Living on the Edge

I am interacting and meeting lot of people in my life and hearing a regular question.

"Why are you preferring a risky life (way of earning for livelihood)?".

When i answer them, i have only 20 seconds, so i answer something.While introspecting myself, i have a much better answer, because i have five minutes to write this blog.

The answer could be i love this way of life.I have only one life to live and love and i want to spend it the way my mind tells me to.Today i am a happy man.Doing my job is a real enjoyment to me.I am a person who cannot stand much stress.I am prone to commit mistakes if stretched beyond certain limit.Another thing i have noted is that nothing is permanent in life, there are ups and downs in everyone's life.For every rise, you can expect a fall ahead.

Maruti Astar RECALL (Third Week)

I got the Astar serviced (2nd FREE Service) on 16.2.2010.That night i got a call from the dealer.He told me that the company is telling them that on Astar cars produced before August 2008, if the fuel is filled to the brim, there is a chance for leakage.I had filled the tank full only once.That was one week before this.But then i didn't notice any leaking or smell of petrol.The dealer insisted me to visit the service centre so that they can fix it.I went there the next day.The car was raised on a platform.Some mechanics stood under it and took the fuel gasket open.They changed a washer (O ring) and replaced with another one.That's it.It took two hours to do that.I met another Astar owner and he was also called for this fixing.This was done FREE OF COST.


Wayanad Trip (Third Week)

I got a call from my friend Akarsh that his friend who is working in Wayanad is going there.Akarsh knew that i needed to go to Sulthan Bathery for enquiring something at a government office and that lazy 'maneesh' was postponing it.Now this was a perfect trip, a ford ikon car was going.Me, the owner of the car (a goverment executive engineer), my friend (an assistant engineer) and their driver was there.This was the first time i was visiting northern kerala.I have went only up to Guruvayoor and Palakkad.That was years back.Eight hours travel was strenueous back and forth.Thamarasseri ghat was a good experience.Stay at Karapuzha Dam Inspection Bunglow was also fine.The place was a picnic spot.The dam was built before 30 years and the work is still going on.It has not yet been commissioned.What a wastage of public money as the lifespan of the dam is 100 years.It is a shame that we cannot complete a small earthen dam and related eco-tourism projects after 30 years.Even if we charge Rs 5 per visitor,we can get back some money spend in the construction.Feels so bad that government and it machinery runs like this and wasting water, money etc.





Fog and misty mornings awaited me at the dam.Morning even at 8'O Clock, you cannot see any thing due to the Fog.But later the temperature increases.The people are telling that wayanad like all other places is getting hotter now.I knew that food items won' t get easily damaged in wayanad due to the cooler climate.Also less moisture and less sweating.

The office work and all went fine ,did some shopping and sight seeing and came back vowing to visit again in the future.The last evening went very fine.A small party was there with the employees of the dam.They food they prepared was very tasty.
Do you want to Visit Karapuzha?
Here is the way i travelled.......
NOORANAD ------------------->KAYANKULAM-------->ALAPPUZHA--------> ERNAKULAM------->PARAVUR---NH17---->KODUNGALLOOR-----> PONNANI---->KUTTIPURAM----->VALANCHERY----------> KOTTACKAL-------->MALAPPURAM----->MANJERI----> KODUVALLY------>THAMARASSERI------->ADIVARAM-----> VYTHIRI---->KALPETTA-----Bangalore-calicut highway-->KAKKAVAYAL JUNCTION-------->VAZHAVATTA (here is where the dam is)

Places might not be exactly correct as i am a slow learner in learning routes and also the navigators in the car knew all the places and used many byroutes.

Total 450 kms approximate...

Lunch at Alappuzha ------- ARYAS Vegetarian
Tea at Malappuram------ Small Tea shop
Dinner at Kalpetta ------AFFAS Vegetarian Hotel

Varkala Janardhana Swamy Temple Visit (First Week)

I was planning for a long time to visit the 4000 year old temple.Driving the 70 odd kilometers to Varkala from my home was fun.Luckily reached the temple before closing.Looks like the temple is really old and the place was very serene and gave peace to the mind when praying there.Now we were late at Varkala, since we stopped at Kottarackara Ganapati Temple.The unniappam made in front of Lord Ganapati's idol is very tasty.Long queue was there since it was Sunday.We got it bypassing the queue with the help of a Devaswam employee.

Beaches are Fun

At beaches, i become younger and turn in to a ten something boy.I really enjoy bathing at the beaches.Varkala beach is good for you especially if you are not a good swimmer.You got to visit there only in season (before the rain may -june).Then you can see the beach.The Cliff there is beautiful and lot of resorts to spend time.I bathed there till evening when the others called me to get back.


Sivagiri Mutt

Visited Sivagiri Mutt where social leader Sree Narayana Guru went samadhi (reunited with god).The place was well maintained and the memorial was on top of a hill.Many trees and plants make the place cool.His messages are written all over the place.His belongings, bed etc can be seen in one room.His autograph is also displayed.

The routes are not complex this time.But still was difficult navigation because i am not so good with remembering routes and places.

NOORANAD------------kproad-------->ADOOR----adoor byepass----> KOTTARACKARA------>KUNDARA-------->KOTTIYAM-----> PARIPALLY-------> Turned before KALLAMBALAM. Follow Tourism traffic boards.......

Can also go via kallambalam.


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