You are wasting money on your Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer is a mysterious printing device.You are a home/ small office customer.You find an HP printer cost around 2000 Rupees which can print photos, letters , brochures, media covers etc.You fall for the Hewlet Packard's advertising and you buy it.

Everything seems good in the beginning.When your ink is out, you want to replace a catridge.You go to a store and find two catridges for 1700 Rupees.This happenned to me in 2004.I went for the cheaper option, refueling via a syringe which the local computer store boy did for Rs 100.Refueled ink resulted in damage of the printer.

Now i got the printer repaired in 2006 and it costed me 800 Rupees.Now again the printer went dead after couple of month..If some one wants the printer , i shall give it to you free of cost...........Call me at 9947202625........

If you find value in the crap, it is yours..........................

Abacus24-7 Printer Ink, Cables, Batteries & Memory


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