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  • Munnar Holidays 2017

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Friday, December 28, 2012

How Businesses do Christmas, New Year Holiday Marketing

happy christmas
During holidays, normally people would be having fun.So if you look like interesting, they may try to note you and end up buying your product.Christmas and Newyear is the festive season this week.Marketeers try to spread goodwill among the community and try to rejuvenate the nostalgic aspect of the festival and try to show family spirit.Children are likely to get pocket money this season.So you are seeing lot of ads targeted at school and college students.

Here are your opportunities for 2013.

January 1 - New Year Day
January 13 - Makar Sankranti
January 12 - National Youth Day / Swami Vivekanand Jayanti
January 14 - Pongal / International Kite Festival
January 15 - Army Day
January 18 - Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday
January 23 - Desh Prem Diwas / NEtaji Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti
January 25 -  Id-E-Milad / Milad -Un-Nabi
January 26 - Republic Day
January 27 - Thai Poosam
February 14 - Sri Panchami
February 15 - Vasant Panchami
February 19 - Sivaji Jayanti
February 25 - Guru Ravidas's Birthday
March 7 - Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
March 10 - Maha Shivratri
March 29 - Good Friday
April 11 - Hindi New Year or Gudi Padawa / Ugadi/ Chaitra Suklandi / Cheti Chand
April 13 - Vishu / Vaisakhi /
April 14 - Mesadi
April 15 - Vaisakhadi / Bahag Bihu
April 24 - Mahavir Jayanthi
May 1 - Workers Day or May Day
May 9 - Guru Rabindranath Jayanti
May 24 - Hazarat Ali's janmadin
May 25 - Buddha PurnimaOnam
July 10 - Rath Yatra
August 2 - Jamat - Ul - Vida
August 9 - Id-ul-Fitr
August 15 - Independence Day
August 18 - Parsi New Year's day
August 20 - Raksha Bandhan
August 28 - Krishna Janmastami
September 9 - Ganesh Chaturthi / Vinayaka Chaturthi
September 16 - Onam
October 2 - Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi
October 13 - Vijaya Dashami
October 11 - Dussehra (Maha Saptami)
October 12 - Dussehra (Maha Ashtami)
October 13 - Dussehra (Maha Navmi)
October 16 - Bakri Id
October 18 - Maharishi Valmiki's birthday
October 22 - Karaka Chaturthi / Karva Chouth
November 1 - Dhanteras
November 2 - Narak Chaturdashi
November 3 - Diwali / Lakshmi Puja / Deepavali/ Baddi Diwali
November 4 - Padwa Puja & Govardhan Puja
November 5 - Bhai Duj
November 8 - Pratihar Sashthi or Surya Sashthi / Chhat Puja)\
November 14 - Muharram
November 17 - Guru Nanak Jayanthi
November 24 - Guru Teg Bahadur's Martyrdom Day
December 24 - Christmas Eve
December 25 - Christmas

happy new year 2013

Now let us come back to Xmas and New year.A bank can display a big cake in the customer lounge.They can put a xmas tree in the front too if space permits.Organise an xmas celebration

Greet your customers Merry Christmas

Write to all your customers in the database.Include prominent personalities and non customers too in the mailing list.Christmas card you will be sending should be good to generate community goodwill and enchancing your image.Emailers can also be used in Christmas Season.

Hire a local to become Santa this season

Dress up a local youth as a Santa for this season.He will be greeting children and those who visit your business establishment.Spend some money at a good toy store to fill the Santa's bag.You can tie-up with local businesses.They will sponsor the gift inexchange of promotional material given along with the gift.

Wrap a box with gift paper and write on in Christmas Lucky Contest.Kids will enter their parent's name, address, contact number, number of children, name,age etc.Now you will get additional names for your mailing list.Advertise the contest in newspaper and give someone the prize.

New Year Assurance

You assure people through media that you will continue to serve and will not compromise on quality for another year.Season greeting cards can be mailed similiar to Xmas cards. Calenders,year planners, diaries can be distributed for good will.If it is possible offer special pricing and offers for christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Why HR Manager Often Write Job Descriptions

After the creating of recruitment plan, prepare job descriptions.Analyze the job in your company to generate a job description and job specifications.It contains all the skills needed to do the job, what they actually do and what they are expected to do.

Advantages of Job Description

  • Employees know what they are expected to do and how they will be rated by the organisation.
  • They now know the relationship between their jobs and salary package.
  • A basic way of recruiting people will be established in the organisation.A candidate hired will know his responsibility expected from the organisation.


Here is how you write a Job Description

Job Title

this is the heading part and it means the name of post like Manager, Foreman etc.


Write in detail about the responsibilities of the person in the post.

