A Beautiful Mind

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Some people are gifted with a beautiful mind.Let me correct the sentence again.All people are
gifted with beautiful minds and are unique.It is just that you recognize it's quality a little late.

Mr Arun is a billionaire Indian businessman based in New York.One afternoon he walked in to a bank in New York.He requested a loan of 5000 $.The banker declined stating that they need
necessary security for granting the loan.Arun gladly gave the keys of his red Ferrari parked in
bank's parking area.Suddenly his loan was granted.When we was walking out , the banker
thought that what a fool Arun is.Since he pledged a car worth 2,50,000 $ for a meagre amount
of $5000.He couldn't help stop laughing thinking about the foolishness.Soon a bank employee
took the car to the underground parking area of the bank.

After 2 weeks, Arun came back to the bank and returned the $5000.He paid an additional $16 as interest for two weeks.The banker told him that he was glad doing banking with Arun and he
could find upon enquiry that Arun was a millionaire.He wanted to know why he took the $5000
loan.Arun replied that with a smile that he needed to go out from New York city for a business
trip for 2 weeks.So this is the best place he found in New York to park his Ferrari for two weeks
at $16.

A similiar instance i know of a man who closed his bank locker account that costs 5000 Rs an
year.He wanted to keep gold worth Rs 5 lakhs.He took a gold loan for one lakh pledging the
whole gold and the gold got securely stored in the bank's locked and it's weight got measured
and now it is the bank's responsibility to keep the gold.Now this man paid 99,000 Rs after
couple of days.Now he has to pay 110 rupees as interest for keeping the gold in the bank.

This two people are Indians.Their intelligence should be admired.
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