• Memoir about Running a Weed Clearing Service in Kerala...

    Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service was a micro enterprises founded by me in 2011 to remove weeds and grass in plantations and agricultural lands on contract basis using a worker equipped with a Brushcutter machine by investing 75000 indian rupees.

  • How to run a roadside dosa business (and make it big).

    Interesting video explaining the math behind a roadside dosa business...

  • Munnar Holidays 2017

    Munnar hills you get the blessed presence of Maneesh Jayachandran , a visitor from plain lands. It is me At Rivulet resort, Pallivasal in last week of May. Photo taken on my mobile phone.Apologise for the terrible quality.The background shows river flowing near Rivulet resort.....

Friday, November 25, 2011

Google to Kill Wave & Other Flop Products

Here is the mail i got from google today.....

Dear Wavers,

More than a year ago, we announced that Google Wave would no longer be developed as a separate product. At the time, we committed to maintaining the site at least through to the end of 2010. Today, we are sharing the specific dates for ending this maintenance period and shutting down Wave. As of January 31, 2012, all waves will be read-only, and the Wave service will be turned off on April 30, 2012. You will be able to continue exporting individual waves using the existing PDF export feature until the Google Wave service is turned off. We encourage you to export any important data before April 30, 2012.

If you would like to continue using Wave, there are a number of open source projects, including Apache Wave. There is also an open source project called Walkaround that includes an experimental feature that lets you import all your Waves from Google. This feature will also work until the Wave service is turned off on April 30, 2012.

For more details, please see our help center.

Yours sincerely,

The Wave Team

© 2011 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043
You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google Wave account.
Read the related news article.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Online Darshan Ticketing System at Sabarimala

Kerala Police is going hitech.So far crowd controlling of kerala police at Sabarimala during the Mandalakalam (Vrishchika Pilgrimage) was unscientific and lacked technology. Kerala Police has come up with an innovative online system to manage the crowd. It is a Virtual Queue System.

Sabarimala Virtual Queue System Features
  • It is a free service open to pilgrims by the Kerala Police. Means you dont have to pay any dime.
  • You can walk up to the Nadapandal and join the normal queue there.
  • Save Lot of Time standing in queue and have a quick darshan.

How to Use Sabarimala Virtual Queue Coupon OR Online Darshan System
  1. Visit the website http://www.sabarimala.keralapolice.gov.in/ and book yourself at the coupons available on date / availability basis.
  2. Give passport size photo copy scanned and scanned driving license/voters id/ Identity Card/ PAssport etc to the online system.
  3. Get the printout.
  4. Reach to lord ayyappa's abode at the time mentioned in your queue coupon and have a good darshan,
  5. Now bring your id card also.

I am going to checkout the online system in the next week when i would be going.I am a swami ayyappan now and is looking forward to see the lord.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BSNL Wimax Outdoor CPE Installation Video

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Outdoor Advertising & Digital Signage Displays

Painted Hoarding
Outdoor Advertising is the way of advertising of products & services offered by businesses to the public using various visual methods. A billboard or hoarding is a common form of advertising. Hoardings were made of Iron and the advertisement was painted over it by artists.

Recent advancement happened in billboard industry is the introduction of Flex Printing. Flex Print is a sheet of polythene on which big advertisements can be printed using large plotters. Usually Flex sheets are fixed on Iron Frames and they make good quality visual ads on the streets. A disadvantage of Flex sheet is that it is not biodegradable or environment friendly unlike the painted iron boards.

Cost of printing a flex is a deal compared to painted hoardings. A 50 Square Foot hoarding costs Rs 500 to print considering you are dwelling in a village and is billed Rs 10 per square feet. Now the metal frame for basic versions of hoardings would be IRON SQUARE PIPES or ANGLE IRON. This make up the rest of the cost and most of the cost will be that of the labour charge of the persons welding the hoarding. Also transportation of hoarding to the site makes the rest of the expenditure.

Flex Printing on Color Plotter

The hoarding can be illuminated at night to catch attraction of the people travelling through the road. The illumination can be front lit or back lit.
High Quality Billboard OR Hoarding
Digital Signage – the Future of Outdoor Advertising 

Digital Signage is display of advertisements through electronic / digital video/text displays at locations where the general public will traverse through as a part of their daily chore of life. The difference between traditional signage and digital signage is that multimedia takes the centre stage. You can see the moving texts, flying images, videos , animations , graphics. Due to the presence of this rich media you can bet that such displays attract people more than their traditional counter parts. I need to make it clear that digital signage has better applications and are used more in public places like train stations, airport, banks etc to display informational content to the travelers, clients etc.

