I am going to be serious with Digital Tyke

Let me say the truth......Even though i have been running this blog for a while,i haven't spend enought time for maintaining this blog.I was lazy whenever i get to blog for digital tyke.Yesterday i got a mail from a user who expressed similiar ideas.

Honestly i hated to share the personal details with the whole world who happen to visit these pages.What ever you write is evidence and people will always judge you with what you write.So it is about the resistance from a part of me stopping me from posting my details on this blog.I want to break free from that part in me and want to reach out to my users.So i am going to make some serious attempts.

The last time i wrote a personal post on this blog was when i was stressed out too
much.Thanks to god for making me delete that bcos it read something similiar to a suicide note.

I have always been an introvert since i recognise the world around me.I was born in a village in kerala named Nooranad.I still live there.But till today i couldn't blend myself to a nooranad typical malayali,I rate myself as one with 60% marks to be a nooranad malayali.I grew up in the same village but could not imbibe the culture of Kerala.I give my self 50% marks as a keralite.It is not that i am not able to apprehend the tradition and culture of my state.I speak good malayalam and follow all the good traditions, those i feel good.

What was that i wrote just now?I intentionally visualised this post would be a useless, information void text and it has been delivered.

And i want  to announce this to the world after long long year.



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