Finally Recession for Adsense Publishers!

Recent times were bad for google as we had to see not loading up for some time.Also many people were affected when gmail service was affected.Nobody can make a hue and cry over a free service.Google made sure to extend days of the paid Google Apps users to make up for the days they lost due to the outage.

Adsense publishers are now getting affected by the global credit crunch as the laid off people stays away from internet and ecommerce stores.This means less conversion happens and lesser number of advertisements.According to sources, eCPM of many publishers had dropped to about 100 to 150 percent their average.

Now many publishers are telling about the glitch in the adsense network where clicks were not recorded.See here.It is understandable as money becomes a scarce thing, the booming engine is expected to slow down and cool off.Now the publishers want google to be strong and be a market leader as they are a better paying program.Google Adsense is unique and there cannot be any alternatives.Of course you can signup for many other programs.But Adsense used to pay you the best.So let us see how it goes along.

Some indian publishers have communicated to me that the cheques that used to come on the first week was got on March 10th.And that too in a different formatted envelope mailed from Buffallo (in US), instead of the usual mailing place (which is ofcourse Singapore).Now the new cheque did not have the account payee only inscriptions and it didn't had the MICR number.So tellers at the bank are resisting to send them for collection to nearest Citibank branches.Hope google will take note of that.If they could post something on their blog,it would have been nice.


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