Trekking at Inchakkad Hill Kottarackara

maneesh sitting on inchakkad hill, kottarackara
Sitting On Top of the Hill
While traveling through the MC Road from Kottayam to Thiruvananthapuram, there is a good hill to climb.On top of it, 360 degree view of the villages beneath and windy atmosphere is refreshing and positive.

Here is the way to get to the hill.
Adoor --------->Kalayapuram _----->Inchakkad ------>Turn left at BT Service Station (Maruti).

There is an arch of a temple.The service station is on the left side where we deviate through a bridge.Go Straight to a road.Ask for directions to a Quarry. One side of our hill is being broken and sold piece by piece over the years.

On top of the hill, there is a temple.The temple is an isolated place and only annual puja in the Nov/Dec month of Vrishchika. So not much people will be on the hill on other days.Every evening local youths climb to catch the sunset and to breath some fresh air.

Maneesh J with brushcutter operator Sujith Kumar Naik
With Brushcutter Operator Sujith Kumar Naik
 There is a small water pocket which is perennial on top of the rock.The top portion is flat.There is no good road or entrance to the top.You got to climb the hill to reach the top.I have made two videos for you to get a feel of the location.I have a confession to make that i am not a professional photographer or cameraman.That is why the video is shaky.

The visitors on the rock are not expected to bring nonvegetarian food or alcohol to the top as there is a temple present.

 Both the videos are in high definition.You may select HD option in the youtube video playback settings.

Our brushcutter rental service was hired on a plantation in the valley on the hill.That is how we heard about the hill.I am expressing my sincere thanks to Mr. Rejish , Kottarackara for the inputs and for inviting me to this beautiful  hill. 


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