My Sivarathri Festival 2013

Sivarathri Festival is a prominent festival of hindus.In nooranad village, the villagers celebrate the festival relating it to the annual festival in Padanilam Parabrahma Temple. There is no idol at Padanilam Parabrahma Temple, but a stone.The diety in the temple is nondual Brahman or Parabrahmam.It is a cultural thing to make models of Ox structures [Nandi] and push it as a procession to the temple on the festival day.For years this custom is going on.This year's Sivarathri festival was on 10th March 2013.
kettukala of padanilam temple
Kettukala consists of couple of oxen structure made of haystacks, rope & wood

sivarathri ulsavam small kettukala
This is a new type of small kettukala consisting of multiple oxen in smaller sizes

kettukala seen in night
I went to watch the festival in the night of March 10 2013

The big temple ground was filled with a sea of humanity. The traffic block to the village was the worst.

padanilam shivarathri 2013
Padanilam Shivaratri is an excellent opportunity to meet all the NRI Villagers.Most of them will take leave to take part in the festival.You can keep in touch with the people during these days.

This makeshift Ox structure [representation of vehicle of Lord Shiva - Nandi] made of wood and hay will be dismantled in the next day morning.


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