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Multimode Multiband Modem from Olive Telecom

Olive Telecom has launched a wonderful telecom product which they claimed as the world's first multi signal, multi technology modem.The modem which supports 3G in both GSM and CDMA networks would be a thrust for those engaged in technology development using similiar systems.The multimodem is based on Qualcomm MDM6600 chipset.It was launched in Russia with Sky Link which is a part of Rostelecom, the largest state owned telecom company in Russia.

Gulwara Khasyanova, the CEO of Sky Link has opined that they have started testing a new class of subscribed devices that support multiple standards and frequencies.They rate this device as that fill the void completely for complete use of their dual band 3G network for subscribers.

Qualcomm MDM6600 uses all the core technologies of the 3rd generation prevailing in the world. MDM6600 supports frequency ranges from 450MHz to 2100MGts, supports GSM / GPRS / EDGE, CDMA,HSDPA,HSPA (up to 14.4 Mbps) and EV-DO (to 14.7 Mbps) along with the technol…

3G Mobile Services Demystified

Spectrum Raja has made the words 2G popular with the common man.2G means the second generation mobile services that are offered by the Telecom Companies in India to mobile phone users.The word 2G is just another marketing word used in Telecom industry.2G services helps you to make a voice call over your mobile phone through a GSM  mobile network.You could do messaging also through this service.Your data needs were taken care by HSCSD, GPRS and later EDGE.Now you could browse internet through your mobile phone thanks to the data network.Obviously GPRS and EDGE are enhancements of 2G.So they could be rightly called as 2.5G and 2.75G respectively.GSM is the popular mobile network technology in india than CdmaOne (Simply called as CDMA by the marketing guys).Enchancement of CdmaOne that helps you browse internet on your mobile phone are CDMA2000 1xRTT.

Companies Offering CdmaOne Service in India are Reliance Communication and Tata Indicom.CDMA2000 1xRTT is the technology standard that the…

Tata ’s Luxury Crossover Aria Review

Tata Motors has always been in the business of providing more facilities in its vehicles at affordable prices. From Tata Sierra, Estate in the 90s, Indica in the 2000s and the latest Nano were all reflections of this philosophy of Tata Motors. Tata Indica was an affordable diesel car introduced to replace the Ambassador every Indian drove and at prices less than the big elephant. Tata Motors got global attention when they introduced the world’s cheapest car –the nano.

The latest car introduced by Tata is Tata Aria.Everyone refer to it as a crossover. I  don’t know what exactly a crossover is. But looking from it’s shape I feel that crossover is a car containing features of an SUV and a normal sedan. The front would be looking like a sedan while the rear will look like an SUV.In India people call Tata Sumo, Mahindra Xylo, Toyota Innova, Chevrolet Tavera etc as SUVs but they are really MUVs or people movers.

Front view of Aria looks like a sedan. The slanted bonnet a…

OlivePad Upgraded to Android 2.2

OlivePad VT-100 which is claimed to be India’s first 3.5 G tablet has upgraded to Android 2.2.

Faster and improved Javascript renderingInstallation of applications on SD cardFaster switching between multiple keyboard languagesCan use phone as a mobile hotspotAutomatic  update of all applications on one clickSupports 3G, Wifi & Bluetooth wireless technologiesInbuilt 3 megapixel camera and an additional front cameraCan be used as a mini touch notebookSmart phone with voice and video callingGaming console, television and an ebook readerInbuilt GPS SensorAccessories along with OlivePad Tablet
16GB memory card and leather carry wallet FREE with the tabletSix months subscription to Wenga TV application.Lifetime navigation by Mapmyindia.

Can create word documents, ppt, excel etcBrowse internet, instant messaging, youtube, GPS enabled maps with turn by turn directionsMultimedia Support - Can play video and musicSurf your favorite tv channel on Zenga TV application. Channe…

The elusive idea called MBA

Master of Business Administration degree is something I was looking forward to learn ever since I got the bachelors degree in engineering. I am pretty sure that I wont become a master of business administration even if I complete the course. But people say that the learning process that happens in B-Schools groom you to face successfully the onslaught of events in your business career. Without an mba you are less equipped to take on the world.But I believe MBA is never a replacement for years of real experience.

