BSNL Slashes Unlimited Wired Broadband Plans for Businesses

BSNL has made a price cut in their unlimited broadband internet charges for small shops and businesses.Earlier the entry level plan for unlimited internet over wired bsnl broadband connection Dataone was Rs 2150 with an assured speed of 256 kbps.Now it is just Rs 850 + tax per month and you get 1 mbps speed till 8GB data usage.

Here is the new Postpaid Tariff Card for unlimited business users

Entry level plan is now called BBG Combo ULD 850
  • Band Width: 1MBps till 8GB and 256 kbps beyond that.
  • 350 Free Calls and 1 Rs pulse
BSNL Unlimited Wired Broadband Business Plans Postpaid Tariff

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I met Mr Adarsh who started a web design consultancy in Nooranad.He was denied broadband connection by the crooks of BSNL citing lack of telephone cables.Their reason was they stopped the habit of laying cables.They are asking people to go wireless and selling CRAP WLL phones to customers in rural regions like Nooranad where BSNL has a monopoly.I agree with the communists that monopoly is bad.I differ with them because they are interested in rating Microsoft as a monopoly but shy away from naming BSNL, KSEB etc which stands for irritating the customers.

I suggested a workaround to Mr Adersh.He should tieup with a shop nearby which has a telephone connection and ask the shopkeeper to apply for BBG850 plan.The shopkeeper get 350 free calls and Mr Adersh will pay the 850 plus tax every month to the shopkeeper.The shopkeeper retains the phone and WiFi modem in his premises.Mr Adersh can get internet using WiFi (wireless fidelity - no wires).Hope this solution will help him.


Janine said…
Therefore ADSL sends "symbols" rather than individual bits, this process known as modulation. Business ADSL

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