Digital Signage Display running cricket match

On 18th August 2011, I started an experimental venture in my hometown (read a small village called Nooranad). I named it DIGITAL TYKE SIGNAGE SOLUTIONS, NOORANAD. On a 100 inch digital signage multimedia display screen I started serving ads and public information to those people visiting Para Junction of Nooranad Town (Read Village, it is just a small village).

  1. Digital Signage Wikipedia Article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_signage
  2. Out of Home Advertising Wikipedia Article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out-of-home_advertising

Friday, September 9, 2011

Oil is definitely not the Future

Those who love environment knows that cars used for personal mobility pollutes the atmosphere and empties the fossil fuels which should have been judiciously used. The mafia named OPEC is behind increasing fuel prices to make money from us.It is high time that we should convert to some clean energy (read green energy). I believe that oil mafia has a hand in killing any new genuine efforts in this regard. I have read about the machine developed in Japan that can convert plastic to crude petroleum. I also remember about the threats the inventor met from oil companies.Similiarly in india there was a phenomenon called Ramar Pillai who invented a machine to convert green leaves to petrol.

Instead of encouraging such efforts ,our governments are acting as agents of oil companies after pocketing money from them. Our scientists and oil companies discredited Mr. Ramar Pillai and depicted him as a fraudster. Ramar Pillai is believed to have sold petrol to autorickshaw drivers at discounted rates than the market price.

Another area where our rulers are neglecting is the biodiesel. Politician are raising the point about farmers leaving foodcrops and embracing jatropha and questioning such initiatives will decrease food production and food security.I have doubt about these politicians.They might have got money and favours from oil majors like Reliance Industries. Cultivating cash crops like Rubber, Cotton etc is ok but Jatropha is a crime. What the hell of an argument. At least they could cultivate jatropha on wastelands.

Biodiesel is a diesel made from vegetable oil by a chemical process named transesterification. Many oil companies like IOCL. BPCL etc have their own farms producing Jatropha. They mix biodiesel with normal diesel and sell it to you. Also ethanol can be used to drive vehicles. But because of people drinking it to lose their mind and sugarcane is costly, it is now uneconomical because it might costs more.

Mercedes and Volkswagen are now promoting a concept called blue efficiency or blue motion.I have no doubts that we will see lot of cars completely running on battery. Current situation is a stage before that. So we are seeing the hybrids. BMW is calling the similiar trends as Blue dynamics. It seems that the companies are embracing the colour blue instead of the overused green color for efficiency.

New Mercedes C Class and Volkswagen Passat are high efficient cars. Whenever you stop your car at the traffic signals , car is switched off eventhough ac and other systems functions. When you press the gas pedal , car comes back to life.In a blue car there are lot of changes in gear systems and engine. Even the lighting systems are LED to save energy. The braking energy is never wasted by stored in the battery. We cannot ignore the efforts of German in the blue revolution.

An indian initiative towards fuel efficient cars in Indica ev2 hatchback. An engine tweaked for fuel efficiency is behind it delivering 25 km per litre of diesel. Mahindra Scorpio Hybrid has been here for some time.I guess Mahindra had the concept of engine stopping at traffic signals before the germans.

Our administrators should look around and analyse. Our resources are depleted by import of oil while illiterate arabs and oil companies around the world are pocketing fortunes. So step in an encourage green / blue efforts. We need cars that run on hydrogen/ water/ air/ fuel cell etc..We need freedom from PETROLEUM.


Mercedes Benz Blue Efficiency

Polymer Energy - Turning Waste Plastics into Renewable Energy

Ramar Pillai Claims & Rumours

Friday, July 29, 2011

Buy Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Online

To know more, Please fill in your details below.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Malayalam TV News Channels Live FREE on Internet

Earlier i had blogged about indiavision going online and links to the live tv video stream.Now more tv channels can be viewed online free of cost.

1. Asianet News Live

 Visit http://www.asianetnews.tv/live-tv for watching Asianet news malayalam channel.The Star TV Player is good and streaming video is good to watch.

2. Indiavision Channel Live
Visit http://www.indiavisiontvlive.com/  to watch indiavision channel live. Comparing to Asianet Live the indiavision feed is of lesser quality and is on jwplayer. Yet they have done a good job.

3. manorama news Live

It says they will support only IE & Firfox in windows and Safari & Firefox in Mac.You got to install free TVUPlayer to watch.It would be difficult to convince people to install thirdparty applications to watch their live feed.We don't suggest downloading such plugins.