The learning process (academic time) teaches you the fundamentals of managing a business. A company can be run in an informal way or in a professional way.MBA helps you choose the later.Professional course teaches you how to plan, use efforts of talents and allocate resources towards realization of set targets.

You can learn about the relationship between different functions  and departments of a business such as sales, marketing, finance, hr, administration, operation, public…


Yesterday morning I went to bed at 1.30 am and woke at 3.45 am. It is unusual for me to wake at early hours. My body clock woke me up because I needed to go to Thiruvallam Temple at Thiruvananthapuram. Yesterday was the 2nd death anniversary of my father. One year back,his soul was laid to rest at the feets of Lord Parasurama , an incarnation of Bhagavan Vishnu after immersing the ash of his remains. I needed to visit the temple and do the Shradha karma. Months back, I did a vavubali at the pournami in karkadaka masam at a nearby temple.

My sister couldn’t join my mother and me to the temple visit since her child got vaccinated against Heppatitis B and they were wary of temperature rise. We started on car to the temple since we needed to reach the temple before 9:30 am. As soon as I reached the temple, I went  to the payment counter. I was asked to pay Rs 42 for kshetra pinda karmam, Thilahomam in the name of the deceased and an ashtothara archana in the name of me.

Then I did the Shr…

BSNL Dataone Broadbank Unlimited Rural 500 Combo Plan

After shifting to the rural unlimited combo 500 plan, my phone bills have halfed and internet speed doubled.The internet speed of the old plan i discontinued also doubled though.An advantage of this combo plan is that there are 150 free calls to be made from this landphone and this comes within the monthly commitment of Rs 500.Now internet speed assured is 512kbps till 4GB usage and 256kbps for rest of the month.

You got to pay about Rs 530 every month for unlimited internet.This plan is only available in rural areas.


I lost my voter id card issued by the election commission of india. I lost it along with the driving license in 2007. I took Duplicate Driving Licence from the same RTO in 2008.Now I have been postponing the efforts to take duplication voters id card due to various reasons. One election came in between and election people were giving duplicates but I didn’t went.

Now local body election happens in Kerala. So I got an information that the election department at the Tehsil (Taluk) office is starting to issue duplicate voter id cards from 08.10.2010.So I drove to mavelikkara  yesterterday  in my Astar and it was raining heavily. I reached there and find a long queue of people.Since I have completed the form before hand, I just need to find my card id number and put the data and place in it.A person employed there took my application form and he checked the number of my family member in the kiosk in the same room. The kiosk terminal didn’t showed my number. So he forwarded my application …

Book Tickets Online for India – Australia Cricket Matches at Kochi and Goa

They always position the test matches before one day internationals. A general rule of thumb says that one day internationals are more interesting than test matches spanning over five days. Partly this is true, but I enjoy tests particularly when I was in my college days. The crowd would be much excited for the ODIs after India’s unbelievable win in the first test match. Federal Bank in association to the Kerala Cricket Association is providing online booking facility for the ODI matches at Kochi and Goa.


The ODI series starts with the one day match at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kaloor, Kochi on 17.10.2010.Film actor mammooty has inaugurated the ticket sale that started from 7th October 2010.Tickets are available of denomination Rs 200 to Rs 5000 at branches of Federal Bank. Tickets of certain denomination are available only at select branches.

Cost of Ticket x Number of Tickets = Total Revenue

Rs 5000  x 400 = Rs 20,00,000
Rs 3…


Disclaimer: The following hypothesis is based on random thoughts and is void of scientific reason.The author vows of him being ignorant about the ABCDEFGH of Geology. This blogpost might be foolish and might waste your time. You have a choice to navigate away.

There is a dialogue in the movie Matrix where Agent Smith a program in a virtual world tells Neo the hero about human beings. The movie is about man getting lost in the virtual world and get them slaved to machines in the real world.

