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How Businesses do Christmas, New Year Holiday Marketing

During holidays, normally people would be having fun.So if you look like interesting, they may try to note you and end up buying your product.Christmas and Newyear is the festive season this week.Marketeers try to spread goodwill among the community and try to rejuvenate the nostalgic aspect of the festival and try to show family spirit.Children are likely to get pocket money this season.So you are seeing lot of ads targeted at school and college students. Here are your opportunities for 2013. January 1 - New Year Day January 13 - Makar Sankranti January 12 - National Youth Day / Swami Vivekanand Jayanti January 14 - Pongal / International Kite Festival January 15 - Army Day January 18 - Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday January 23 - Desh Prem Diwas / NEtaji Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti January 25 -  Id-E-Milad / Milad -Un-Nabi January 26 - Republic Day January 27 - Thai Poosam February 14 - Sri Panchami February 15 - Vasant Panchami February 19 - Sivaji Jayanti Feb

Why HR Manager Often Write Job Descriptions

After the creating of recruitment plan, prepare job descriptions.Analyze the job in your company to generate a job description and job specifications.It contains all the skills needed to do the job, what they actually do and what they are expected to do. Advantages of Job Description Employees know what they are expected to do and how they will be rated by the organisation. They now know the relationship between their jobs and salary package. A basic way of recruiting people will be established in the organisation.A candidate hired will know his responsibility expected from the organisation.   Here is how you write a Job Description Job Title this is the heading part and it means the name of post like Manager, Foreman etc. Description Write in detail about the responsibilities of the person in the post. Reports To Write the names of immediate bosses this person reports to.If any junior person is also there, do not forget to mention him. Duties What should he

Chevrolet Sail U-VA Review

Chevrolet Sail U-VA is the latest hatchback GM has launched in India.They did this because of technical help from the chinese automobile company SAIC.The chinese hatchback was indianified and launched here.Petrol and Diesel versions are launched at the same time because because of mismanagement in indian oil industry petrol is sold at a higher price than diesel.So there is a trend for car buying to move to diesel cars. Design It looks like a chinese hatchback since it is one.Chevrolet trademark grill and emblem on front is beautiful.Body line starting from wheel arch makes it look like a big car.Rearview mirrors are body coloured.Front/ Rear windows are large.Rear view look of the car is uninspiring and looks old. Interiors are simply designed and aimed at practicability.Central console contains a combination of analog and digital metres.Central console is dual tone with grey as dominant colour. Inbuilt music system has bluetooth connectivity.Three spoked steering whee

Tata Safari Storme SUV Review

Tata Safari came to the indian auto market in 1998.At that time, there was no indian SUV.After 14 years, a new upgrade of this model is getting out ot the Indian market.They are calling it the Safari Storme.Hydrophobic chasis is used in Storme. That made it lighter in weight by 75 kgs. Design The basic look of Safari has been preserved in storm.A big grill between the two headlights is present in Storme.On top of the gril a big chromium finish is present and on which Storme is written.In bumper also small grills are added (see image).More clearer and edgy projector headlight lamps lighten up the roads of STorme.Big front and rear wheel archs and the connecting bodylines between them makes the vehicle look like a big one.Silver colour roof rails which was an attraction of old Safari is present in Storme also.Rear design is disappointing.Uninspiring design compared to the other designs.Spare tyre fitted on the rear has been moved to the position under the vehicle.Vert

Importance of a Recruitment Plan for your Business

Hiring, Recruitment and Retaining people are important part of a business.We should have a human resource plan and strategy to begin with.HR Planning process begins with a study of current staff requirement and prediction of future requirement. Ask yourself some important questions. 1. What do you intend to do with your business for say next couple of years. 2. Fix the short tem and long term goals. 3. What are the things happening around you in your market that can impact your business? 4. Find what changes are required from your part to achieve your fixed goals. 5. If you go with the changes, will you find opposition from your organisation? What are the challenges? Answers of this questions lead you to estimate the number of people needed (hire, fire,contract,outsource etc).Maybe you can look how your neighbour competitor is handling it. You must do this process when you find the following signs. 1. Regular disruptions in the process flows resulting in sour rel

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Review

It is in the year 2002 that Royal Enfield unvieled Thunderbird Cruiser.It was different from rest of it's bullet.This one was a cruiser.But people stood with it.For ten years, this vehicle sold well.Now they are selling a new model without sacrifising the basic look but introducing hell lot of changes. The change is headlamp is the most visible change in the new model.Projector lamp is fitted in the head lamp.It gives a stylish look for the headlight. Dual instrument cluster has been retained in the new model.Only change is that it is more clearer and handsome.Slight change has been done to seat position.For the first time for a two wheeler, hazzard lights are incorperated in the motorcycle.Fuel tank capacity has been increased to 20 litres for longer range. The two engine variants of thunderbird are: 1. 500 cc [27.2 bhp power @ 5250 rpm and 41.3 bhp torque @ 4000 Nm] Estimated ex-showroom price = Rs 1,72.539 2. 350 cc  Estimated ex-showroom price = Rs 1,35.408

Maruti Alto800 Review

Maruti 800 is an iconic and most sold car in india.Because of it's iconic status maruti was unable to stop production since 1984. Now is the time for a replacement for it.The new Alto 800 is a replacement and positioned as the entry level value for money maruti small hatchback car. It has some similiarity with Astar in looks but have uniqueness.Alto800 is made on the same platform of Alto.However dimensions such as height etc are different.Protruding headlights similiar to Astar (some people hate it) is a feature of Alto800.Black inserts, chromium lined grills,big black air damp (looks like its mouth), fat wheel archs are the changes.C pillar resembles the Alto.12 inch tyres and 160 mm ground clearance makes it appear larger than life. Rear design is also contemperory style.Tail lamps that originates from the sides, body lines in boot lids,big bumpers etc are the changes.Length is 100 mm lesser than old alto.However it is 15 mm wider and 15mm higher.Wheelbase 2360 mm is the

Investing in Shares is a way to make money

Long term investing in shares of companies is one of the legitimate way of investing your money and making a good return out of it.Since there is risk involved, only organised ones are seen in plenty at stock markets. Retail investor or common man investing his hard earned money is a minority phenomenon today.A share or stock is practically a small part of ownership of a company. How are people making money at the share market? Some are short term traders.Others are long term investors.Short term traders are the ones who can be compared to the real estate flippers in your locality.They put some money and do some trades on shares in stock market (buy/sell).This is a strict no for first timers especially with large amount of hard earned money. How are people making money from shares through long term investing? Buy low,sell high principle .People buy shares at low prices at some point of time with their conviction that the company will do good in the future.If the company does

Berlytharangal Malayalam Blog Review

Many of us who can read malayalam would have visited a blog named Berlytharangal when spending time online.It is the blog ran by Kerala's (may be the most) popular blogger, Mr. Berly Thomas.He is a confident malayali who considers himself as the sexiest malayali.His blog posts are very bold and takes on issues that are mostly avoided by other writers in a public platform.He is one of the successful malayali face from the blogging world. Courtesy: The about me page of His success lies in his command over malayalam language and braveness to use unparliamentary language or words that are not present in a dictionary in his blog post.Watch his tv interview to know more about the person.He tells about the his journey over the last six years with the blog.He confesses that initially he did not had many advertising partners for monitization of the blog.As per the estimate revealed in his interview, his website is visited by 50000 people every day.Since the webs