Click here to Watch manorama news online

4. Reporter Live

reporter live channel
Reporter Channel is the initiative of journalist M.V. Nikeshkumar. It is an HD channel.Live feed is in better quality. You need to have a fast connection to view it without interruption.A plus is that there are no advertisement,No plugins were asked just the adobe flash player which everyone would be having to view this channel.

Watch Reporter malayalam news at http://www.reporteronlive.com/live/ .

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Smart Key System in Indian Cars

Now almost all Indian Cars have Wireless Central Locking System as a built in feature. If a customer is buying a version that does not come with the security cum central locking system, he will be buying it and installing it. The idea is to not using a key to enter the vehicle and you can lock the vehicle via wireless at some feets away from the vehicle. Smart Key is a different thing altogether. A Smart Key can control the central locking system as well as it can start and shut down the engine of the car. So it will be replacing the conventional key. It will be a device that can be put in to your pocket . The driver need only to possess this device with him. It is Key Fob.  When he walks near to the car, the car automatically disarm and switch off the central locking system. When doors are open and you enter, it reads that and makes the engine immobilizer on.  Now you can start the vehicle using a push button switch labeled START / STOP . Same switch will be pressed again to stop the car.

When you get down from the car and walks some distance away from it, automatically central locking system acts, door gets locked and sensors are armed for security. Note that you don’t put the key inside a slot and rotate it there in this system.

Smart Key Co-ordinates the activities of security features of the car mainly Engine Immobilizer & Central Locking Sensor security system. There is a control unit device in the vehicle which will be communicating with the Key Fob in your pocket through the air using radio waves. It will be transmitting a secret code and it works if that matches only. This system also has the ability to know whether you are inside or outside the car. Engine can only be started when you are inside the car. They use code hopping for secure communication but still hacking it is possible. A Back up Key is provided and space to insert it would be there at door and near steering incase key fob fails. Programming  a Smart Key system is heard to be expensive than buying a new key fob.

In the Keyless Entry System, transmission of secret happens between Remote and Control Unit only when remote is pressed. However in Smart Key it happens often.  Factory fitted smart key system is present in Nissan Micra. Mercedes is the first company to have introduced in passenger cars. Different manufacturers call it by different names. You can install it in your car from a car accessory shop. Ask around whether such kits are available or not.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Maruti Astar Automatic Review

Driving in Kerala is a different experience. Here the drivers of bigger vehicles believe that public road is their family property and will occupy the most of it and they don’t give a shit about those driving small car or two wheelers. Even in villages the traffic is getting big thanks to administrator’s disinterest in making good roads for the increasing  number of vehicles. Those guys just focus on collecting road tax and tolls.

Automatic Gear boxes are a boon to people since it makes driving much easier by taking clutch and the activity of changing gears out of question. But the problem was that cars fitted with those costs 10 lakhs and above. It was sure that the middle class guy will miss out.

Maruti and Hyundai made some experiments with automatic gearboxes earlier. There were automatic versions of Zen, Esteem, WagonR , Santro etc. Now i10 is the other small car apart from Astar to have an automatic  version. The common man is not much educated about automatics and the fact that they comes with reduced mileage.

Maruti Astar automatic has an ARAI approved mileage of 19 kmpl. Astar is a hatchback made in India and exported mainly to European markets. It is called ‘Alto’ in Europe. A stripped down version is sold in India. I am using a manual version of Astar and it is a good car. It has got a different look, strange headlamps, bigger grills, beautiful glass window on the rear and a funny rear view.

It looks like a big car from outside and inside it is a small car. The driver and his companion in the front is given luxury space while those in the rear seats have to content with the little leg space offered. And Bootspace offered is good for a small suitcase only. Practically it is a small car with LESS SPACE. The dashboard design is good but since no way to increase driver seat height, short people will find it a problem. Because you cannot see a thing just in front bottom portions of the car if you don’t have much height. The dashboard obstructs view if you are a short person.

There are space to hold cup near the gear and bottle holder on the doors. Glove box is very small. Integrated Audio is ok but I am using a Sony xplod cd player.  

One litre three cylinder K series engine of Maruti powers Astar . Powerful engine provides 67 bhp @ 90 Nm torque. To overtake another  vehicle in an automatic versions you got to press the accelerator down to the floor. The gear box is automatic 4 speed transmission gear box. There is no clutch but there are park and neutral modes. You can drive the car with just the brake and accelerator like you do in a Honda Activa. Travel Comfort and handling of Astar are what other cars in the category cannot deliver.