Agent Smith: "I'd like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species, and I realized that humans are not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans do not. Instead you multiply, and multiply, until every resource is consumed. The only way for you to survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that fo…

Bajaj CT100 Motorcycle Ownership Experience


I am not ashamed to say that I was not among fast machines and hot girls during my teenage years. My father was very caring. He was afraid that I will mess up with a fast bike if he bought me one during my college days. I didn’t care to learn about the models of bikes and cars and it’s features. At the time of buying this Bajaj CT100 motor cycle , I had no opinion about what bike i should ride. So we just bought some entry level bike.But now i am much interested in motorbiking and have a heart to adore a real fast machine on road.

I bought it in 2006.It was billed about Rs 35000 then. It was a low cost option comparing similar models of hero Honda and the rest.  I did proper maintenance that year but in 2007 I didn’t care the bike well. As a result of it, the mileage decreased from about 70 kmpl to about 50 kmpl. The silencer of the bike showed signs of rusting in 2009.In 2009 I got it welded at nearest bajaj service center.So again the milage went up to ab…

Panasonic Vierra LCD TV Buying Experience

I was planning for an entry level 32 inch LCD TV to replace the 29 inch LG CRT TV in my living room. I was not a brand conscious person. I was comfortable with all reputed brand’s except moserbaer, Videocon, godrej, sansui etc.

LG and Samsung were best ideas. I asked my cousin to bring a 32 inch Samsung LCD TV from Dubai. It costs 1450 dirhams there. Works out to less than Rs 20000 .He agreed to bring one in November 2010.

I wanted to exchange my old semiautomatic Videocon washing machine with a fully automatic one during the onam promotions in august 2010.So I visited a discount shop ten kilometers near to my village. The name of the shop was ATTINKARA ELECTRONICS, Pandalam. I selected an LG Fully Automatic Washing machine but the piece there was sold out. They promised to deliver as soon as stock arrives the next day.

I just enquired about LCD TVs and the salesman introduced me to Panasonic Viera LCD TV. It was not loaded with lot of features. I saw a demo. I liked the TV and bought…

Switching to BSNL DataOne BroadBand Unlimited 500 Rural Plan

Internet has always attracted me.When i was 17 years, i first tasted it at an internet cafe at Trivandrum.I still remember me registering a hotmail email id.I was attending a coaching class that could help me fight competition to an engineering seat.My parents wanted to give me the best education.So they provided me the best entrance coaching centre in the nearest city.Rs 4000 was a big amount in the year 2000.You can buy one soveriegn of gold with that amount.If my mother had that gold with her, it would have been worth Rs 17000.Anyway i was staying at YMCA Hostel after i was kicked out with my friends from a house where we stayed as paying guest.

Once i went to internet cafe along with a fourteen year old boy staying next door in the hostel where i stayed.This boy had an email id then.He was a smart chap.He was attending some kind of summer camp.His name is PRaneeth.He was the son of a Doctor.If my memory is right his place was Kottarakkara (or Pathanapuram).There was another person…

Send Money to India using remit2india

Times of Money is a money transfer company belonging to the Times of India group.Remit2India is a secure way to transfer money to India from abroad.They have roped in citigroup for providing this service.NRIs around the world can benefit from this service.

Fight Hairfall and Maintain your Hair

Losing hair is dreadful if you are a beauty conscious person.Dr Batras has got a holistic hair loss treatment.Dr Batra's has been a symbol of quality homeopathetic treatment.The company has been founded by Dr. Mukesh Batra.They now have about fifty five clinics in 25 cities all over india, Dubai and UK.In 2002 a survey was conducted by Americal Quality Assessors which is an american market research organization.Dr. Batras received a Customer Satisfaction Rate of 98% accordining to march 2003 audit.

<p><p><p><br /> <ilayer src="…

Blogger - A Free Platform for Blogging

I am suggesting Blogger, a free blogging platform owned by Google.Let us learn about blogger.Have you decided upon a domain name or killer brand name for your blog?

Features & Things you should know about Blogger

You can find it at .Your blog is stored at the Storage Servers of Google free of cost.Your blog is given a web address of free of cost.If you can buy a domain name from a domain registrar, you can use your own domain and your blog will be .Blogger is a key to the google adsense account you will be making shortly after creating and running your blog.You can write unlimited number of blog posts and make unlimited number of blogs.Your google username and password is used to signin in the Blogger.Not much technical knowledge is needed to create your new blog post.Blogger Blog network itself brings you referral visits.You don't have to worry much on Search Engine Optimization.Google will do it to some …

Do you want to make money by blogging?

