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Saying YES to learning Sanskrit

I have different dreams which i wish to materialize in this life.One such dream was to learn sanskrit to read ancient texts such as vedas,upanishads, puranas in their original form.This idea was lying dormant in me for years.In April 2013 i heard from Mr. Madhu , a psychology counsellor about a ten day sankrit speaking camp at Vettikode about 5 kms from my village.Immediately i said yes......... The ten day camp went well and it ended on 26.04.2013. It was very difficult for me to attend considering my time constraints running Orangis Online.However i had a resolve to do it. The program was conducted by Vishwa Samskritha Prathistan or Samskrithabharathi which is a non profit organisation working to spread sanskrit. There is no FEE for 10 day [20 hour] Samskritha Sambhashana Shibiram (Sanskrit Conversational Workshop).The teacher is taking the class free of cost. Only the organisers need to arrange interested students and a place for the class to happen.After the class i felt so ha

Honda's Diesel Car Amaze Offers 25 km mileage

When the sales of diesel cars is thriving in India due to the difference in price between petrol and diesel, Honda is amazing people by introducing their first diesel car in India. Honda is promising that Amaze will run 25.8 km for one litre of diesel.It is positioned to be a small sedan with necessary space, features and decent finish.Honda is giving maruti dzire and toyota etios a run for their money with the launch of amaze in the same segment. Amaze is the sedan version of Honda Brio.Brio and Amaze were both born and brought up in Thailand and Japan.Engineers from around the world teamed up at honda R&D centre at Bangkok to bring out this product.Amaze comes under the category of compact sedan where the length of the cars would be less than four metres to avail lesser excise duty (manufacturer tax benefits).Amaze does not look like it has been chopped off or a tail being added to the hatchback version.The wheelbase has been increased by 60 mm.This resulted in big roof and

My Sivarathri Festival 2013

Sivarathri Festival is a prominent festival of hindus.In nooranad village, the villagers celebrate the festival relating it to the annual festival in Padanilam Parabrahma Temple. There is no idol at Padanilam Parabrahma Temple, but a stone.The diety in the temple is nondual Brahman or Parabrahmam.It is a cultural thing to make models of Ox structures [Nandi] and push it as a procession to the temple on the festival day.For years this custom is going on.This year's Sivarathri festival was on 10th March 2013. Kettukala consists of couple of oxen structure made of haystacks, rope & wood This is a new type of small kettukala consisting of multiple oxen in smaller sizes I went to watch the festival in the night of March 10 2013 The big temple ground was filled with a sea of humanity. The traffic block to the village was the worst. Padanilam Shivaratri is an excellent opportunity to meet all the NRI Villagers.Most of them will take leave to take part in the fe

How to Join KSEB Power Conservation Program Labhaprabha

Running out of options to provide enough power to kerala, KSEB is asking for it's consumers to reduce power consumption.They are providing incentives to those who reduce electricity consumption and provide some gifts to lucky ones.Here is how to join labhaprabha 1. Find the latest electricity bill. 2. Find Section Code and Consumer Number in the bill 3. Send an sms "KSEB SECTIONCODE CONSUMERNUMBER" to 9287088808. For eg. in my case if consumer number is 112622 and section code is 5529 for nooranad.So i will be sending the sms " KSEB 5529 112622 ' to 9287088808 .You will get confirmation sms regarding your average daily consumption and the recommended units you should save to quality for the lottery. To view your latest LT bill Online click here .You just have to enter the consumer number to view the latest bill.

Cutting Rubber Trees Using Chainsaw for Firewood

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has asked every villager to use firewood instead of LPG cylinders for cooking food.He vowed to remove subsidy given to 6 gas cylinders per year to a household.So i obliged him by obeying his advice and uprooted 5 rubber trees near my house. I hired a contractor to do it for Rs 4000.The guys were experienced folks. Four of the trees were standing between two walls.I did not wanted the walls to be destroyed. However the activity took so much time because of the risk in the four trees to the walls. One of the wall was a two feet high wall to seperate the pathway to the house. Other side was the boundary wall.Still the small wall got damaged. But they repaired it by putting the broken part back to the wall and applying cement grout as glue.


a fool's futile attempt to make a poem. Wonderland do you exist? If you do exist, get me out to there because i want to know how it feels Passengers have went. But no one is back. Are you a dead space or a feeling i get when i peel my skin off. It is a legend that you ride on a horse that is dark coloured and with red eyes. Are you a villian or just a daredevil? Are you a she or an ET? Questions?Questions?Questions?More Questions? Somebody told wonderland is a lie to make men & women focus.... another neverland!