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Me, PC Games and an Indian Online Gaming Website

It is really sad to see people playing games online prefering to skip football practice or a cricket match.But times are changing from the old video game with shaky displays to the playstation, xbox and pc games.The animations are of higher quality now.The sound, motion effects are also a main attraction of these games.I am not a big gamer.So i am not in touch with the gaming industry.Of cource i play computer games but not internet or mobile games.But many of us like internet games. So if you would like to play internet games i shall introduce you a good indian site to play online games if you have a fast internet connection.I have played some games during my college days.The best of them was Max Payne with all that violence and gun shots.I have wasted many hours playing.But still i play a game once a week.It is called Project IGI.Old game though, started playing from 2005 now in some level and haven't completed that yet.Another game i liked was GTA Vice City where i am a criminal

Choose the Best Mobile Tariff Plan

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Boquet of the Month @ 399 Rs

Finally Recession for Adsense Publishers!

Recent times were bad for google as we had to see not loading up for some time.Also many people were affected when gmail service was affected.Nobody can make a hue and cry over a free service.Google made sure to extend days of the paid Google Apps users to make up for the days they lost due to the outage. Adsense publishers are now getting affected by the global credit crunch as the laid off people stays away from internet and ecommerce stores.This means less conversion happens and lesser number of advertisements.According to sources, eCPM of many publishers had dropped to about 100 to 150 percent their average. Now many publishers are telling about the glitch in the adsense network where clicks were not recorded.See here .It is understandable as money becomes a scarce thing, the booming engine is expected to slow down and cool off.Now the publishers want google to be strong and be a market leader as they are a better paying program.Google Adsense is unique and there canno

Bharatmatrimony the best for indian Users

Bharatmatrimony is the popular website for indians because they have a great database that you can search to find the right bride or bridegroom.

Bharatmatrimony the Best One for NRIs

Choosing the matrimonial site where NRIs register is a good idea.

A World Record Achieved By overclocked AMD Phenon II

Can you believe that?A whopping 6.5 GHz speed was achieved by the AMD Phenon II X4 when it was overcocked in January 2009 in Las Vegas.This was a record breaking peformance  which broke the FutureMark 3DMark 05 World Record.The processors were cooled to subzero  temperatures.Phenom becomes the first x86 quadcore processor to break it.At CES 2009, Sapsa & SF3D of Team Finland gets help from Pete Hardman and Sami Makinen of AMD to achieve this. Now overclocking is an activity done by pc enthuasists who operate the cpu and motherboard at greater frequencies over the designed ones by the company.They believe that this would provide superior performance out of cheap processors. THese guys have used 500 litres of liquid nitrogen and liquid helium for the AMD Phenom II X4  processor with "Dragon" platform technology.They have overclocked a 1.8 Ghz cpu to 6.5 Ghz. It is not suggested that you do the overclocking as it is a way of degrading the dignity of your  processor.It can ca

Sprice Hotel Booking Site Review

Travel is getting expensive. What can one do? Whether a weekend getaway, a business trip or your annual vacation, discover the best way to book a hotel. At Sprice we bring you Hotel reviews, ratings and prices from the top websites so you get everything you need to plan the perfect trip all in one place. Check out Sprice and see why it's the most recommended website for Hotel booking. Why Sprice makes more sense: Minimum Effort Maximum Saving: Over 10 websites compete for your booking with their offers at one place. Get what you want: Thousands of Hotels from around the world so you can find the one perfect for you. Check it out before you check in: Millions of genuine Hotel reviews, authentic room pics and accredited ratings. Find exactly what you are looking for: You can sort the search results according to price, ratings, or classifications.

Google India Advertisement on Adwords

We don't see the advertisements of the search engine of Google often.Of late Google India's advertisement were served in the adwords program. You can see clearly that the ad is for . Updation on 5th March 2008 Now the famous Amit Aggarwal also blogged about it here.He has discussed about a reverse arbitration idea of google. check it out .

Telangana University Website Turns Bad

Now yet another government owned university website turns bad.MyAVG antivirus told me while surfing the homepage but still i needed some information i went ahead and got some thing bad shifted to my virus vault.