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Google Adsense PiN process

If you have signed up for Goodle adsense and using it after approval, you need to know about Adsense PIN procedure.When your earnings cross 10 dollars, Google will mail you a post card containing a number (five digit in my case).Once you get the card you can enter the number in the logged in adsense account and make it active and enabled to receive payments.Until then your payments would have a 'hold' on them.The minimum threshold for monthly payment is Rs 100$ .See the pictures of PIN Card. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to get the PIN mailer based on where you are located on earth.Indian publishers usually get it at around a month.So this is a painful process for them.My PIN was generated on January 14 and i got it on March about 62 days.PIN mailers are sometimes lost in countries such as India.You can ask them to resend another after 21 days of generation.All the three would contain the same number so you can use the first one you get on hand.I got impatient and genera

Setting your own domain for Blogspot Blog

If you have a blog at blogger and you want to have your own domain so that you can do away with the word 'blogspot' in the url of your blog.If you are buying the domain from blogger setting it to work with your blog at blogger is quite easy.Here the other case is described. I have a blog at blogger.I already have a domain i bought some months ago from dynadot.Domains bought from dynadot are not the best one to host your blog at blogger because they need a fixed ip to be entered for is compulsory.The following method is the workaround. Login to Dynadot.Reach control panel of your domain. Use Dynadot DNS Use DOS command prompt or linux terminal of your computer Type "ping" Find the ip address from the message - as seen in the image From "Advanced DNS Dynadot Service",enter the above ip address in the "IP ADDRESS" field which is a required field (not optional)