How to Join KSEB Power Conservation Program Labhaprabha

Running out of options to provide enough power to kerala, KSEB is asking for it's consumers to reduce power consumption.They are providing incentives to those who reduce electricity consumption and provide some gifts to lucky ones.Here is how to join labhaprabha

1. Find the latest electricity bill.

2. Find Section Code and Consumer Number in the bill

3. Send an sms "KSEB SECTIONCODE CONSUMERNUMBER" to 9287088808.

For eg. in my case if consumer number is 112622 and section code is 5529 for nooranad.So i will be sending the sms "KSEB 5529 112622' to 9287088808.You will get confirmation sms regarding your average daily consumption and the recommended units you should save to quality for the lottery.

To view your latest LT bill Online click here.You just have to enter the consumer number to view the latest bill.


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