Circus the moving jails of exploitation

I remember seeing a circus in my school days.I was fascinated by it.But i nolonger have the appreciation for it since the artists are not athletes competing for our nation.They are slaves beaten up and trained in their childhood.These children in most of the case are sexually abused by thugs inside the circus.Please read the blog about rescueing children from 12 children from New Rajasthan circus hell in Nepal.

Last year 23 children were rescued from Rajkamal Circus tent when they were camping.The children are trained brutually and are slaves.The circus company is very powerful.They have got all the money from people who want entertainment by making elephants and animals dance & perform for these thugs.These kids need school. Read here

Rajkamal Circus is also known for treating animals cruelly.See the article from

A lion and lioness were rescued and sent to madhya pradesh zoo from Rajkamal circus in Korba in 2006. See Details

I am writing this post because i saw that criminals are camping in my hometown.They will advertise to attract you to come and see the show they make out of cruelty.When each of you pay for ticket, these rascals make more money.With the money they are going to exploit more children & women.You will not hear the cries of children & women jailed inside the tent.They will buy more animals illegally, blind them ,make them travel under duress and illtreat them.Please don't go have mercy on these children and animals, dont go to Rajkamal Circus Kayamkulam......

Let's not be part in this CRIME.


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