Cost: It will costs more than 5.15 lakh rupees on road along with the cost of necessary accessories.

If you want a care free car to drive in city & heavy traffic, go for Astar. But the car is not for a big family. It is for couples with one kid or no kid. Some call it DINK car (Double Income No Kids).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Airtel Broadband Live 2Mbps Unlimited Plan

Airtel Broadband is offering unlimited broadband internet connections with a speed of 2 Mbps for Rs 650 onwards.They are calling it - the Impatience Plan.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Water Purifier for Safe Drinking Water

I am using Pureit Water Purifier for drinking water.The well in my place is notorious of having red color water which contains unwanted minerals.I think some ferrous substance is present in the water.One person refuted my belief and he tried to inject his idea that the red substance is some fungal or algae like substance. I found that the water from a particular spring deep down the well is bringing in the red color.Except couple of wells in my area all wells are like this only.One old well near my home has some thing called "NELLIPALAKA" - a trap made by an old carpenter that traps this unwanted material in the water.A contractor in my village made similiar thing recently employing a modern carpenter.It was a flop.

I tried an advice of a wise man who told me to put kummayam (not some food it is powder of limestone looks white).I tried that too and failed.At last i bought a pure it and it is still worked no issues except that i got to replace first level filtration - the microfibre mesh frequently.

Eureka Forbes has also got a product called Aquaguard.My sister had one which is now sitting idle after it went wrong.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Honda CB Twister 110 cc Entry level Motorcycle

Honda CB Twister is an entry level 110 cc bike from the stable of Honda.The name honda is familiar with us as they sell power equipment, engines for boats, luxury cars, motorcycles and scooters in India.One thing you can say about this Japanese player is that even though they are expensive quality is world class for all their product.The company is assuring a milage of 70 kilometers per litre of petrol.However people have experienced milages around 60.

CB Twister is available in six colors, namely Pearl Sunbeam white, Heavy grey metallic,Candy Palm Green, Electric Yellow metallic, Pearl Sienna Red and Pearl Nightstar Black.Twister is made as a stylish bike unlike the counter parts from bajaj and hero honda.A screenless front cowl looks different and good above the headlight.A floating side cowl on the side of the petrol tank is another aesthetic element.The petrol tank however is curvy with couple of honda logos on both sides.A maintenance free battery starts up the machine and they have a special viscous air filter for better ignition.Twister is powered by a decent 110cc , 9bhp engine with a manufacturer offered milage of 70kmpl.The mufler is very short and is black in colour with an aluminium cover over it.The rear is very sharp and half chain case is another trendy addition.It costs between Rs 50000 and 60000 onroad.

Honda CB Twister Specification

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FirstCry Discount Coupon Codes

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Friday, June 17, 2011

IndiaCan Broadcast Journalism Course

Educomp is an indian online education company whereas Pearson is an international education content provider service.Both of these guys have made a joint venture which is a vocational education company which believes it can make money from the youths of india.The IndiaCan Broadcast Journalism course and training have been entrusted to the NDTV whom they have roped in this.Students are expected to have fruitful sessions in which they can get insights in the industry from media professionals such as journalists, video editors, theatre people, personality trainers and corporate trainers.

click here

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service Nooranad

I didn’t grew up planning to be an entrepreneur and choosing a different life. Now a days people have been branding me as ‘abnormal’. Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service was also born out of the so called ‘abnormal’ behavior that the society bestowed upon me.

A carpenter from Ernakulam was hired to make kitchen cabinets as a part of renovation of my home. His name is Selin. Selin told me about a grass cutting machine used in Ernakulam by workers of LNG Terminal. His description was that it was a long rod machine with a diesel engine on the rear and rotating metal blades on the front. He also offered help in buying it from Kochi. Later on a train journey I gazed upon such a machine operation. On that moment I felt there was a small business opportunity since my village is facing acute shortage for agricultural manual labour for weed clearing operations in rubber plantations.

Then for some days I did serious research on brush cutter models and their prices. I learned from owners the pros and cons of each machine. The dealers always promised best results if we buy their product.

string trimmer
String Trimmer
Then I bought a machine from Karnataka and used it on my plantation. I was amazed by the performance of the brush cutter and string trimmer. So I introduced this machine in my home town , Nooranad.  We started operations on 31st March 2011 using the brand name “Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service”. We opened a customer care office in Para Junction, Nooranad. And we tried to reach the farmers and created awareness about mechanization in the agricultural / farming sector.

