Purusha who is the master of the past & future is residing at the centre of the human body secretly with the size of a thumb just like the emptiness in a bamboo. Those who venture out to know it will not retreat from it.

The master of the past & future with the size of a thumb finger, the Purusha , is like the light without the smoke.He is the one present today. He will be the one who will be there tomorrow. That is sure.

Just like water fell on mountain flow down through different streams, the one who see dharmas as different and chase them.

Just like how pure water mixed with pure water remains. Dear gowthama, the philosopher's mind will stay calm like that only.

There is an eternal vital birthless house with eleven doors. Once a man finds the master of the house by pursuing him, he does not fall prey to sorrow. He will get freedome from ignorance. The wise sanyasi who sit at a clean place, the vanaprasthi who dwells in the forest or anthariksha, the hotavu or grahastha who sit near the fire altar, the guest or athidhi who goes from door to door, one who sits with the commoners, one who sits with big shots, one who attains truth, one who take birth in lower strate of society, one who takes birth to do great things, one who takes part in activities that help others and he is the one who manifests at the epitome of success or progress.


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