Aadhar - Unique Identification Number for Indians

Our indian establishment (read government) does not know who indians are.There are terrorists, bangladeshi migrants, others inside india.That might be the reason behind the UID Project now renamed as Aadhar.Nandan Nilekani was made boss of the project.

The Aadhar Project Kickstarted in my village called Palamel in June.I was informed that by the neighbours. I purchased the enrollement form from a nearby shop that sells forms for Rs 10.I filled it up attatched a copy of the voters id card and reached the government approved IT kiosk in every village of kerala called Akshaya center.

They gave a number 10034,10035 and 10036 for my family and i was asked to come on june 2nd.On june second i went and i was given another number 279 and was waiting patiently for about 4 hours and later i was called.My thumb impression of four fingers each of both hands was recorded in a scanner along with the two thumbs.I was sitting in front of an LCD monitor where i can see the things getting recorded.I posed well for the webcam to take my photo.But the operator insisted on leaning over in such a way that the photo output will be bad.They have got some sadism to make the photo look bad on the ID card.I then looked to a eye scanner that scanned my pupil.

Later the operator asks about caste and education to the people.In my case he knew that i was not from the reserved category by looking.He then asked whether i am general.I was marked graduate and employed in private service when i told him that i am an engineer and my job title is Chairman and Managing Director of a private limited company.

Now they gave me an acknowledgement slip and from the crowd i got the rumour that they will sent the UID number and card by post to my home.The operator did not hear me well and typed some wrong address in the card despite me telling the right address.


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