Such a machine was unheard in Nooranad. People began to look the machine with suspicion. Some of them gave it a try and were heavily rewarded by the amount of money they saved employing this machine.
Our service is to clear the weeds/ unwanted plants, bushes etc  from plantations. Our operators are experienced folks and we were able to clear one acre of land for an amount between Rs 2000 and 4000 which otherwise would have costed between 10000 and 25000. We operate weed clearing services in and around Nooranad (covers parts of Alappuzha, Kollam and Pathanamthitta districts) .

brush cutter operation
Operator with brush cutter working on a dense undergrowth
 Contact Office:

Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service,
Vaisakh Building, Para Junction, Nooranad, Alappuzha District, Kerala
Tel: 9947202625
Email: maneesh@careerdrive.co.in
Website: http://vaisakh.digitaltyke.com

Brushcutter Operation Video of Vaisakh Weedclearing Service

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recharge your mobile phone for FREE

It might seem like a rumour but it is true that the company Mobikwik is providing free mobile recharges to phone users as a part of marketing of their online mobile recharge website.They make money out of the information you provide so it does not cost them much.Here is the way to get the free recharge.We suggest all users to read the FAQ and Program Policy.
  1. Visit Free Recharge web page and enter your email address.
  2. Download and install the toolbar they offer in your computer.
  3. You will get a confirmation email in your email inbox.Once you click the link you get the free mobile recharge.
 Update on 14th June 2011: Our Source says that the company has stopped the free recharge offer.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Aadhar - Unique Identification Number for Indians

Our indian establishment (read government) does not know who indians are.There are terrorists, bangladeshi migrants, others inside india.That might be the reason behind the UID Project now renamed as Aadhar.Nandan Nilekani was made boss of the project.

The Aadhar Project Kickstarted in my village called Palamel in June.I was informed that by the neighbours. I purchased the enrollement form from a nearby shop that sells forms for Rs 10.I filled it up attatched a copy of the voters id card and reached the government approved IT kiosk in every village of kerala called Akshaya center.

They gave a number 10034,10035 and 10036 for my family and i was asked to come on june 2nd.On june second i went and i was given another number 279 and was waiting patiently for about 4 hours and later i was called.My thumb impression of four fingers each of both hands was recorded in a scanner along with the two thumbs.I was sitting in front of an LCD monitor where i can see the things getting recorded.I posed well for the webcam to take my photo.But the operator insisted on leaning over in such a way that the photo output will be bad.They have got some sadism to make the photo look bad on the ID card.I then looked to a eye scanner that scanned my pupil.

Later the operator asks about caste and education to the people.In my case he knew that i was not from the reserved category by looking.He then asked whether i am general.I was marked graduate and employed in private service when i told him that i am an engineer and my job title is Chairman and Managing Director of a private limited company.

Now they gave me an acknowledgement slip and from the crowd i got the rumour that they will sent the UID number and card by post to my home.The operator did not hear me well and typed some wrong address in the card despite me telling the right address.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

MTS Pulse SmartPhone Review

MTS India (Old name is Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited) is a telecom service provider in India.Shyam Telecom tied up with a foreign partner Sistema and applied for UASL license in 21 telecom circles of India.In August 2008 Mr A. Raja and other crooks helped them and they became the first new mobile operator to get a pan-india start-up spectrum to start their mobile service operations in the country.The mobile service is based on CDMA and is brand name MTS.

MTS has got a range of smartphones from HTC is MTS Pulse.It is powered by Android 2.1.It is a great combination of style, technology with free calls, data usage and SMSes.The package says phone is free on contract and you pay for the usage only.Hope they dont follow the reliance ambani way.

  • 3.2 inch screen
  • 320 x 480 pixel capacitive touch screen
  • 528 MHz Qualcomm processor
  • 288 MB RAM
  • 5 Mega pixel auto focus camera
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • micro SD slot (8 GB card supplied, 32 GB supported)
  • Android 2.1 OS
What it Doesnt Do?
  • NO HD video recording
  • RAM is less but enough for a mid range phone (EMailing...?)
  • Battery charge good for a day only.
  • Phone locked with MTS so you cannot change operator.
  • If you break agreement check terms.It would be harsh to the customer.
THe deal
Pay Rs 1500 per month for one year you get the phone + 1500 minutes talk time every month + 1500 text message + 1500 mb data
Rs 6000 as downpayment and Rs 1000 every month + free 1000 minutes + free 1000 sms + 1000 MB data
Pay Rs 16000 get the phone and choose any plan.Remember comparable phone from LG called Optimus 
One P500 costs ten thousand bucks.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BSNL Slashes Unlimited Wired Broadband Plans for Businesses

BSNL has made a price cut in their unlimited broadband internet charges for small shops and businesses.Earlier the entry level plan for unlimited internet over wired bsnl broadband connection Dataone was Rs 2150 with an assured speed of 256 kbps.Now it is just Rs 850 + tax per month and you get 1 mbps speed till 8GB data usage.

