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Kerala Ayurveda's Panchakarma Treatments during the Rainy Season of Karkidaka

In 2009 we published a post on Karkidaka treatments written by Guest Blogger Dr. Anishkumar. This is a continuation of the same, but written by Maneesh Jayachandran from the viewpoint of a patient. Ayurveda is the knowledge about human life and it's maintenance. It contains the knowledge to protect the health, prevent diseases, treat the diseased and rehabilitate the cured patients. Ayurveda lays more stress on prevention of disease rather than treatment. There is a practise of people taking traditional karkitaka treatment to cope up with the environmental changes.It is a period of detoxification done during the malayalam month of Karkitaka (July-August) during the rains.Panchakarma treatments are provided by different doctors to cleanse the human body.Panchakarma means five activities or processes done to cleanse the body, mind, intellect and indriyas (senses). They are vamana (vomiting), virechana (diarrhea), vasthi (a process of providing medicine to the body through anus


Purusha who is the master of the past & future is residing at the centre of the human body secretly with the size of a thumb just like the emptiness in a bamboo. Those who venture out to know it will not retreat from it. The master of the past & future with the size of a thumb finger, the Purusha , is like the light without the smoke.He is the one present today. He will be the one who will be there tomorrow. That is sure. Just like water fell on mountain flow down through different streams, the one who see dharmas as different and chase them. Just like how pure water mixed with pure water remains. Dear gowthama, the philosopher's mind will stay calm like that only. There is an eternal vital birthless house with eleven doors. Once a man finds the master of the house by pursuing him, he does not fall prey to sorrow. He will get freedome from ignorance. The wise sanyasi who sit at a clean place, the vanaprasthi who dwells in the forest or anthariksha, the hotavu or gr

Admissions for LLB & MBA

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Explanation of Shuddha Brahma

It is because of a reason that the sun rises and sets and all devathas are being stitched together with that.Nobody wonders about it.It is certain that it is what you seek. Whatever is there , it is here. Whatever is here, it is there too. The one who sees diversity in it he will attain from death to death. Experience it with the mind. Then there is no different. THe one who sees diversity travels from one death to another.

Two Shapes of Paramatma

The shapeless Paramatma has two forms. They are Hiranyagarbha Swaroopa and adithi Swaroopa respectively. He is the one who came from the tapas in the beginning. He was there before the water came in to existence. He enters the heartspaces and views through the material world. What has been created out of the hiranyagarbha, the adithi manifested through the matter.

Who am I?

The Soul Soul is that which experienced the sound, shape, taste, smell and touch combined with the living experience. It experienced the dreams while asleep and the senses while awake. A man who learns about this will be bereft of sorrow. He who experienced the lively experienced about the past, present and future and knows about the owner of these experiences, he will not shy away from the knowledge of the atman (Soul).

Rajnikanth's Kabali Watching Experience - Magizhchi

I had to watch Kabali yesterday evening. Since the release of the Rajnikant starrer, people in Kerala joined the mass hypnotism done by the marketing team of Kabali. So tickets were hard to get and the theater was crowded. I have been enjoying Rajnikanth movies for a long time. But have avoided movies such as Lingaa, Kuselan and remake of malayalam Manichitrathazhu psycho movie. I approached this movie amidst negative reviews. But the movie was a typical ganster movie. Glad that Rajnikant have come down from superhuman personality to a common man whom bullets can injure (but cannot kill).SPOILERS AHEAD. ..The hero is an educated tamil migrant who choose to take arms and engage in criminal activities to help and support tamil migrant population. Just like dons Haji Mastan does charity with his money, Kabali also runs hospitals and schools to rehabilitate tamils. Kabali run a crusade against drugs and flesh trade rampant among the gangs of Malaysia and finds his family ruined in the a