Reports To

Write the names of immediate bosses this person reports to.If any junior person is also there, do not forget to mention him.


What should he do?


What all he should possess to do the job?


A way to check the candidate to make sure that the guy has it in him to do the job.

Chevrolet Sail U-VA Review

chevrolet sail u-va
Chevrolet Sail U-VA is the latest hatchback GM has launched in India.They did this because of technical help from the chinese automobile company SAIC.The chinese hatchback was indianified and launched here.Petrol and Diesel versions are launched at the same time because because of mismanagement in indian oil industry petrol is sold at a higher price than diesel.So there is a trend for car buying to move to diesel cars.


It looks like a chinese hatchback since it is one.Chevrolet trademark grill and emblem on front is beautiful.Body line starting from wheel arch makes it look like a big car.Rearview mirrors are body coloured.Front/ Rear windows are large.Rear view look of the car is uninspiring and looks old.

chevrolet sail u-va rear view
chevrolet sail u-va front view

chevrolet sail u-va alloy wheels
Interiors are simply designed and aimed at practicability.Central console contains a combination of analog and digital metres.Central console is dual tone with grey as dominant colour. Inbuilt music system has bluetooth connectivity.Three spoked steering wheel has a negative thing about it.Only if you press on the chevrolet + symbol the horn make noise.Power window switches are near gear knob.Dashboard is at par with that of new generation cars.Travelling in front seats is very comfortable and spacious.Rear seats are also good quality and traveling in them comfortable.Lot of leg space and head space.Company says there is a boot space of 248 litres.By folding the rear seats, we get lot of space.There is a small storage space beneath the seats too.

chevrolet sail u-va interiors

chevrolet sail u-va dashboard
chevrolet sail u-va power window switches

chevrolet sail u-va instrument cluster

chevrolet sail u-va storage space under the rear seats

Engine Review

chevrolet sail u-va engine
 1.3 SDE (small diesel engine ) that maruti and tata uses in their cars is the engine that drives Sail too.But Chevrolet must have tweaked it 1248 cc diesel engine has 77 bhp power.Petrol car is powered by 1199 cc four cylinder engine.It's power is 85 bhp.The main difference between petrol and diesel models is in gear shifting patterns.In diesel version, reverse gear is upward like in a Fiat.In petrol version, reverse gear is in normal position only.

Driving experience is good.Vehicle offers good stability at higher speeds.Little turbo lag is there in diesel engine but not to worry since it offers good performance except in the low range.Without downshifting, moving powerfully was possible on many occasions.Gear shifting is smooth and braking works.This car is good enough to compete with the premium hatchback heavyweights.

Chevrolet Sail U-VA Newx Review

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tata Safari Storme SUV Review

tata safari storme
Tata Safari came to the indian auto market in 1998.At that time, there was no indian SUV.After 14 years, a new upgrade of this model is getting out ot the Indian market.They are calling it the Safari Storme.Hydrophobic chasis is used in Storme. That made it lighter in weight by 75 kgs.


The basic look of Safari has been preserved in storm.A big grill between the two headlights is present in Storme.On top of the gril a big chromium finish is present and on which Storme is written.In bumper also small grills are added (see image).More clearer and edgy projector headlight lamps lighten up the roads of STorme.Big front and rear wheel archs and the connecting bodylines between them makes the vehicle look like a big one.Silver colour roof rails which was an attraction of old Safari is present in Storme also.Rear design is disappointing.Uninspiring design compared to the other designs.Spare tyre fitted on the rear has been moved to the position under the vehicle.Vertically arranged clearlens tail lamp is the only Suv-ness of Safari Storme rear design.


tata safari storme rear

Interior Design

Tata Aria like dashboard and steering is present in Storme.Biege coloured interiors with good plastic quality.One noticable feature in volume control in indicator switch.The quality of seats is good.Safari has been made more luxurious.A general disadvantages in all SUVs is that the second and third row seats offer lesser traveling comfort.Just travel in the rear seats of Tata Safari Storme and feel the difference.

tata safari storme dashboard

Engine Review

2.2 Litre engine in old safari and Tata Aria has been retained.Low end performance has been improved.Power is 140 Ps @ 4000 rpm.Torque is 320 Nm at 1700 to 2700 rpm.Gear box is very smooth.It feels that the engine offers more power than old safari.

tata safari storme

tata safari storme specifications

Tata Safari Storme Test Drive and Review by Autocar India

Driving Experience

Good drivability and smooth driving was experienced.Non SUV users can also drive this big car with ease.Suspension is of first quality and delivers good on guttered indian roads.In four wheeled drive version, without switching off the vehicle , you can change from two wheel drive to all wheel drive.Little turbo lag is present in the vehicle but not that alarming.Lesser gear ration helps in city driving.You don't have to gear down often.Turning radius gets reduced to 5.6 metre in new Safari.

