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Living on the Edge

I am interacting and meeting lot of people in my life and hearing a regular question. "Why are you preferring a risky life (way of earning for livelihood)?". When i answer them, i have only 20 seconds, so i answer something.While introspecting myself, i have a much better answer, because i have five minutes to write this blog. The answer could be i love this way of life.I have only one life to live and love and i want to spend it the way my mind tells me to.Today i am a happy man.Doing my job is a real enjoyment to me.I am a person who cannot stand much stress.I am prone to commit mistakes if stretched beyond certain limit.Another thing i have noted is that nothing is permanent in life, there are ups and downs in everyone's life.For every rise, you can expect a fall ahead. Maruti Astar RECALL (Third Week) I got the Astar serviced (2nd FREE Service) on 16.2.2010.That night i got a call from the dealer.He told me that the company is telling them that on Astar cars