Here is the new Postpaid Tariff Card for unlimited business users

Entry level plan is now called BBG Combo ULD 850
  • Band Width: 1MBps till 8GB and 256 kbps beyond that.
  • 350 Free Calls and 1 Rs pulse
BSNL Unlimited Wired Broadband Business Plans Postpaid Tariff

click here

I met Mr Adarsh who started a web design consultancy in Nooranad.He was denied broadband connection by the crooks of BSNL citing lack of telephone cables.Their reason was they stopped the habit of laying cables.They are asking people to go wireless and selling CRAP WLL phones to customers in rural regions like Nooranad where BSNL has a monopoly.I agree with the communists that monopoly is bad.I differ with them because they are interested in rating Microsoft as a monopoly but shy away from naming BSNL, KSEB etc which stands for irritating the customers.

I suggested a workaround to Mr Adersh.He should tieup with a shop nearby which has a telephone connection and ask the shopkeeper to apply for BBG850 plan.The shopkeeper get 350 free calls and Mr Adersh will pay the 850 plus tax every month to the shopkeeper.The shopkeeper retains the phone and WiFi modem in his premises.Mr Adersh can get internet using WiFi (wireless fidelity - no wires).Hope this solution will help him.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mobile Number Portability Idea to Tata Docomo Experience

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a facility in the Mobile Telecom Industry which enables a mobile phone subscriber to move to a new operator while retaining his old number.When you switch to a new telecom company you can take your number along to the new provider.Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been asking operators to roll out  MNP in India for the benefit of the subscribers.Telecom Companies were prolonging the rollout getting excuses from the ministry because of fear of another price war in the already crowded space.

MNP offers an opportunity for GSM subscribers to shift to CDMA technology and vice versa.It cost you a maximum of 19 Rs to port to a new service provided.You should have a minimum commitment of three months.Also porting is possible only with in a circle.This means you cannot port your connection in Kerala Circle to Tamil Nadu Circle.TRAI has made it mandatory to port the connection within seven days.A service disruption of two hours need to be beared by the customer.But porting happens only in the night between 10 pm and 5 am.So those 2 hours wont be much of a problem to many.

The procedure to port are different for different operators.Your current operator should approve the porting.If there are any dues there is possibility that your porting application would be rejected.

Idea to Tata Docomo MNP Experience
  1. SMS PORT 9947202625 to 1900 on 04/02/2011 19:17.
  2. Got an SMS from 1901 on 04/02/2011 19:18 saying "Unique Porting Code for your mobile number 9947202625 is IL715267 UPC Expiry Date is 19/02/2011 19:19:45".
  3. Got an SMS from 52291 on 04/02/2011 19:37 saying "Hi!Your Request for MNP is registered successfully.1253925".
  4. Got an SMS from TA-1901 on 04/02/2011 19:38 saying "Your Port in Request for Mobile Number 9947202625 to TATA Tele has been forwarded to your service provider for approval.Thank you - TATA Tele."
  5. Got an SMS from TA-1901 on 09/02/2011 12:30 saying "Your Port in Request for Mobile Number 9947202625 has been accepted.Your mobile number will be ported on 02/09/11 at 23:48 PM. For any queries call 1800-266-#."
  6. Next SMS is from 52270 giving Tata Docomo GPRS Dive In Value added setting.You will recieve the GPRS setting named Divein.Delete it as it means your balance will reduce wen you browse.Another setting called TATADOCOMOINTERNET is the right setting that wont reduce your balance.To get it SMS "INTERNET" to 52270 and save the received settings.
  7. It is preferred you do a 1900 call to do a Do Not Disturb (DND) to avoid unsolicited marketing calls to your phone.
I had a balance of about 200 Rupees.With great effort i reduced it to Rs 2 before porting.I left Rs 2 to idea for the four year association with them.They have been annoyingly sending SMS and calls.After DND Idea added me to some CH-99 magazine without my consent.It was a fraud and reducing Rs 3 from my balance everyday.Instruction to disable it was missing from all their customer care helpline.I disabled it some how.Again they added me to it.Then i called their customer care which costs me money to tell them about their fraud and i threatened to send a legal notice knowing that they care a damn about me since they had better lawyers.Some how they disabled it.

