A Wonder Bank Called Time

We all are account holders of a great bank where on everyday our account have an opening balance of 86400 and goes to the next working day with zero balance.

The name of the bank is "TIME".Every morning 86400 seconds are deposited in this account.

If you have not used the seconds for good acts, you need to write off the amount each night.If you do acts of kindness and goodness, certainly there would be nothing left at night.

Every new day in this bank, a new account is opened.There is no overdraft facility available here.

You are failure if you cannot use the sum deposited by the day.Because you cannot walk back in time .The rewind button is seldom present.This bank do not sanction loans expecting your future growth or returns.

So we can only live back the life with today's deposits, certainly not tomorrows.

So use the deposits judiciously for creating maximum happiness and goodness around you. Remember the clock are ticking as well as time.


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