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How to Check Mileage of your Car

Checking mileage of your car is very simple.Before that lemme inform you the mileage information of Maruti Astar. 17 kilometers per litre of petrol... On Full AC Mileage Checking Methodology Fill the tank full completely till the brim. Note down the odometer reading (in km). Now sit back and relax and ride your car for some distance. Go back to the pump when you feel to fill the tank. Fill the tank full completely till the brim. Note the quantity (volume) of fuel from the petrol pumps meter to fill up the tank. Note the odometer reading (in Km). Mileage = ( (Second odometer reading) minus (First Odometer Reading) ) divided by the fuel volume.

Maneesh's Tryst with Accidents

I am very thankful to god that he have saved me from many accidents.Every day we hear news of accidents and mishaps.Disasters can struck anywhere anytime to anyone.Lemme remember some important accidents that happened to me. Accident on Cycle I was a slow learner in cycle, scooter and car.I started to learn cycling at the age of ten.I was not successful in cycling well.At the age of 12, i managed to ride a ladies cycle.I was going to my paternal ancestral home from my home one day.The purpose of my visit was to get some milk.There was a cow in my grandfather's home.I was to collect milk for my nuclear family from my grandfather's home.Now on the way to there, there is a home called 'Palavilayil'.It was the house of Babymaman (Uncle Baby) as i called him.He was one of my father's close friends. The road was steep near 'Palavilayil'.Water running during the rainy season through the road made many crest and trough on the roads.Someone kept stones on thos