Tata Docomo is operating in 1900 MHZ GSM.So signal strength is weak.Also coverage is not great.The network is called IND-35 TATA DOCOMO in my phone.Missed call alert is free in tata unlike in Idea.Also browsing internet on phone or on PC using phone as a modem is pretty fast unlike the Idea Netsetter that initially costed me Rs 3000 and providing sucking 20 - 70 kbps on their EDGE network.Tata is claiming that they have presence in 756 towns in Kerala and 2237 network sites.I am on their network site.So a roaming symbol is present in my phone.

My MNp Offer was like this
  1. Porting charge: Rs 19.The shopkeeper took 15 only since he was busy on a call and i was the one sending SMSes from his phone for activation.
  2. Rs 10 talktime.
  3. 1 GB Data valid for one month.
  4. Tariff is 1 paisa per second for Local/STD calls,Gulf calls at 12 paisa per second, 1 paisa / 6 seconds for local Tata Docomo calls for three months.
  5. After one paid SMS 99 SMSes are free for life.
More Information

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HTCampus - Education Site for Indians

HTCampus is a new education site from the stable of HTMedia that could serve as a resource for students searching details about courses of higher education.Students passing out this year (2011) from 12th standard or graduation in india and aspiring for admission to courses in 2011 may checkout HTCampus.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Best Used Cars in India

The auto industry of india is growing at a good pace. There is a second hand car industry thriving silently aside the primary market. For even Rs 20000 you can drive away with a second hand car. Car manufacturers of recent have stepped in to this opportunity. Haveyou heard about Maruti True Value, Hyundai  Advantage etc?Even Mercedes has got their own preowned cars program.They call it preowned because some of the cars will be thirteenth hand rather than second hand.

The revolution these company certified business idea created is in instilling confidence in the buyer. A buyer gets good condition cars that can be trusted. Buying cars from company certified programs will be expensive than from a direct owner in most of the cases. The preowned car program just acts as middle man. The car will be in the name of the first owned itself and the program gets it transferred to your name when you buy it. Since cars have a higher rate of depreciation we can save some money buying a one year old car than a new one. Ofcourse you will miss the freshness.

Maruti 800

Since more than twenty five lakhs units are there out in the open, Maruti 800 is the popular car in the second hand market. Availability of spares and good service network makes it popular. It often ends up as the first car of a middle class family. You can get a good and drivable Maruti 800 with the money you could buy a new 100 cc motorcycle. Some parts of Maruti 800 models manufactured in the 90s takes much time to reach the maruti genuine spare shops and needs booking. Eventhough the company is planning to phase out the model in the near future, we can expect them providing spares as long as making spares for this much volume old cars is also a big business.

Maruti 800

Attractive Price, availability of service at every nook and corner of the country  and easy on your pocket on maintenance make sense to buy this car. The car provides the bare minimum facilities. You can’t expect much space from a car costing 50,000 rs. The rear breaks and drive shafts need to be checked before buying.

Expected Pricing of Secondhand Maruti 800 Cars


Maruti  Alto

Alto made debut in 2001 as a model above 800 and below Zen. It is the biggest selling car in india for the last six consecutive years. An 1 litre engine Alto K10 is the market now. It is a hot mover in the second hand car market. There are more features in Alto comparing 800 such as power assisted steering , booster assisted braking and it has a modern look unlike the 800 which looks too old for the time.Check for suspension and clutch when buying an alto.
Maruti Suzuki Alto
You can comfortable buy an alto for Rs 70K [10 year old]– 1.9 Lakhs [3 year old].

Hyundai Santro

Hyundai  Santro is a funny looking car which Hyundai has put forward to the middle class.This car made a mark in the automobile industry. It’s tallboy design looks cool and still it is trendy. Entrance and exit to a Santra is very comfortable unlike other small cars.Even taller people doesn’t complain about Santro.The four cylinder engine of Santro does give average performance and manufacturing quality of Santro is appreciated well. However the cost of spares and servicing are on a higher side comparing to that of Maruti cars. Check
for the silencer muffler and clutch before buying.

