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Google means professionalism

My association with Google started some years ago.I used many of their products and still like them even though they gather my personal information, my browsing habits etc for improving their products and for developing stronger marketing and advertising strategies.In 2007, i got signed up as an adsense publisher and now i am getting regular cheques from them. Usually the cheques are sent on the last week of a month.The dates would be like May 25, June 24, August 25, September 26 etc.But in December, the cheques are send on 19th of December.This is because they know that it is going to get delayed due to christmas and new year holidays.So they plan it earlier so that publishers get the cheques on time.Professionalism can be observed in such minute incidents.

Don't Waste Opportunities

One fine morning, it was yet another hectic day at the busy cash counter of a leading bank.A young man pointed a pistol to the cashier and shouted to him to fill a bag he gave with the other hand with money.He shouted, "Make it fast". The unexpected attack got the clients and banking staff present there in utter shock.For the love of his life , the cashier loaded the bag with bundles of currency.To create an atmosphere of terror, he fired some shots over the head damaging seriously tube lights and composite panel cieling. Once he got hold of the bag he was making way to the exit.Suddenly the gigantic bank robberer turned back and walked back to the bank manager who rushed in at the spot.Since the theif did not used a mask everyone in the room photographed his face in their mind. He asked the manager, "Did u see my face?". The brave manager even though with fear inside replied strongly, "yes i saw it".A bullet for him was the reply while all the others made

A Beautiful Mind

Some people are gifted with a beautiful mind.Let me correct the sentence again.All people are gifted with beautiful minds and are unique.It is just that you recognize it's quality a little late. Mr Arun is a billionaire Indian businessman based in New York.One afternoon he walked in to a bank in New York.He requested a loan of 5000 $.The banker declined stating that they need necessary security for granting the loan.Arun gladly gave the keys of his red Ferrari parked in bank's parking area.Suddenly his loan was granted.When we was walking out , the banker thought that what a fool Arun is.Since he pledged a car worth 2,50,000 $ for a meagre amount of $5000.He couldn't help stop laughing thinking about the foolishness.Soon a bank employee took the car to the underground parking area of the bank. After 2 weeks, Arun came back to the bank and returned the $5000.He paid an additional $16 as interest for two weeks.The banker told him that he was glad doing banking with Arun and h

Mr Anthuley Enough is Enough

People are shocked when they heard Mr Anthuley playing the communal cards and eyeing minority votebank by saying that he is suspicious of Karkare's death.This was not the right time.You had enough time later when the nation is going to face the polls.It was an unbecoming of your office.You will have to face the wrath of common man for sometime.They will forget later since you have trained them to do so.This is the time to see the indian citizens as indians and not to see them as hindu, muslim, christian, sikh, tamil, punjabi, bihari, maratha..etc. A minister who says the same language that pakistan uses...This time minorities won't stand with you to dance with your tricks........Not this time.

President George Bush Thrown Shoe in Iraq

George Bush is leaving his chair in a rather sad note.He is himself worried about the economy and his image and stature in US and around the world is the lowest currently.His foreign policies made him a figure to hate upon around the world.He was a war monger and he gets bored when there is no war.I heard this in a film. Now an Iraqi media person throws his shoes at Mr. Bush.Thanks to his acrobatic skills that helped him to duck at the correct moment. People of Iraq hates him.But is this the way to treat him?Many say that he raided Iraq for oil and water from Tigris.Some consider him as the new face of imperialism in the 21st century.A man who acts for his corporate bosses.As a coward who withdrew from the Kyoto protocol. He cannot escape the sins saying that he acted in the interest of the people of America.As per the US government census of 2007, the poverty rate in America is 12,5 percent.37.3 million people are living in poverty there.So he should be dealing problems in his country

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Digital Inspiration Blog Review

Digital Inspiration is the personal blog of an IIT Engineer called Amit Aggarwal.It can be reached by the url .The buzz about this blog is that he was successful in making serious money through his blog earlier hosted at blogger.Currently is powered by Wordpress and looks definitely good on your browser. Digital Inspiration offers reviews of common software, general computer tips, making money online, news from the web etc.He blogs in simple english keeping an average web user in mind.This indian blogger is a premium adsense publisher and he earns great from this blog. We can see that he has not put any ads that is going to irritate a general user.All he does is put relevant ads on his neatly designed page.No popups are present on this site and it is absolutely safe to browse. There are many ways in which social power of the users is taken in to consideration.A geographical map of the user's location is available.iGoogle ga

Buy Used DVDs, CDS and Used Media at Webkinz

For purchases of more than 50 dollars ,you are eligible for discounts on valid online purchases of cds, dvds, used medias etc.Enter the coupon code BMSMOCT8.

Microsoft Auto Collage 2008

Microsoft Auto Collage 2008 is a software for you to create a collage using your favorite photos.You can print it once you create the collage.The software mixes your images and presents the output.See image below for example.

Chitika Premium + Google Adsense Contest December 2008

Contest Objective To find the best placement way of Google Adsense + Chitika Premium Ads. See the above image for example....... The Prizes (the phone of their choice) Apple iPhone 3G 8Gb Google/T-Mobile G1 Android phone Blackberry Storm Consolation Prize Two consolation prices of 200 $ each. Click here to Join

Ginger Hotels December 2008 Offer

Now you can get a flat 10 percent off in all hotel bookings at ginger hotels through travelguru.

Online Indian Ad Network Komli Review

Komli Inc is an indian ad network that provides banner advertising.Many indian advertisers are using Komli to reach out to indian diaspora around the globe.Do not use komli if your visitors are not ninety percent Indians.Komli has NRI ads of bharatmatrimony and simplymarry. Komli is a system that is oriented towards the advertiser.That is if you can advertise to people in india at damn cheap costs.Comparing to advertising on other networks, advertising on komli is damn cheap.The after effect is that Komli pays less to the publisher. For publishers, komli is a flop scene.Your ads are going to be clicked less than google adsense ad.The CTR would be too low.The EPM rates are unimaginably low.The only positive is that you get to see the earnings billed in Rs on the reports.Do you feel proud to be an Indian? Click here for Komli Website We do not recommend this service. At the signed up user can see the following screen Once you sign up you can see the dashboard and r

A Wonder Bank Called Time

We all are account holders of a great bank where on everyday our account have an opening balance of 86400 and goes to the next working day with zero balance. The name of the bank is " TIME ".Every morning 86400 seconds are deposited in this account. If you have not used the seconds for good acts, you need to write off the amount each night.If you do acts of kindness and goodness, certainly there would be nothing left at night. Every new day in this bank, a new account is opened.There is no overdraft facility available here. You are failure if you cannot use the sum deposited by the day.Because you cannot walk back in time .The rewind button is seldom present.This bank do not sanction loans expecting your future growth or returns. So we can only live back the life with today's deposits, certainly not tomorrows. So use the deposits judiciously for creating maximum happiness and goodness around you. Remember the clock are ticking as well as time.