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Best Used Cars in India

The auto industry of india is growing at a good pace. There is a second hand car industry thriving silently aside the primary market. For even Rs 20000 you can drive away with a second hand car. Car manufacturers of recent have stepped in to this opportunity. Haveyou heard about Maruti True Value, Hyundai  Advantage etc?Even Mercedes has got their own preowned cars program.They call it preowned because some of the cars will be thirteenth hand rather than second hand.

The revolution these company certified business idea created is in instilling confidence in the buyer. A buyer gets good condition cars that can be trusted. Buying cars from company certified programs will be expensive than from a direct owner in most of the cases. The preowned car program just acts as middle man. The car will be in the name of the first owned itself and the program gets it transferred to your name when you buy it. Since cars have a higher rate of depreciation we can save some money buying a one year old car than a new one. Ofcourse you will miss the freshness.

Maruti 800

Since more than twenty five lakhs units are there out in the open, Maruti 800 is the popular car in the second hand market. Availability of spares and good service network makes it popular. It often ends up as the first car of a middle class family. You can get a good and drivable Maruti 800 with the money you could buy a new 100 cc motorcycle. Some parts of Maruti 800 models manufactured in the 90s takes much time to reach the maruti genuine spare shops and needs booking. Eventhough the company is planning to phase out the model in the near future, we can expect them providing spares as long as making spares for this much volume old cars is also a big business.

Maruti 800

Attractive Price, availability of service at every nook and corner of the country  and easy on your pocket on maintenance make sense to buy this car. The car provides the bare minimum facilities. You can’t expect much space from a car costing 50,000 rs. The rear breaks and drive shafts need to be checked before buying.

Expected Pricing of Secondhand Maruti 800 Cars


Maruti  Alto

Alto made debut in 2001 as a model above 800 and below Zen. It is the biggest selling car in india for the last six consecutive years. An 1 litre engine Alto K10 is the market now. It is a hot mover in the second hand car market. There are more features in Alto comparing 800 such as power assisted steering , booster assisted braking and it has a modern look unlike the 800 which looks too old for the time.Check for suspension and clutch when buying an alto.
Maruti Suzuki Alto
You can comfortable buy an alto for Rs 70K [10 year old]– 1.9 Lakhs [3 year old].

Hyundai Santro

Hyundai  Santro is a funny looking car which Hyundai has put forward to the middle class.This car made a mark in the automobile industry. It’s tallboy design looks cool and still it is trendy. Entrance and exit to a Santra is very comfortable unlike other small cars.Even taller people doesn’t complain about Santro.The four cylinder engine of Santro does give average performance and manufacturing quality of Santro is appreciated well. However the cost of spares and servicing are on a higher side comparing to that of Maruti cars. Check
for the silencer muffler and clutch before buying.

Hyundai Santro

Expected Cost:  80K [10 year old] to 2.45 Lakhs [3 year old]

Tata Indica Diesel

The first purely ‘indian’ car catapulted Tata Motors to the small car arena. You can point lot of negatives to this car but cannot ignore it as it was the largest sold small diesel car. A fuel efficient diesel engine and lot of interior space at lowest cost are the pluses of this car. Indica is indeed more car per car. A perfection in design is missing in Indica. Some people find it’s design ugly while others view it as a taxicar design. Check for engine and wheel bearing before buying an Indica.

Tata Indica Diesel

Expected Cost: Rs 80K [10 years] to 2.45 Lakhs [3 years]

Suzuki Swift Petrol

Suzuki Swift Petrol made people realize that not all of their cars are fuel efficient. Swift taught many people upgrading from 800,Zen etc the fun of driving. Swift that hit the Indian roads in 2005 was accepted due to it’s sporty design, handling due to it’s small wheelbase and wide trackwidth and a well performing engine. The response of the engine to it’s driver makes this car an international star. Unlike other small cars of maruti, long trips on Swift were less draining for the driver and the passangers. Complaints about suspension and comfort was heard from many  customers over time. New Swift features a K Series petrol engine and is rated as an efficient one. The engine of older model was called heavy petrol drinker by many users. Indian users are not satisfied with the bootspace and rear seat space offered by swift. Check for suspension and clutch before buying a swift.

Maruti Suzuki Swift
 Estimated Cost: Rs 2.20 Lakhs [5 years old] -  3.5 Lakhs [2 years old]

Hyundai Accent Petrol

Hyundai Accent Petrol  has been selling in India since 1999. It is suited for as a family car for a person who would be driving about thousand kilometers a month. Cars ageing not more than 5 years and has ran not more than 60000 kilometers are suggested by auto experts. Good quality interiors , lower maintenance engine with good build quality and ability to provide average performance are features of Accent. Fuel Efficiency or Mileage is a disaster and accessibility of some of it’s spares is a nightmare for Accent. Check for Suspension and steering components before buying an Accent.

Hyundai Accent Petrol
Expected Cost: Rs 2.2 Lakhs [ 5 years old] to 3.75 Lakhs [2 years old]

Honda City ZX

Honda City is the best car for city use. It has been in the market since 2003. The first model sold well among other midsize petrol sedans and second generation city’s also didn’t had much opponents. After the introduction of third generation city’s we are able to see some citys in the used car market. Engine with excellent fuel efficiency, lot of space in the interiors and book and brand perception of Honda are the goodies of this car. Servicing a Honda won’t be near you if you are in a rural area. Honda will rip you off if you go to them for a body repair. Check for suspension before buying a Honda City.
Honda City ZX
Expected Cost: Rs 4 Lakhs [5  years old] – 5 Lakhs [3 years old]

Mitsubishi Lancer Diesel

This car has been in the Indian auto market for a decade and has been the hall mark of the elite. Eventhough the technology is a little bit old the car gives average performance.Excellent drivability, travel comfort, handling and manufacturing quality are the features of Lancer. High cost of spares and lack of presence of service network in rural areas are the dampener for Lancer. Check for wheel bearing and dampers before buying a Lancer.
Mitsubushi Lancer
Expected Cost: Rs 1.8 Lakhs [10 years old] to 4.8 Lakhs [3 years old]

Mahindra Scorpio

Scorpio is the SUV of the Indian public. Scorpio features a diesel engine with average performance, a strong body and a tough look. The car performs big in the road and offers pleasing traveling experience. Mahindra has got a widespread service network.
Mahindra Scorpio

Suspension of Scorpio is ridiculed for being uneven. As time goes on Scorpio might encounter more and more repairs. Check for Clutch and gearbox before buying a scorpio.

Expected cost: Rs 3.8 Lakhs [5 years old] to 5.8 Lakhs [3 years old]

Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova has carried forward it’s performance in the primary market to the secondary market too. There is no need to mention about Toyota’s quality. Seven passengers can comfortable go on a long trip on Innova yet it looks like a sedan on the outside not a huge car. Kudos to Toyota who replaces the popular Qualis with another quality vehicle called Innova. Production quality of the car is top end and the diesel engine has got long life. It is easy to drive around an Innova and it is easier to maintain an Innova.Happy customers paying less than 2000 rupees during periodic maintenance does tell some facts about Innova. However Innova does not come cheap and is priced heavily. Accidental repair of innova might cost you a fortune. Check for tyres and ac before buying an Innova.
Toyota Innova

Expected cost: Rs 4.5 Lakhs [5 years old] to 6.5 lakhs [3 years old].


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