learned about that missed call alert was FREE for which Vodafone and Tata Docomo was charging me for the lack of their network coverage. How to Avail FREE missed call alert service? Go to settings of your mobile phone. Go to Call Settings. And then to call Forwarding And to Voice Call Forwarding. Locate when unreachable part of the setting. Forward your calls when you are unreachable to +9117010 or 009117010 You will then get status there itself that this service has been activated. Good Day!

Trekking at Inchakkad Hill Kottarackara

Sitting On Top of the Hill While traveling through the MC Road from Kottayam to Thiruvananthapuram, there is a good hill to climb.On top of it, 360 degree view of the villages beneath and windy atmosphere is refreshing and positive. Here is the way to get to the hill. Adoor --------->Kalayapuram _----->Inchakkad ------>Turn left at BT Service Station (Maruti). There is an arch of a temple.The service station is on the left side where we deviate through a bridge.Go Straight to a road.Ask for directions to a Quarry. One side of our hill is being broken and sold piece by piece over the years. On top of the hill, there is a temple.The temple is an isolated place and only annual puja in the Nov/Dec month of Vrishchika. So not much people will be on the hill on other days.Every evening local youths climb to catch the sunset and to breath some fresh air. With Brushcutter Operator Sujith Kumar Naik  There is a small water pocket which is perennial on top of the roc

Premier Rio SUV 2012 Review

SUVs are becoming popular in India. The shabby quality of indian roads and introduction of fuel efficient diesel engines in SUVs are making the adoption fast.High cost of ownership, price, maintainence cost have ensured that only the rich can use SUVs.Premier's introduction of SUVs were aimed at common man's vehicle.They failed miserably in the first attempt with Rio.They are back with Rio refresh. Design It is a big vehicle.The design has been updated from the model released three years ago.The change is intended to make it contemperorary and beautiful.Clearlens foglamps is designed to look modern.5 Spoke steering wheel and mirrors fitted with side indicator has changed the look of the vehicle. Eventhough the look is of SUV size is of a hatchback.So moving around is same like that of a hatchback.Since seats are placed at a height 360 degree vision is a bonus.This will help city drivers.Parking is also easier with the small size. Rear seat designs reminds us of o