Importance of a Recruitment Plan for your Business

importance of a hiring plan
Hiring, Recruitment and Retaining people are important part of a business.We should have a human resource plan and strategy to begin with.HR Planning process begins with a study of current staff requirement and prediction of future requirement.

Ask yourself some important questions.

1. What do you intend to do with your business for say next couple of years.

2. Fix the short tem and long term goals.

3. What are the things happening around you in your market that can impact your business?

4. Find what changes are required from your part to achieve your fixed goals.

5. If you go with the changes, will you find opposition from your organisation? What are the challenges?

Answers of this questions lead you to estimate the number of people needed (hire, fire,contract,outsource etc).Maybe you can look how your neighbour competitor is handling it.

You must do this process when you find the following signs.

1. Regular disruptions in the process flows resulting in sour relations with clients and customers. Eg. missed deadlines, increased return goods, poor rating, decrease in customer loyalty, regular administration faults.

2. Employees not turning up for work and that resulting in your turnouver. Overstressed employees, poor morale or employees looking for jobs regularly in the moment you feel they have settled with you.

3. Everytime the team works overtime because employees are overworked and given with hell lot of responsibilities.It will result in burnouts and increased cost in long run.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Review

royal enfield thunderbird 500 sideview
It is in the year 2002 that Royal Enfield unvieled Thunderbird Cruiser.It was different from rest of it's bullet.This one was a cruiser.But people stood with it.For ten years, this vehicle sold well.Now they are selling a new model without sacrifising the basic look but introducing hell lot of changes.

The change is headlamp is the most visible change in the new model.Projector lamp is fitted in the head lamp.It gives a stylish look for the headlight. Dual instrument cluster has been retained in the new model.Only change is that it is more clearer and handsome.Slight change has been done to seat position.For the first time for a two wheeler, hazzard lights are incorperated in the motorcycle.Fuel tank capacity has been increased to 20 litres for longer range.
royal enfield thunderbird 500
royal enfield thunderbird 500
royal enfield thunderbird 500 specifications
The two engine variants of thunderbird are:

1. 500 cc [27.2 bhp power @ 5250 rpm and 41.3 bhp torque @ 4000 Nm]

Estimated ex-showroom price = Rs 1,72.539

2. 350 cc 

Estimated ex-showroom price = Rs 1,35.408

royal enfield thunderbird 500 review
Thunderbird 500 is available in three shades of black and Thunderbird 350 comes in two shades of black.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Review by Autocar India

Maruti Alto800 Review

maruti alto 800 red
Maruti 800 is an iconic and most sold car in india.Because of it's iconic status maruti was unable to stop production since 1984. Now is the time for a replacement for it.The new Alto 800 is a replacement and positioned as the entry level value for money maruti small hatchback car.

It has some similiarity with Astar in looks but have uniqueness.Alto800 is made on the same platform of Alto.However dimensions such as height etc are different.Protruding headlights similiar to Astar (some people hate it) is a feature of Alto800.Black inserts, chromium lined grills,big black air damp (looks like its mouth), fat wheel archs are the changes.C pillar resembles the Alto.12 inch tyres and 160 mm ground clearance makes it appear larger than life.
maruti alto800 rear view blue
Rear design is also contemperory style.Tail lamps that originates from the sides, body lines in boot lids,big bumpers etc are the changes.Length is 100 mm lesser than old alto.However it is 15 mm wider and 15mm higher.Wheelbase 2360 mm is the same for both cars.Without doubt we can state that Alto800 is a new generation car than the older ones and more technically advanced.
maruti alto800 interiors
maruti alto800 bottle holder

The main turnoff for alto lack of space.Even nano at similiar price has more space.Low seating position was also inconvenient for short drivers.Alto800 has made honest attempt to address those issues.However the verdict lies with it's users.V shaped central console, dark beige coloured with black and silver finished  interiors  are beautiful.There are spaces in the dashboard and below it to store your stuffs and water bottles.Integrated headrests with front seats.To increase space inside thickness of door pads have been reduced.In rear seats the congestion feeled in old alto is not present now.Black and silver designs on the apholstery near the doors and else where is irritating (depends on your art sense).The placement of front power window switches behind the gear lever is annoying for the driver.One airbag on driver side is optional for Maruti Alto800.

