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എക്സ്ബോക്സ് വണ്‍ മൈക്രോസോഫ്റ്റിന്റെ ഒരു സമ്പൂര്‍ണ്ണ വിനോദ ഉപകരണം

Xbox One a gaming plus entertainment device from microsoft

Microsoft has launched their new gaming console Xbox One. Since the launch of Xbox 360 in 2005, microsoft has been the leader in video gaming console market followed by Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii.Sony had recently announced their new platform , the Playstation 4. an all in one entertainment system To counter Sony PS4, Microsoft followed a different path. Xbox One is a complete package of an entertainment gaming device with Skype, internet, live TV, streaming movies (netflix player) and video on demand tv programs. Xbox one supports all windows 8 apps on it. While playing a video game, without a glitch you can change to watch a television program. You can play the game and video chat with your friend at one portion of the TV simultaneously. Specification of Xbox One 8 Core x86 architecture CPU  8 GB RAM 500 GB Hard Disk Drive Blu-Ray Drive 802.11 Wireless Connectivity with WiFi Direct HDMI Connectivity for1080p hd video USB 3.0 Kinnect accessory need to be

Making money online using Amazon Mechanical Turk

I have been asked by lot of people about ways of making money online. Most of those ask me are working people who want to make an extra income with their typing and english language skills.Some of them are housewives and retired workers pondering over what to do with their extra leisure hours.But all them want to make money from internet.I used to outsource content writing, proof reading, lead generation works of Orangis Online to freelancers in the past. I am happy that i could help some people through my company.Through this post, i want to introduce a crowdsourcing service of Amazon, Amazon Mechanical Turk. First of all i am putting a disclaimer in this post.I am just introducing a service only. I cannot guarantee you any returns.This however is one of the best way to earn money online. It is pretty easy to apply as a worker at amazon mechanical turk  Crowdsourcing is the way in which a specific task is divided in to small bits and pieces.Such small bit of a task is despatch

South Indian Jugalbandhi Classical Instrumental Music

Nagaswaram Kacheri is a must in south indian marriages of hindus in Kerala. I was attending the marriage of my first cousin (maternal uncle's son). A jugalbandhi concert was organised to replace conventional nagaswaram kacheri. So Odakuzhal, Violin, Ghatam, Mrudangam, Chenda along with the Nagaswaram made the music beautiful.I am sharing the music i captured in my camera. Forgive me for the bad video quality since i am not a pro. Jugalbandhi Instrumental Music of a recent malayalam movie song Jugalbandhi Instrumental Music of an old krishna devotional Song Jugalbandhi Instrumental Music of an old malayalam film song