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Tata Nano 2012 Review

Tata Nano 2012 model is a facelifted model of the cheapest car Tata Nano.Plastic wheelcaps are added in LX and CX models.The much needed Passanger side rear view mirror has been added in the new version.You cannot demand luxury features for the price it is being selled at. In the Top end varient Nano LX, the interior comes in beige color.The area including Gear lever knob and meter console has been given silver color.Door pads are in dual tone colors.The seats which came in dark colors are also made in beige colors to match the interiors.The headrest in front seats which was one piece with the seats is now adjustable.The increase in height of the rear seats will help make seating comfortable.Nano comes in ten colors including new colors such as Pappai and Orange. Engine 3 bhp's has been added to the two cylinder 624 cc petrol engine's power to make it 37.5 bhp.Torque is now 51 Nm from 48 Nm.ARAI mileage is 25.4 km per litre. The front suspension upgrade

Circus the moving jails of exploitation

I remember seeing a circus in my school days.I was fascinated by it.But i nolonger have the appreciation for it since the artists are not athletes competing for our nation.They are slaves beaten up and trained in their childhood.These children in most of the case are sexually abused by thugs inside the circus.Please read the blog about rescueing children from 12 children from New Rajasthan circus hell in Nepal. Last year 23 children were rescued from Rajkamal Circus tent when they were camping.The children are trained brutually and are slaves.The circus company is very powerful.They have got all the money from people who want entertainment by making elephants and animals dance & perform for these thugs.These kids need school. Read here Rajkamal Circus is also known for treating animals cruelly.See the article from A lion and lioness were rescued and sent to madhya pradesh zoo from Rajkamal circus in Korba in 2006. See Details I am writing this p

Wandering My Secret Hobby

It isn't secret any more.I started revealing it to many people.This hobby was discovered by me for fighting boredom, negetivity, criticism, insults, depression etc.The main rules of this hobby can be listed out here.But it is very difficult to follow those rules.So you can always bend the rules and make it evolve to different possible ways. 1. Wandering is a hobby that is aimed at recharging the happiness gone due to daily trades and mundane activity.So do not attempt it if it is going to add up pressure and tension to you. 2. Wandering is best done by foot.I always did it when i was a child.Later i upgraded it to bicycle and then to motorcyle burning gas (money).Now i have also wandered using motor car. Ofcourse the happiness is less when wandered using car. 3. First rule of wandering is that you select a source and destination.Plan the travel, date and time.Learn about the place. 4. Second rule is use the nonconventional route (the route people wud not use). 5. Third

Tata Sumo Gold Review

My uncle Unniammavan is driving a Tata Sumo as using it as taxi.He is planning to replace the car with a Gold to make it more appealing to his customers / passengers.That was why i thought about it for a moment.I always disliked Tata Sumo.It has horrible mileage, less features, big price but only good for climbing mountains.In indian conditions you can use it as a MPV for ferrying people. Tata Sumo Gold is a refurbished version of the old tata sumo.There is not much change in appearence from Sumo Victa.Gold is written as a chrome strip in the grill.A big tata logo is in the middle of honey comb meshgrill.Squareshaped clearlens headlamp is new.The three row airdamp and foglamps are attempts to make it new.Rearview mirror lamps Adjustable from inside resembles of vista.We have seen enough of the rectangular tail lamp. Sparewheel has been changed from back position to under the body.This has been a relief and adds beauty.Sumo is going to be liked by people who likes cars having the

Hyundai Eon Review

Indian roads are flooded with cars.Parking & traffic will be an issue in the cities.Also the presence of a strong middle class consumers upgrading from their two wheelers to a small hatchback car is forcing companies to hover around at the entry level segment. Tata Nano was the game changer after years of Maruti 800 dominence. Now Hyundai is coming with their own 800 cc version.However as expected hyundai will be bringing an overpriced car. Design of Eon They are calling designs of hyundai fluidic.Now they are telling us that Eon is also fluidic.I am still trying to find what this thing is. Anyway Eon is showing resemblance to i10,120 and verna.Just like the way nano resembles old indica.Good fit and finish, comfortable to get in and go out due to tall boy design.Some people do not like the rear view of Eon. Interiors Contemperory designed interiors that put all small cars to shame.Tiltup steering is useful.Main features are two tone colors, better plastic quality, ample

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Recharge your Aircel mobile Service Online

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Kawasaki Ninja 650R Review

Ninja has arrived in sports biking arena of india with it's 250 cc engine powered sports bikes.Ninja didn't had any serious competition here in that segment.However other companies have started filling up the segment with models of their own.Due to rising salaries indians who were initially averse to the performance bikes costing lakhs are slowly embracing them.The latest from Kawasaki is Ninja 650R with 650 cc engine for sports & touring ride. Design Ninja 650R is available in green color with black in design.The rear portion is smaller compared to the front part.Lengthier split grab rail and oval shaped tail lamps make up the rear design.650R is rated as a track performance & touring bike unlike other sports bike.The design of rear suspension & exhaust is amazing. Monoshock suspension is fitted on right side of the frame itself. The cute smaller exhaust is kept under the subframe.Ninja deserves praise for getting out a finished vehicle. Instrument cluster is

Skoda Rapid & Volkswagen Vento Comparison

Skoda Rapid is the latest luxury sedan of Skoda.We are comparing it to the old Volkswagen Vento.Whoeven wins nothing happens because the rival brands are from the same business house. SKODA RAPID Design It looks the same as Vento.Vento is the car which happens when one fits a dickey to Polo.When Skoda received a Vento they cleaned up the face, grill, two lines from the logo and now it has headlamps that resembles Fabia.Altogether the car looks like a czech car.However the window design & shoulder line resembles the vento. If the bonnet did not had enough thickness it would look exactly like a Vento from sideview.Rapid looks more proporational and beautiful than a Vento. Interior also same as Volkswagen.They have changed fourspoked stearing and gear knob.Plastic is of good quality.However interior lakhs the old skoda touch.The 460 litre boot is more than enough to carry things for a drive. Comfort & Safety Spacious interiors and comfortable sitting posture ar