The Unseen Dream

A Senior Executive of an MNC visited the company canteen after heavy midday meals for the 
coffee even during the period of recession.He was sitting in the cafeteria and noticed the boy 
cleaning the table tops.The old man decieded that he should be the person to spend time for the break.

He asked the boy.
"What is your monthly salary?"

The boy replied with a smile.

What are your future plans?

The reply was silence.

Where would you see yourself after ten years?

The boy glanced him with an unfriendly look.

The man in suit continued his discourse.
"Do you know when i came to this town, i had no money?But today i have everything.

What do you have ?As a poor canteen boy with no future dreams and expectations, you 
possess nothing?Tell me boy, what do you have?

The boy replied while walking towards the kitchen, "I got to go because i have some work  


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