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Seethadevi of Panayannoorkavu Painting

Click the image to view the large image

Hearing Veda Mantras without Understanding the Meaning

Ever since i am introduced to the vedic dharma,i am interested to hear and tell more about vedas. In a class of an acharya who happen to dedicate his life to spread hindu values, i heard that  he does not suggest us to learn vedas. He ask us only to hear it because it is difficult to learn.Naturally my doubt was "is there any effect for veda mantras when you are just hearing it without understanding the meaning"?

My heart says yes and brain says no to the question. I decided to ask around.Mr. Prasad Sreelakshmi believes there is benefit in hearing the mantras but he stopped short of saying how and what. Mr. Syam Sunder P is of the opinion that only after repetition that one get interest to learn the vedas. Mr. Jalandhar Mayashiv Shankhachuda is of the opinion that the Acharya's religion is that atleast people should study his meaning in a grim situation where study of vedas is neglected.Mr. Harija Mohan seems to like Bhagawad Gita a lot.She said that instead of seeing t…

The brighter side of having a business website

Today even kids are online using 3g mobile handsets and they know to google around for anything they want or wish to have.Big or small, a website is a must for your business.But there are many pitfalls when you try to get your website designed.Hiring an experienced professional or full timer is a preferred since you can't expect engineering students to give you support for future updation of the website.Folks will always choose offer letters from MNCs when you are on a distress call to them.

A website is an online avatar of your company.It presents an idea of your brand to the web visitor.It should convey the best and brightest idea of the company to the public.You can showcase your product or service for the world to see on your website.You can live chat with your customers, present your knowledge as frequently asked questions, call customers who commented or used the enquiry form.

You are not limited unlike the tv ad space and print media ad space.You can add anything on your web…

Qualifications and Duties of Brahmana in Malayalam

Pencil Drawing of Baby Sri Krishna

Courtesy: Pencil Drawing by Valsala Jaychandran

The Cradle of Civilization is Tibet and not Africa

Tibet is the first homeland of mankind.It is logical to believe that human civilization arose in a higher ground simply because the water levels were way too high in the ancient times.Tibet or Trivishtapa is the place mentioned as Swarga in the Indian Purana scriptures. Trivistapa was not ruled by kings who crown their progeny.Election was done out of the kings on bhumi or earth (ground nations below the himalayas).In the place where kumbhamela is conducted; Kumbhastha, ceremonies like Indrachayana and prasthana would be conducted. Nothing much is known about them.

Swarga is regarded as the place from Kashmir to the north pole.Bhumi or earth nations are locations on the west of Japan (Nippon/Nipunadesham) to Scandinavia (skandanavyam).Pathala is the locations including America ,Makshika, Alaksha, Maya, Caribean regions, Australia till South Pole.

Humanity migrated from Tibet to different parts of the world.Different climatic conditions and specialities of the regions resulted in the …

The Origins of Kerala

There is a popular folklore in Kerala about it's origin. Sage Parasurama was approached by Arya brahmans for a place to live peacefully.He was standing at Gokarna in Karnataka. He threw his axe from there.The axe is believed to be landed at the present Kanyakumari.Ocean then receded and thus a new land is formed. This story is being propagated from books like "Keralolpathi" and "Keralamahathmyam".Some even call Kerala as Parasuramakshetram.

As per geologists, Kerala was formed long long time back when water receded as a result of some earthquake or volcanic eruption to the present limits of Arabic Ocean and continous mud, sand deposition by natural forces resulted in this land.Parasurama legend matches with versions of modern scientist in this aspect that the land rose from the ocean.So malayali is living on land once reclaimed from ocean.

Some historians argue that the word keralam is derieved from it's older form cheralam.It means this land was a place lat…

Relationship between Srikrishna and Kamsa

യജൂര് വേദം 1.1 മന്ത്രം മലയാളത്തില്

Yajurveda Mantra and explanation in Malayalam
Yajurveda Mantra and explanation in English
Yajurveda Mantra and explanation in Hindi

Indians were Jantoos once

Indians were called Jantoo by the Europeans.The Europeans who came to india initially for trade and later invaded India for her rich resources used the word Jantoo when they were referring to the indigenious native population.It should be noted that the Sanskrit meaning for Jantoo would be animals.It is not clear whether they used the word to insult the indias.But in the 20th century the usage ceased to exist.