Maybe i should have published the topic of this blog couple of years back.Now that people are more interested in microblogging.I am writing this post for the people who have no idea of blogging or have never heard of Adsense.If you want to make money online, you have to work really hard.I have made assumptions that you have a PC/imac/Notebook/Macbook with internet connectivity.You are expecting your earnings from blogging to be a supplementary revenue stream and you are ready to sacrifice three to four hours a day for making this to work.

1. Making Money From Blogging is not very easy

You should be serious with your new endeavour.Set aside minimum 3 hours.Like all other things in life, blogging also is not for the lazy ones.

What is a Blog?

It is a webpage on the internet through which you communicate to your users.Ideally a blog is a platform used by users with no or little technical knowledge.They write articles called posts.These posts are displayed one after another.The crux is you …

Lenovo got envy on my new Sony Vaio

I have been using this Lenovo G series 3000 laptop for two years.It was solid and worked fine for me.No complaints so far.But as an entrepreneur doing business from home, i got to be careful.I should be ready for any adversity.So i planned to buy a new laptop.Like all other young businessmen, i wanted the best features and device for the money i am willing to pay.
I opted for a dell machine and planned to buy it from US and get it shipped by my cousin brother.My cousin brother is a Software Architect in US.He is a very busy man and yet he was very generous to shop one laptop for me from a BESTBUY Store.I told him that i don't like HP,Compaq,Acer etc.He gave me some choices and  i selected five models out of which one was a sony vaio and the rest were DELL.

Now my brother found Sony Vaio best among the lot having physically seen and used one.He was told by the salesman that Sony Vaio has got international warranty which obviously was found to be false when my brother read the cover a…

Laughter in Government Office: i'm having it

After having the bad experience at the Parakode Block Development Officer's office, i went there again after getting an application letter from my legal advisor.This time i am loaded with all what i am needed to get the certificate.Mr. Thankappan was having a mammoth conference that was going on with him presiding.I waited outside the door.In between he came outside smoking a cigrette and talking on the cell phone.I approached him and apologise for me asking him to be answerable to the public the last day.

He replied,"you weren't talking like this before...where is your sense of questioning now.........for getting things done at a govt office there is a got to know that".

Me: i know that sir.i shall keep that in mind dealing govt. offices the next time..

Thankappan: "lemme check after the meeting."

The meeting ended at 1 pm.I entered his office room asking permission.He asked me again the purpose.This time i showed the advocate's…

Babus: Are they Public Servant or our Masters?

Like all other blogpost, this post also starts with my apology about me neglecting this blog and not posting anything here lately.Time Management is a difficult thing to do.Here is an update about my fitness plan.I am now irregular in going to gym.My weight is hovering around 78 and 79 kgs.This post is mainly to note a bad experience i had at a government office.

The Background

Mr. Padmakaran who is a Joint Block Development Officer, working at Parakode owes my father Rs 35000 he has borrowed for personal use.He didn't gave back the money and atlast gave a check to cash.The check got bounced and my dad filed a civil suit in the nearby court hoping this person will give the money back as cases will affect his job and all.But it didn't happen and my father died in a heart arrest in 2008.Then my family was the plaintiff.So we pursued the case so that my father's efforts should not be lost in vain.We won the case in 2009.Now we got to make arrangements to recover the money from…

How to Check Mileage of your Car

Checking mileage of your car is very simple.Before that lemme inform you the mileage information of Maruti Astar.

17 kilometers per litre of petrol... On Full AC
Mileage Checking Methodology
Fill the tank full completely till the brim.Note down the odometer reading (in km).Now sit back and relax and ride your car for some distance.Go back to the pump when you feel to fill the tank.Fill the tank full completely till the brim.Note the quantity (volume) of fuel from the petrol pumps meter to fill up the tank.Note the odometer reading (in Km).
Mileage = ( (Second odometer reading) minus (First Odometer Reading) ) divided by the fuel volume.