Hyundai Santro

Expected Cost:  80K [10 year old] to 2.45 Lakhs [3 year old]

Tata Indica Diesel

The first purely ‘indian’ car catapulted Tata Motors to the small car arena. You can point lot of negatives to this car but cannot ignore it as it was the largest sold small diesel car. A fuel efficient diesel engine and lot of interior space at lowest cost are the pluses of this car. Indica is indeed more car per car. A perfection in design is missing in Indica. Some people find it’s design ugly while others view it as a taxicar design. Check for engine and wheel bearing before buying an Indica.

Tata Indica Diesel

Expected Cost: Rs 80K [10 years] to 2.45 Lakhs [3 years]

Suzuki Swift Petrol

Suzuki Swift Petrol made people realize that not all of their cars are fuel efficient. Swift taught many people upgrading from 800,Zen etc the fun of driving. Swift that hit the Indian roads in 2005 was accepted due to it’s sporty design, handling due to it’s small wheelbase and wide trackwidth and a well performing engine. The response of the engine to it’s driver makes this car an international star. Unlike other small cars of maruti, long trips on Swift were less draining for the driver and the passangers. Complaints about suspension and comfort was heard from many  customers over time. New Swift features a K Series petrol engine and is rated as an efficient one. The engine of older model was called heavy petrol drinker by many users. Indian users are not satisfied with the bootspace and rear seat space offered by swift. Check for suspension and clutch before buying a swift.

Maruti Suzuki Swift
 Estimated Cost: Rs 2.20 Lakhs [5 years old] -  3.5 Lakhs [2 years old]

Hyundai Accent Petrol

Hyundai Accent Petrol  has been selling in India since 1999. It is suited for as a family car for a person who would be driving about thousand kilometers a month. Cars ageing not more than 5 years and has ran not more than 60000 kilometers are suggested by auto experts. Good quality interiors , lower maintenance engine with good build quality and ability to provide average performance are features of Accent. Fuel Efficiency or Mileage is a disaster and accessibility of some of it’s spares is a nightmare for Accent. Check for Suspension and steering components before buying an Accent.

Hyundai Accent Petrol
Expected Cost: Rs 2.2 Lakhs [ 5 years old] to 3.75 Lakhs [2 years old]

Honda City ZX

Honda City is the best car for city use. It has been in the market since 2003. The first model sold well among other midsize petrol sedans and second generation city’s also didn’t had much opponents. After the introduction of third generation city’s we are able to see some citys in the used car market. Engine with excellent fuel efficiency, lot of space in the interiors and book and brand perception of Honda are the goodies of this car. Servicing a Honda won’t be near you if you are in a rural area. Honda will rip you off if you go to them for a body repair. Check for suspension before buying a Honda City.
Honda City ZX
Expected Cost: Rs 4 Lakhs [5  years old] – 5 Lakhs [3 years old]

Mitsubishi Lancer Diesel

This car has been in the Indian auto market for a decade and has been the hall mark of the elite. Eventhough the technology is a little bit old the car gives average performance.Excellent drivability, travel comfort, handling and manufacturing quality are the features of Lancer. High cost of spares and lack of presence of service network in rural areas are the dampener for Lancer. Check for wheel bearing and dampers before buying a Lancer.
Mitsubushi Lancer
Expected Cost: Rs 1.8 Lakhs [10 years old] to 4.8 Lakhs [3 years old]

Mahindra Scorpio

Scorpio is the SUV of the Indian public. Scorpio features a diesel engine with average performance, a strong body and a tough look. The car performs big in the road and offers pleasing traveling experience. Mahindra has got a widespread service network.
Mahindra Scorpio

Suspension of Scorpio is ridiculed for being uneven. As time goes on Scorpio might encounter more and more repairs. Check for Clutch and gearbox before buying a scorpio.

Expected cost: Rs 3.8 Lakhs [5 years old] to 5.8 Lakhs [3 years old]

Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova has carried forward it’s performance in the primary market to the secondary market too. There is no need to mention about Toyota’s quality. Seven passengers can comfortable go on a long trip on Innova yet it looks like a sedan on the outside not a huge car. Kudos to Toyota who replaces the popular Qualis with another quality vehicle called Innova. Production quality of the car is top end and the diesel engine has got long life. It is easy to drive around an Innova and it is easier to maintain an Innova.Happy customers paying less than 2000 rupees during periodic maintenance does tell some facts about Innova. However Innova does not come cheap and is priced heavily. Accidental repair of innova might cost you a fortune. Check for tyres and ac before buying an Innova.
Toyota Innova

Expected cost: Rs 4.5 Lakhs [5 years old] to 6.5 lakhs [3 years old].