The Impossible

Jacob was returning after a grandeous party.He was so drunk that he could not walk correctly and he fell many a times and got up back.At the bank of the river, he saw some people queuing for baptisation.Jacob also joined the queue.The priest was shocked when he saw Jacob when his turn was ripe in the queue.

Father asked him whether he was ready for the ceremony and Jacob replied with a yes.Now the priest sank Jacob's head for five seconds and took it back and asked him whether he saw God.Jacob told that he saw only two fish in the water.

The gathering laughed silently.Reining the presence of mind, the priest sank the head again but this time kept it for 45 seconds.When jacob struggled, the head was taken back and he was asked the same question.

while wiping the water in the face and gasping for air, he replied,"Are you sure that god fell in the same river?".


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