The Cradle of Civilization is Tibet and not Africa

Tibet is the first homeland of mankind.It is logical to believe that human civilization arose in a higher ground simply because the water levels were way too high in the ancient times.Tibet or Trivishtapa is the place mentioned as Swarga in the Indian Purana scriptures. Trivistapa was not ruled by kings who crown their progeny.Election was done out of the kings on bhumi or earth (ground nations below the himalayas).In the place where kumbhamela is conducted; Kumbhastha, ceremonies like Indrachayana and prasthana would be conducted. Nothing much is known about them.

tibet mountains

Swarga is regarded as the place from Kashmir to the north pole.Bhumi or earth nations are locations on the west of Japan (Nippon/Nipunadesham) to Scandinavia (skandanavyam).Pathala is the locations including America ,Makshika, Alaksha, Maya, Caribean regions, Australia till South Pole.

Humanity migrated from Tibet to different parts of the world.Different climatic conditions and specialities of the regions resulted in the human race having different racial features in different land.Food and climate varies with region. In the recent past white men invaded America and drove away indegineous Red Indians. Scientific studies of recent anthropologists have shown that shape and features of white people adapted to the climatic conditions of America over generations and became similiar to that of the Red Indians.

Bharatha or India was a great nation in the olden times. It disintegrated to Ireland, Iceland in the west, European ,Westasian, Middle East nations, China , Japan, South East Asian regions over time.Aryans were the cultured and literate people lived in these regions around the world.The adivasis in the bharat were also Aryans. Out of the inhabitans the uncultured or barbarious tribes were referred to as Dasyus.The aryan - dravida /forward-backward class concepts that is prevelant in the society is a work of fiction of the white men who enslaved India.It is a false history made with the bankrupt intellect of the white man. Arsha culture and it's scriptures , itihasas (history) always taught men to be a cultured person and a thinking individual.Once achieved humanity , it asks us to raise a society of noble men and women. Chaturvarnya is not based on caste discriminations.It is to be practised for the society of noble men and women.It is not birth based and have no racial discriminations associated with it.It is a normal human behavior.


1. The Light of Truth : Swami Dayananda Saraswathi


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