Response to Manmohan Singh's address to the nation today over diesel price hike and FDI in Retail

1.> FDI will certainly affect small traders.It will be beneficial for consumers already getting looted by bad practices in indian retail industry.It will energize the economy.Is your govt doing enough to make life better for small traders and retailers?Your price rise and inflation makes life tough for them everyday.

2.> You did us a favour by not increasing diesel price by 17 rs and just with Rs 5.Ofcourse diesel is used for gas guzzling SUVs and luxury sedans.What can you do about it?Did we ask you to price petrol and diesel differently?It is your wrong policy of subsidy and cartelisation of oil companies including public sector companies...When crude was selling at 140 dollars per barrel shell and reliance pumps were selling at 70 per litre and you know the present oil rates....Pls dont tell that reliance and shell were subsidizing the indian consumers in 2008 since they love us.....Your public sector oil companies are mismanaged and you want the consumer to pay it.....I pay thousands of rs to repair petrol run generator and brushcutter which cannot take the adulterated diesel mixed petrol your public sector oil company retailer is selling me...

3.> And thank you for Rs 5.5 excise duty cut on petrol

4.> If you are giving 1 Lakh 40 thousand crores subsidy on oil and you are saying you have did me a great favour. The Oil bonds you give to your public sector companies cost us dear.Tax paying abilities of future generation middleclass countrymen have been pledged by your government to pay subsidies.When these children grow up they will spit on you for having made them pay for the oil burned in 2012.If you cannot manage the economy, why blame us.Did we ask you to throw away crores of Rs as NREGA to bribe your voters and build mud roads at the same cost of rubberised roads.

5.> Before blaming the opposition you should think how you guys behave.You did not ask forgiveness to the people for all the loots commonwealth to coalgate.You were always for coverups.

6.> Atleast you could take a cue from the economic problems of european countries and auction nation's resources at fair prices, bring black money stashed abroad to india, clamp down benami dealings.IF you want to increase investor confidence, implement lokpal and fight against corruption instead of standing for it.Investors know that they needed to pay up at all quaters to get their business started here and when the matter comes to court the foreign companies millions would be busted away because they paid bribe to your neta.Look at the vodafone tax issue.If you can better your corruption records, our gdp will double and investors will come to invest in india.

7.> The biggest joke is when you do all this mismanagement and  claim it as you did it for national interest.



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