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Brothers and Enemies

Four days of silence Inner peace and heavenly interference Ignoring the threats Still Serving the enemy he walked and walked and walked And here comes a huriccane that is notorious for destruction All defences have been breached and the monk woke up from his cave He became a monstor to fight the monstrous He became a dreadful creature..... He is the madness, the devil and possibly the wretched creature he always fought with IT is said money is the root of all evil, It is said money makes sibling fight each other This one is for survival As money has always been won by some Kauravas had a habit of pursuing estranged brothers to see that they don't prosper Pandavas hated their brothers because same blood who enjoys to watch them suffer are never brothers any more Never brothers any more Never brothers any more Just Kaliyug

Your favorite actor lies about his name most of the time

Film actors when introduced to movies are made to adopt a new screen name by which they will be known in their career and in public space. Eventhough it feels awkward for those people who want privacy seperated from their public life can feel alright with this.In malayalam industry majority of the actors are known by their nicknames or screen names.There has been instances of malayali cricketer changing name for astrological or numerology benefits. Film actors and their original names Vikram = Vikram Kennedy Vinod Raj Naren = Sunil Dileep = Gopalakrishnan Mamooty = Muhammed Kutty (his nickname became the screen name) Jayan = Krishnan Nair Manikuttan = Thomas James Kalabhavan Mani = Mani Raman Bhavana = Karthika Menon = Thakkidu Bhama = Rekhita Navya Nair = Dhanya Nair Sneha = Suhasini Rajaram Naidu Sheela = Clara Seema = Shanthakumari = Shanthi Satyan = Manuel Sathyaneshan Nadar Vijay = Ilayathalapathy = Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar Rajnikanth = Shivaji Rao Gaikwad Ch