Outdoor Advertising & Digital Signage Displays

Painted Hoarding
Outdoor Advertising is the way of advertising of products & services offered by businesses to the public using various visual methods. A billboard or hoarding is a common form of advertising. Hoardings were made of Iron and the advertisement was painted over it by artists.

Recent advancement happened in billboard industry is the introduction of Flex Printing. Flex Print is a sheet of polythene on which big advertisements can be printed using large plotters. Usually Flex sheets are fixed on Iron Frames and they make good quality visual ads on the streets. A disadvantage of Flex sheet is that it is not biodegradable or environment friendly unlike the painted iron boards.

Cost of printing a flex is a deal compared to painted hoardings. A 50 Square Foot hoarding costs Rs 500 to print considering you are dwelling in a village and is billed Rs 10 per square feet. Now the metal frame for basic versions of hoardings would be IRON SQUARE PIPES or ANGLE IRON. This make up the rest of the cost and most of the cost will be that of the labour charge of the persons welding the hoarding. Also transportation of hoarding to the site makes the rest of the expenditure.

Flex Printing on Color Plotter

The hoarding can be illuminated at night to catch attraction of the people travelling through the road. The illumination can be front lit or back lit.
High Quality Billboard OR Hoarding
Digital Signage – the Future of Outdoor Advertising 

Digital Signage is display of advertisements through electronic / digital video/text displays at locations where the general public will traverse through as a part of their daily chore of life. The difference between traditional signage and digital signage is that multimedia takes the centre stage. You can see the moving texts, flying images, videos , animations , graphics. Due to the presence of this rich media you can bet that such displays attract people more than their traditional counter parts. I need to make it clear that digital signage has better applications and are used more in public places like train stations, airport, banks etc to display informational content to the travelers, clients etc.

Digital Signage Display running cricket match

On 18th August 2011, I started an experimental venture in my hometown (read a small village called Nooranad). I named it DIGITAL TYKE SIGNAGE SOLUTIONS, NOORANAD. On a 100 inch digital signage multimedia display screen I started serving ads and public information to those people visiting Para Junction of Nooranad Town (Read Village, it is just a small village).

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