Why HR Manager Often Write Job Descriptions

After the creating of recruitment plan, prepare job descriptions.Analyze the job in your company to generate a job description and job specifications.It contains all the skills needed to do the job, what they actually do and what they are expected to do.

Advantages of Job Description

  • Employees know what they are expected to do and how they will be rated by the organisation.
  • They now know the relationship between their jobs and salary package.
  • A basic way of recruiting people will be established in the organisation.A candidate hired will know his responsibility expected from the organisation.


Here is how you write a Job Description

Job Title

this is the heading part and it means the name of post like Manager, Foreman etc.


Write in detail about the responsibilities of the person in the post.

Reports To

Write the names of immediate bosses this person reports to.If any junior person is also there, do not forget to mention him.


What should he do?


What all he should possess to do the job?


A way to check the candidate to make sure that the guy has it in him to do the job.


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