Autocar India Video Review

Engine Review

798 cc F8D engine in Alto is the heart of Alto 800.They tweaked this 48 bhp engine for better performance.New short skirt pistons, new gear ratio, new compression ratio, uplifted air inlet system, new cable shift transmission and diagonal shift assist are the newer technologies and upgrades for Alto800. Torque increased by 11 percent to 69 Nm @ 3500 rpm.As a result of this, drivablity has increased in city and highways.Gear shift became smoother when changed to cable type.
maruti alto800 specifications
Suspension is better than old Alto.Improved suspension setup  and higher spring. Company claims mileage of 22.74 per litre of petrol.Alto 800 is priced between Rs 2.51 to 3.06 lakhs.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Investing in Shares is a way to make money

Long term investing in shares of companies is one of the legitimate way of investing your money and making a good return out of it.Since there is risk involved, only organised ones are seen in plenty at stock markets. Retail investor or common man investing his hard earned money is a minority phenomenon today.A share or stock is practically a small part of ownership of a company.

How are people making money at the share market?

Some are short term traders.Others are long term investors.Short term traders are the ones who can be compared to the real estate flippers in your locality.They put some money and do some trades on shares in stock market (buy/sell).This is a strict no for first timers especially with large amount of hard earned money.

How are people making money from shares through long term investing?

Buy low,sell high principle.People buy shares at low prices at some point of time with their conviction that the company will do good in the future.If the company does well in the future,hearing positive news about it in the market, lot of people will try to buy the stock from the market.When demand increases the price of stock also increases. When the share is at a high price due to some speculation, people sell the shares and get out of their holding position.For eg: Ajith bought 100 shares of xyz company for Rs 100.So he invested 10000 rs and after two years on a particular day a news has broke out that the company got a big order from another company.That day traders are in a frenzy and the price of share rose to Rs 250 per share.So Ajith sold it and got out of his position.He got a profit of Rs 15000 from the 10000 he has invested.Also he got Rs 250 and Rs 200 as dividends in the two years when he was a shareholder. In two years his investments made a return of 150 percent.

So the advantages of stocks are price appreciation and dividends.Another benefit is you don't have to pay tax on the profits you made out of the shares if you are selling it after one year.The profits you make will be called as long term capital gain and it does not attract taxation.

What is dividend?

When the company makes profit, sometimes they decide to distribute a part of it to the owners.This gets distributed to each of the shareholders.The money you get as a shareholder is called dividend.For example a company got profit of Rs 10 lakhs in the financial year 2012-2013. It decides to keep 5 lakhs for building a new office, 3 lakhs to pay loans.The rest two lakhs it decides to give back to the investors.Suppose the company has 100 shares out of which 50 shares are owned by the promoter Mr. Ajay Chandran and the rest 50 are in the hands of small investors.Ajay Chandran having a hold in the director board can decide to distribute the 5 lakhs rupees to the investors such that each shareholder gets Rs 5000.Ajay chandran would get 2,50,000 in that case and a retail investor having 10 shares will get Rs 50000 as dividend.

In real world dividends are meagre. Because when the shares are issued for the first time, shares have a face value of say Rs 10.And because of rumours when they are traded in the market, the share with face value of Rs 10 would be sold at Rs 2558 per share.

Why i suggest you invest in stocks?

You participate in a nation building activity.You invest in a business.Some business fail and others succeed.If your 'company' win you make money otherwise you lose.May be your investment will get microscopic and vanish.If you are a person interested in taking the risk, and track the news about the company you invested in, you can do it.

How it will change you?

In order to protect your investment, you will be forced to learn systematic ways of long term investing.You will then learn about financial reports of the company,know about the industry, the trends.So there is a chance you may make excellent moves and make good returns.You will try to learn about financial education which is not just limited to accountants and tax planners.

How to start investing in shares?

Start with a small amount say Rs 10000 (or whatever you feel comfortable) in the indian market.The starting amount should be such that your financial health should not get endangered if you broke in the stock market.Make sure that you are not gambling.Greed and addiction to trade are the reason for failing in your endeavor.


I had a simpler and better article in my old blog which is now no more.I have tried to explain shares in a simple way in this post.Feel free to comment on this post if there is any error/ typo in the post.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Berlytharangal Malayalam Blog Review

Many of us who can read malayalam would have visited a blog named Berlytharangal when spending time online.It is the blog ran by Kerala's (may be the most) popular blogger, Mr. Berly Thomas.He is a confident malayali who considers himself as the sexiest malayali.His blog posts are very bold and takes on issues that are mostly avoided by other writers in a public platform.He is one of the successful malayali face from the blogging world.

about me page of berlytharangal malayalam blog
Courtesy: The about me page of Berlytharangal.com.
His success lies in his command over malayalam language and braveness to use unparliamentary language or words that are not present in a dictionary in his blog post.Watch his tv interview to know more about the person.He tells about the his journey over the last six years with the blog.He confesses that initially he did not had many advertising partners for monitization of the blog.As per the estimate revealed in his interview, his website is visited by 50000 people every day.Since the website is in malayalam, google's contextual advertising system is incapable of presenting related ads.So google might have stopped serving ads.He must have roped in other advertising agencies or have directly sold real estate in his blog.