Portuguese people were the first to land in India for trade, conversion and to capture, pollute and colonise.They have a word in portuguese called Gentio which means gentle.Did they used the word bcos the early indians were gentle and warm and did not knew about the dubious designs of the foreign looters?

The british civil laws for indians were called Code of Gentoo Laws. The persian term Hindu was tagged to the indian subcontinent natives by the islamic invaders and persians.They referred people living near Sindu river as Hindus and the place as Hindustan evolved from arabic wor…

Couple of Orangis Online related Ashram Visits

Running Orangis Online requires me to visit reputed organisations. So i decided to meet the person in the administration of Ramakrishna Math which was founded by Swamy Vivekananda. The person who claim to be a Sannyasin managing the Matham is very arrogant. He was pouncing upon me as if i was an enemy. He was not at all ready to hear my proposal.

This Monday i visited another Ashram, a growing one headed by a Sanyasin in his youth. It is believed to be an offshoot of Sivagiri Ashram, Varkala founded by Sree Naryana Guru.Sree Narayan Viswa Dharma Math is headed by Swami Shivabodhananda.Contrast to my experience at Ramakrishna Mission, this person is so warm and cordial.He showed me the ashram, temple, conference room under construction and the home theatre due to inauguration.

The home theatre room is superb.I asked him ,"What is the use of a movie theatre in an ashram, after all vidhi (direction from scriptures & shastras) for brahmacharis and sanyasis is to avoid wordly ple…

BSNL 3G Wireless Broadband Speed Test

Ever since 3G service started in the airspace over my office, i took one connection from BSNL. I had a huawei modem with me with name Idea Netsetter written all over it.It was a SIM killer. If i put a different SIM other than the one they gave with the idea data connection, this device had the ability to render the SIM useless. I sacrificed a Tata Docomo SIM to learn that.I got that 'Netsetter' hacked or reprogrammed with a technician to get a universal USB dongle with Mobile Partner software that could use any SIM.

Enough of small talk,these are the results

Device Speed: Max 7.2 Mbps
Device: Huawei High Speed WCDMA/ EDGE/GPRS compatible USB modem

Arun Jaitley's U-Turn on The Henderson Brooks Report

Shri Arun Jailtey, when he was the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, wrote that Central Government should declassify  'The Henderson Brooks' Report.The report is about the reasons of failure happened to indian armed forces in the war with China in 1962.His blogpost about the issue is now in a deleted state.This is what is found on the BJP website.

The first 111 pages having been made public, it is now necessary that the balance pages also be made public rather than allow public opinion be influenced by unauthentic sources .
Shri Arun Jaitley is the defence minister of present Narendra Modi led Union Government of India has now taken a U Turn on the issue.Times of India article says that

"This (Henderson Brooks report) is a top-secret document and has not been declassified so far. Release of this report, fully or partially, or disclosure of any information related to this report, would not be in national interest," said defence and finance minister Arun Jaitley, in …

Google Maps unveils Satellite Images of Nooranad

For last 9 years, i have been waiting to see the satellite photos of my village.And here it is.It was not easy.Nooranad is not a developed place. It is a small village lacking many facilities. The Central Government decided to start a Indo Border Tibetan Police unit in Nooranad last year. This might have prompted google to zoom their eyes on the sky to our village. Now a days things are looking bright. The place has got 3G internet facility from Idea and BSNL and high speed fibre internet from Asianet Dataline.

Sharing Vedas to Everyone in the World

Vedas are the oldest existing literature in the world.Vedas are apourusheya (without a creator) and the mantras were revealed to the Rishis or wisemen at the beginning of civilization.Propagation of vedas are necessary to make the world a safe place.

Orangis Online have stepped in to the noble task of propagation of the vedas by distributing and sharing copies of Veda Mantras on DVD for free to people who wish to hear them.

Visit to get your FREE Vedam DVD