Honda's Diesel Car Amaze Offers 25 km mileage

honda amaze sedan india
When the sales of diesel cars is thriving in India due to the difference in price between petrol and diesel, Honda is amazing people by introducing their first diesel car in India. Honda is promising that Amaze will run 25.8 km for one litre of diesel.It is positioned to be a small sedan with necessary space, features and decent finish.Honda is giving maruti dzire and toyota etios a run for their money with the launch of amaze in the same segment.

Amaze is the sedan version of Honda Brio.Brio and Amaze were both born and brought up in Thailand and Japan.Engineers from around the world teamed up at honda R&D centre at Bangkok to bring out this product.Amaze comes under the category of compact sedan where the length of the cars would be less than four metres to avail lesser excise duty (manufacturer tax benefits).Amaze does not look like it has been chopped off or a tail being added to the hatchback version.The wheelbase has been increased by 60 mm.This resulted in big roof and larger doors.The interiors are similiar to that of Brio.If you are comparing the interiors with Etios, you have to admit that the interior is of better quality.The interior is a combination of biege, chocolate and black finishes.Driver seat is adjustable.There is legroom in rear seats  and lot of storage space also.400 litre boot space is amazing considering the small size.The knee room of 930 mm is the same as that of honda city, the bigger sedan of honda.

side view honda amaze

Honda has been developing diesel engines since 2003.2.2 Litre i-DTEC was developed in 2008.1.5 Litre diesel engine used in amaze is from this series.This is the smallest diesel engine manufactured by honda.The main features of the all aluminium engine which the honda calls 'Earth dream technology" are aluminium block, thin crank shaft, short & light weight pistons, improved cooling system, performance enhancing engine oil. etc. The machine produces 100 Bhp power and 200 Nm torque.Aluminium does not have the noise absorbing capabilities of cast iron or other denser metals. So you get a noisier engine to deal with.
honda amaze brown

The petrol amaze also has got a 1.2 litre responsive engine.There is an automatic transmission variant for the petrol version.

honda amaze rear view

Digital Tyke Opinion

Diesel version is economical and powerful and 25.8 kmpl is not a figure that should be neglected.It is noisier than Dzire or Etios, verita, manza.Petrol Amaze fetches you a mileage of 18 kmpl & the automatic version returns a slightly lower figure of 15.5 kmpl.I would be surprised if Amaze does not capture the market.Hope honda does not mess up in marketing similiar to what they did with Jazz.


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