Berly Thomas blogs about current affairs and important topic that affects malayalis and/or influence them.Most of the topics are likely to be controversial and many people will be disagreeing with his analysis of the incident.They will be reacting and more people will be watching.His regular updation also retains his visitors.Some of his posts are so crude and boring. Some are interesting and make us think.He has made sure that he is a larger than life character with his style of writing and made himself as a brand online.

Visit the site at www.berlytharangal.com .

Friday, November 23, 2012

PSU Malabar Cement Website Doesn't have sufficient Bandwidth

Malabar Cements is a public sector company owned by the State Government of Kerala.It is notorious for rampant corruption.Everyone knows that recruitment in the company happens in a shady way.This time when job recruitment is happening for managerial and non managerial posts for which candidates need to apply before 21st November 2012, the website is inaccessible.How on earth are the public expected to know about the required qualifications when your website is down.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sabarimala Online Darshan Booking Website has a new Domain

Last year we have written about Online Darshan Ticketing System at Sabarimala.This system is operated by Kerala Police.Now queuing system is more ayyappa swami friendly with it's new domain www.sabarimalaq.com .

Another noticable fact is that they have started running online banner ads to make money from the ayyappa swami visits.

They are making $$$ over the service which is FREE!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yamaha R1 Sports Bike Review

Superbikes or Sport bikes are motorcycle tweaked for high speed and acceleration.These vehicles can be braked at higher speed,cornered well at high speeds.They will be powered with engines that burn lot of fuel and hence will be less efficient vehicles.These vehicles are made for excitement and not for commuting.Yamaha R1 is a litre class superbike sold in India.


It was in 1998 that R1 was first spotted on the roads.Dark twin headlamps and pilot lamps look like a bull staring at you.Powerful and massive engine is located beneath the big twinspar frame in the side.Further top is the chiseled like muscular fuel tank.The front view is made majestic by 43mm front fork with independent damping, big disc brake with six piston caliper and wide tyres.The controls located behind the big visors shows the vehicle 's speed, engine speed, gear position, temperature, time, trip meter,service indicator etc.The attractive feature in the rear is it's exhaust.Underseat double exhaust has been replaced by american company Tosi's performance exhaust.


Engine & Ride Quality

The vehicle is powered by 998 cc liquid cooled four stroke DOHC four valve engine.Yamaha has designed this bike with the crossplane crankshaft design similiar to that of the yamaha's motogp race bike M1.The engine is known for it's high torque and throttle feel.The weight of the bike is 206 kg and it feels that most of the weight is concentrated on the front rather than the rear.Like other bikes in this category this vehicle has six speed transmission.Sudden throttle response is achieved by yamaha's chip control throttle system.180 bhp @ 12500 rpm is it's highest power and 115.55 Nm @ 10000 rpm.Good handling and cornering is another feature of R1.Aluminimum frame and CF diecast magnesium frame in the rear has contributed to this aspect.The rear 190/55-17 sized tyre offers excellent road grip.R1 superbike which can race at speeds of 285 kilometers per hour is controlled by 310 mm twin front disc brakes and 210 mm single rear disc brakes.
Yamaha R1

Suzuki, Honda and Duccati are competitors of yamaha in india.However Yamaha R1 is the early bird.This vehicle's showroom price is Rs 14 lakhs in India.



Liquid Colled 4 stroke DOHC 4 valve


998 cc

Max Power

180 bhp @ 12500 rpm

Max Torque

115.Nm @ 10000 rpm

Gear Transmission

6 speed


(F) Telescopic Fork
(R) Swing Arm


Disc (F&R)


(F) 120/70ZR17M/C(58W)
(R) 100/55ZR17M/C(75W)


1415 mm


206 kg

Fuel tank Capacity

18 litres


Rs 14 Lakhs

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Missed Call Alert Service FREE on BSNL Mobile

After doing MNP and changing my number 9947202625 from Vodafone to BSNL Mobile, i learned about that missed call alert was FREE for which Vodafone and Tata Docomo was charging me for the lack of their network coverage.

How to Avail FREE missed call alert service?

