Smart Key System in Indian Cars

Now almost all Indian Cars have Wireless Central Locking System as a built in feature. If a customer is buying a version that does not come with the security cum central locking system, he will be buying it and installing it. The idea is to not using a key to enter the vehicle and you can lock the vehicle via wireless at some feets away from the vehicle. Smart Key is a different thing altogether. A Smart Key can control the central locking system as well as it can start and shut down the engine of the car. So it will be replacing the conventional key. It will be a device that can be put in to your pocket . The driver need only to possess this device with him. It is Key Fob.  When he walks near to the car, the car automatically disarm and switch off the central locking system. When doors are open and you enter, it reads that and makes the engine immobilizer on.  Now you can start the vehicle using a push button switch labeled START / STOP . Same switch will be pressed again to stop the car.

When you get down from the car and walks some distance away from it, automatically central locking system acts, door gets locked and sensors are armed for security. Note that you don’t put the key inside a slot and rotate it there in this system.

Smart Key Co-ordinates the activities of security features of the car mainly Engine Immobilizer & Central Locking Sensor security system. There is a control unit device in the vehicle which will be communicating with the Key Fob in your pocket through the air using radio waves. It will be transmitting a secret code and it works if that matches only. This system also has the ability to know whether you are inside or outside the car. Engine can only be started when you are inside the car. They use code hopping for secure communication but still hacking it is possible. A Back up Key is provided and space to insert it would be there at door and near steering incase key fob fails. Programming  a Smart Key system is heard to be expensive than buying a new key fob.

In the Keyless Entry System, transmission of secret happens between Remote and Control Unit only when remote is pressed. However in Smart Key it happens often.  Factory fitted smart key system is present in Nissan Micra. Mercedes is the first company to have introduced in passenger cars. Different manufacturers call it by different names. You can install it in your car from a car accessory shop. Ask around whether such kits are available or not.


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