The brighter side of having a business website

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Today even kids are online using 3g mobile handsets and they know to google around for anything they want or wish to have.Big or small, a website is a must for your business.But there are many pitfalls when you try to get your website designed.Hiring an experienced professional or full timer is a preferred since you can't expect engineering students to give you support for future updation of the website.Folks will always choose offer letters from MNCs when you are on a distress call to them.

A website is an online avatar of your company.It presents an idea of your brand to the web visitor.It should convey the best and brightest idea of the company to the public.You can showcase your product or service for the world to see on your website.You can live chat with your customers, present your knowledge as frequently asked questions, call customers who commented or used the enquiry form.

You are not limited unlike the tv ad space and print media ad space.You can add anything on your website.You can add case studies, videos, promotions, user experiences, review etc.Website provides you an opportunity to beat your opponents whom you cannot beat in marketing in the real world.

Raising customer awareness and addressing concerns of the customers should be done using the website.Don't think of starting a website to mention your address and phone number.You could use yellow pages for that.It is most likely that sales will increase after you develop a corporate website.Because now you can ask a customer to check out the product details from the website quickly instead of spending more time to educate him about the product.

Website Designing Tips

Create quality logo, business cards, website for your branding.Don't compromise on quality.It is suggested that the business owner should register the trademarks and names as soon as possible.A simple easy to use website with interesting graphics, attractive fonts and user friendly navigation will make your business prosperous.

I am Maneesh Jayachandran, the website designer at Orangis Online, is willing to help you reach your goal of business success by employing good quality websites for your organisation.You can contact me at 9947202625 / .


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