  1. Go to settings of your mobile phone.
  2. Go to Call Settings.
  3. And then to call Forwarding
  4. And to Voice Call Forwarding.
  5. Locate when unreachable part of the setting.
  6. Forward your calls when you are unreachable to +9117010 or 009117010
  7. You will then get status there itself that this service has been activated.
Good Day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trekking at Inchakkad Hill Kottarackara

maneesh sitting on inchakkad hill, kottarackara
Sitting On Top of the Hill
While traveling through the MC Road from Kottayam to Thiruvananthapuram, there is a good hill to climb.On top of it, 360 degree view of the villages beneath and windy atmosphere is refreshing and positive.

Here is the way to get to the hill.
Adoor --------->Kalayapuram _----->Inchakkad ------>Turn left at BT Service Station (Maruti).

There is an arch of a temple.The service station is on the left side where we deviate through a bridge.Go Straight to a road.Ask for directions to a Quarry. One side of our hill is being broken and sold piece by piece over the years.

On top of the hill, there is a temple.The temple is an isolated place and only annual puja in the Nov/Dec month of Vrishchika. So not much people will be on the hill on other days.Every evening local youths climb to catch the sunset and to breath some fresh air.

Maneesh J with brushcutter operator Sujith Kumar Naik
With Brushcutter Operator Sujith Kumar Naik
 There is a small water pocket which is perennial on top of the rock.The top portion is flat.There is no good road or entrance to the top.You got to climb the hill to reach the top.I have made two videos for you to get a feel of the location.I have a confession to make that i am not a professional photographer or cameraman.That is why the video is shaky.

The visitors on the rock are not expected to bring nonvegetarian food or alcohol to the top as there is a temple present.

 Both the videos are in high definition.You may select HD option in the youtube video playback settings.

Our brushcutter rental service was hired on a plantation in the valley on the hill.That is how we heard about the hill.I am expressing my sincere thanks to Mr. Rejish , Kottarackara for the inputs and for inviting me to this beautiful  hill. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Premier Rio SUV 2012 Review

SUVs are becoming popular in India. The shabby quality of indian roads and introduction of fuel efficient diesel engines in SUVs are making the adoption fast.High cost of ownership, price, maintainence cost have ensured that only the rich can use SUVs.Premier's introduction of SUVs were aimed at common man's vehicle.They failed miserably in the first attempt with Rio.They are back with Rio refresh.


It is a big vehicle.The design has been updated from the model released three years ago.The change is intended to make it contemperorary and beautiful.Clearlens foglamps is designed to look modern.5 Spoke steering wheel and mirrors fitted with side indicator has changed the look of the vehicle.

Eventhough the look is of SUV size is of a hatchback.So moving around is same like that of a hatchback.Since seats are placed at a height 360 degree vision is a bonus.This will help city drivers.Parking is also easier with the small size.

Rear seat designs reminds us of old CRV.Spare tyres are fitted in the rear door as seen in offroad vehicles.Tail lamp design is made for SUV.The modernity gets lost when you enter the vehicle.Dashboard design reminds us of ALto and WagonR.Plastic quality and operational quality of the switches are only average.Sporty seats do not dampen our spirits on long journeys.However the rear seat does not give back support.

The remarkable change is that 2DIN music system is present in the LX variant.The absense of special open/close switches for ac vents on door and central console and bottle holders is a negative of the vehicle.Even the top end variant does not have rear power windows.The colour of door trim and door lever shows the antiquity.

In the instrument panel, everything is digital except odo reading meter.Everything can be read clearly.ABS, Electrically adjustable mirrors comes with DLX,LX models as standard features.15 inch alloy wheels, spare wheel cover,2DIN stereo etc are optional features of LX variant.

Driving Experience

Old Rio had the same engine of Fiat Punto,Swift,Tata Indica.The Common Rail Fiat engine is the same now also.71 bhp is the power at 4000 rpm.Even though engine is the same driving lacks force compared to Swift and Indica Vista.The culprit here is the weight of the vehicle.Turbo lag is present below 2000 rpm.Accelerator response, gear shifting and noise insulation needs improvement.Engine noise in more at higher rpm.

Mcpherson Strut suspension seen is cars is in the front and 5 link suspension seen in SUVs is in the rear.Unlike Renault Duxter and Mahindra XUV500, Rio is a rear wheel drive vehicle.Good stability at rough roads is the plus of 5 link suspension.200 mm ground clearance makes you possible to drive Rio on bad roads.No problems for the passanger when travelling in damaged roads.Stability at higher speeds and performance of steering is satisfactory.


Engine: 4 cylinder cRDi 4
Displacement: 1248 cc
Max Power: 71bhp@4000 rpm
Max Torque: 183 Nm@2400rpm
Gear TRansmission: 5M
Suspension: (F) MacPherson strut type with coil spring
(R) 5 Rods System
Brake: (F) Disc (R) Drum
Tyre: 205/70 R15
LxWxH: 3970x1570x1730 mm
Wheelbase: 2420 mm
Kerb weight: 1145 kg
Turning radius: 4.7 m
Mileage: 16 kmpl
Price: 6.72 to 7 Lakh rs Exshowroom price


18 to 20 kilometer per litre of diesel can be expected at highways.In cities and at high speeds you will get something below 15.

