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Many of us who can read malayalam would have visited a blog named Berlytharangal when spending time online.It is the blog ran by Kerala's (may be the most) popular blogger, Mr. Berly Thomas.He is a confident malayali who considers himself as the sexiest malayali.His blog posts are very bold and takes on issues that are mostly avoided by other writers in a public platform.He is one of the successful malayali face from the blogging world.

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His success lies in his command over malayalam language and braveness to use unparliamentary language or words that are not present in a dictionary in his blog post.Watch his tv interview to know more about the person.He tells about the his journey over the last six years with the blog.He confesses that initially he did not had many advertising partners for monitization of the blog.As per the estimate revealed in his interview, his website is visited by 50000 people every day.Since the website is in malayalam, google's contextual advertising system is incapable of presenting related ads.So google might have stopped serving ads.He must have roped in other advertising agencies or have directly sold real estate in his blog.

Berly Thomas blogs about current affairs and important topic that affects malayalis and/or influence them.Most of the topics are likely to be controversial and many people will be disagreeing with his analysis of the incident.They will be reacting and more people will be watching.His regular updation also retains his visitors.Some of his posts are so crude and boring. Some are interesting and make us think.He has made sure that he is a larger than life character with his style of writing and made himself as a brand online.

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