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Discouraging thoughts on a Positive Day

I do not like to write discouraging thoughts here.But since i have vowed to write honestly, i am typing my heart here.Ever since i left the world of PCB and circuit design, i began working about 15 to 18 hours online.Tremendous hours sitting in front of the computer had made me lose all the human feelings.At one point, i found that i am losing grip of my life.Recently i have made it sure not to work tremendously in the weekends.

This Friday and Saturday i needed to meet my lawyer for discussion about a litigation going on.Both days i worked for a couple of hours.Sunday i made it sure to holiday this time...

I was spending about 12000 Rupees in labour cost for maintaining planted rubber trees for this month.The workers were there and i thought i could holiday there and can do some work with the trees also.So i planned to do the painting on the trees.Painting is done on young trees to protect them from the scorching heat that is yet to come in March and April.

I couldn't photograph me.But i have took a photo of the tree i have painted.My painting skills were tested.Here's how i made the paint.

1. Clay Powder - You get from rubber stores.Bought 5 kg of it.
2. Maida which is refined wheat flour.You get from all stationary stores.Half a kilo.
3. Mix both with water and make it as a white paint.

And on 22nd February i worked painting on the trees not to save money on the labourers but to explore how it would feel.Six days i am working in front of my Lenovo notebook and i desperately needed some change.Other wise i could hire a person for Rs 300 (about 6 dollars) for a day and get it done.Anyway satisfaction was there.

And today the 23rd of February 2009, there is a festival happening at a Siva temple at my village.I could not go there because i was holidaying for the last three days.I started working for a couple of hours.Thanks to the electricity department who put the plug out in the village as a security measure when conducting the festival so that no one gets harmed.Sivarathri is a famous festival for the hindus.But i get sad when every one gets drunk in the auspicious day celeberating it.Is this the right way to celebrate?

So the generator that started at 10:30 is still running at 5:58 pm.And we had some guests.And today out the people i met, two persons again advised me to stop my online businesses and to get a job.Eventhough i hate to hear such advices, i did not showed any displeasure.

Why is the society trying to discourage young entreprenuers unless they show excellent talents?Why does the people always advice that we people from the middle class cannot dream to start a company or do business?I cannot convince people that this is my passion and that is the only reason why i am sticking to it rather than the monitory aspects.I have tried hard to convince them,but they keep asking me again and again.They do not understand that i have an individuality that likes to live adventurously.

Of the 200 people i meet in a month , 190 of them are there to discourage me.100 of them are not at all courteous.They attack me before they get an idea about what i do.50 of them says the same in a soft language.Fourty does not talk to me.They rate me as a loser.But since i do not care for the rating these creatures give me.I just keep walking.......


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