Rio is good for village and city roads.IT is a good vehcile to go for a tour.For those who want to own an SUV but are not doing it because of high price can go for Rio.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Brothers and Enemies

Four days of silence
Inner peace and heavenly interference
Ignoring the threats
Still Serving the enemy
he walked and walked and walked

And here comes a huriccane
that is notorious for destruction
All defences have been breached
and the monk woke up from his cave

He became a monstor to fight the monstrous
He became a dreadful creature.....
He is the madness, the devil
and possibly the wretched creature he always fought with

IT is said money is the root of all evil,
It is said money makes sibling fight each other
This one is for survival
As money has always been won by some

Kauravas had a habit of pursuing estranged brothers
to see that they don't prosper
Pandavas hated their brothers because
same blood who enjoys to watch them suffer are
never brothers any more
Never brothers any more
Never brothers any more
Just Enemies.........in Kaliyug

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Your favorite actor lies about his name most of the time

Film actors when introduced to movies are made to adopt a new screen name by which they will be known in their career and in public space. Eventhough it feels awkward for those people who want privacy seperated from their public life can feel alright with this.In malayalam industry majority of the actors are known by their nicknames or screen names.There has been instances of malayali cricketer changing name for astrological or numerology benefits.

Film actors and their original names

  1. Vikram = Vikram Kennedy Vinod Raj
  2. Naren = Sunil
  3. Dileep = Gopalakrishnan
  4. Mamooty = Muhammed Kutty (his nickname became the screen name)
  5. Jayan = Krishnan Nair
  6. Manikuttan = Thomas James
  7. Kalabhavan Mani = Mani Raman
  8. Bhavana = Karthika Menon = Thakkidu
  9. Bhama = Rekhita
  10. Navya Nair = Dhanya Nair
  11. Sneha = Suhasini Rajaram Naidu
  12. Sheela = Clara
  13. Seema = Shanthakumari = Shanthi
  14. Satyan = Manuel Sathyaneshan Nadar
  15. Vijay = Ilayathalapathy = Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar
  16. Rajnikanth = Shivaji Rao Gaikwad
  17. Chiranjeevi = Chiru = Konidala Siva Sankara Vara Prasad

Friday, September 21, 2012

Response to Manmohan Singh's address to the nation today over diesel price hike and FDI in Retail

1.> FDI will certainly affect small traders.It will be beneficial for consumers already getting looted by bad practices in indian retail industry.It will energize the economy.Is your govt doing enough to make life better for small traders and retailers?Your price rise and inflation makes life tough for them everyday.

2.> You did us a favour by not increasing diesel price by 17 rs and just with Rs 5.Ofcourse diesel is used for gas guzzling SUVs and luxury sedans.What can you do about it?Did we ask you to price petrol and diesel differently?It is your wrong policy of subsidy and cartelisation of oil companies including public sector companies...When crude was selling at 140 dollars per barrel shell and reliance pumps were selling at 70 per litre and you know the present oil rates....Pls dont tell that reliance and shell were subsidizing the indian consumers in 2008 since they love us.....Your public sector oil companies are mismanaged and you want the consumer to pay it.....I pay thousands of rs to repair petrol run generator and brushcutter which cannot take the adulterated diesel mixed petrol your public sector oil company retailer is selling me...

3.> And thank you for Rs 5.5 excise duty cut on petrol

4.> If you are giving 1 Lakh 40 thousand crores subsidy on oil and you are saying you have did me a great favour. The Oil bonds you give to your public sector companies cost us dear.Tax paying abilities of future generation middleclass countrymen have been pledged by your government to pay subsidies.When these children grow up they will spit on you for having made them pay for the oil burned in 2012.If you cannot manage the economy, why blame us.Did we ask you to throw away crores of Rs as NREGA to bribe your voters and build mud roads at the same cost of rubberised roads.

5.> Before blaming the opposition you should think how you guys behave.You did not ask forgiveness to the people for all the loots commonwealth to coalgate.You were always for coverups.

6.> Atleast you could take a cue from the economic problems of european countries and auction nation's resources at fair prices, bring black money stashed abroad to india, clamp down benami dealings.IF you want to increase investor confidence, implement lokpal and fight against corruption instead of standing for it.Investors know that they needed to pay up at all quaters to get their business started here and when the matter comes to court the foreign companies millions would be busted away because they paid bribe to your neta.Look at the vodafone tax issue.If you can better your corruption records, our gdp will double and investors will come to invest in india.

7.> The biggest joke is when you do all this mismanagement and  claim it as you did it for national interest.

Read http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics/nation/pm-defends-reforms-in-address-10-key-highlights/articleshow/16494014.cms

Thursday, September 20, 2012

KnightAd 1.0 An Effective Digital Out of Home Advertising Solution

KnightAd 1.0 is an outdoor projection advertising setup to show video advertisements just after the dusk to a targeted audience.It is the basic product offered by our Digital OOH division Digital Tyke Ads in Digital out of home advertising arena.

  • 100 inch rear projection screen of dimensions 8 Feet x 6 Feet.
  • Bright and viewable during the night and catches attention of the commuters and the public in a busy street or area.
  • Fully automatic and programmed to be on and off at required time of the night.The advantage is you can save the personnel during the working hours.You can do the maintenance like changing video files etc during the daytime.It can be programmed to switch on automatically at 6:30 am and to switch off at 9:30 pm.
  • Cost Effective and better ROI on comparison with outdoor LED Billboard.
  • 3 hours battery backup with power conditioning.
  • 2500 lumens 3LCD projector with life of 4000 hours.
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Picture Clarity: 4,80,000 dots x 3
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Audio: Nil
  • 480p Quality Media Player
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 500W
  • Normal Power Consumption:  350W
  • Battery: 100 Ah Lead Acid Battery
  • Cost: Rs 1.25 Lakhs
Almost all major components in the system are provided with warranties from the respective OEM manufacturers.

The above photos are representational only.The photo of our projection digital billboard at Para Junction, Nooranad is shown.

The business idea
 Per Hour Cost till next lamp replacement: Rs 31.25.You can divide run time of the digital billboard and sell it to advertisers.Add your expenses such as billboard space rent, taxes, electricity and do you smell any opportunity to offer advertising solution in your town?
Call us for more info and to know about the enhancement that can be done to your Knight Ad 1.0.
Maneesh J
email: maneeshjnair@gmail.com

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

gamestation: a one stop shop for video games

With great satisfaction we are informing you about the latest initiative of Orangis Online.gamestation is operational since 28 May 2012, 9 am.You can walkin and play video games. The club is located at Orangis Online office at Vaisakh Building, Para Junction, Nooranad.

Our club offers basically two services to video gamers.

1. Play Games.

2. Buy Games.

3. Buy Gaming Devices & Consoles.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Honda CBR 150 Review

Honda is also trying the strategy to conquer markets by introducing lite versions of superbikes.The success yamaha got when introducing R15,the stripped down version of R1 may be the inspiration behind the move.CBR250 is a similiar version of VFR which got international attention due to it's technical excellence and style has been the front runner of this trend.And now another CBR with a 150 cc engine.Only time will tell whether CBR150 will be a threat to Hero Karisma and R15.

Only the trained eye can find the difference between CBR150R and CBR250 on first glance.Y shaped headlamp, fairing, engine caul, tail lamp etc has been copied from CBR250.A way to distinguish the two is by checking the silencer.CBR150R has got the shorter one.It's design is in sporty style in aluminium finish.Another aspect is black coloured alloy wheels.The machine is available in four different graphics and colours.

Instrument panel is both digital and analog.Silver finishes have been avoided from the panel copied exactly from CBR250.Digital cluster that comes in orange backlit consists of speedometer, fuel guage,trip meter etc.Tachometer is in analog.The main defect in production is it's switches that are exactly stunner switches.Also kill switch has been removed.Other than the defects which came because of honda's cost cutting strategy, the vehicle is a better deal than other competing models.

Engine and Ride
149.4 Liquid cooled four stroke DOHC engine delivers 17.58 bhp power @ 10500 rpm.The highest torque is 12.66 Nm@ 8500 rpm.The motorcycle weighs 136 kilograms only.The sporty riding position has given racing feel of honda.Even though CBR150R has got 2 kg weight more than R15, it has better stability in city traffic and at high speeds.Pillion rider has also got no complaints.Tube time suspension and 190 mm road clearence make it indian road friendly.Six speed gear transmission and 1305 mm wheel base gives more stability at sharp bends.276mm, 220mm front,rear brakes works good.Wide MRF tubeless tires is used in this vehicle.CBR150R is available in standard and deluxe variants.The exshowroom prices of standard and deluxe models are 1.22 lakhs and 1.23 lakhs respectively.

Final Verdict
Honda CBR150R is a challenge to it's competing models because of it's style and power.Company offered mileage of 42 kmpl and trusted brand value of honda makes sure it succeed.