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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Best Teacher

If you are asking me about the best teacher i have met, it will make me think.There are lot of teachers who have taught me over the years different subjects and knowledge.Among them i respect and remember some and i forgot and ignored some.

Unknown Kindergarten Teacher

I don't know her name.She taught me when i was in LKG and UKG.I remember the classes i
studied during the couple of years.I remember about the nap i had in the afternoons.Now i had
learning disability problem during those years.I remember clearly me trying hard to write the letter B.I was four years old then.It was not a crime for a four year old for not knowing english alphabets and numbers.My mom had a chat with the teacher.My mom asked the teacher to drop me back to UKG while my friends would be going to the other block in the school (Class I).This teacher replied negative and she told my mom that there is nothing wrong with my brain and she can give special attention.Today i am grateful to that teacher.I know her face but not her name.

Another Teacher in Primary School

She promised us chocolates for remembering multiplication table.Those who told her
multiplication table were given chocolates.I can't figure out whether i was in the third standard or fourth standard.

Rude Teachers in Primary School

One teacher took my toy gun which i bought from school and was playing in the lunch intervel.I
waited the whole year for the gun to be returned.It didn't happen.The teachers name was Kamla.Some teachers were very rude in behaviour.

Mathew or Varghese (dont remember)
Extremely rude person who was the physical education teacher in school.He always treated me
like i am a second class citizen in the country where he was the ruler.This person was well built,
retired from armed force and had grey mustache.He was in his seventies.Once i was asked to
carry the flag in a march past of my school house, this man barged in to the scene and said,
"ആരാ ഈ കെഴങ്ങനെ മാര്‍ച്ച്‌ പസ്ടിന്റെ മുന്നില്‍ പിടിച്ചു നിര്‍ത്തിയത് ?"
"Who allowed this couch potato to stand in front of the march past?".

This PT sir as we call him once came to our class on a free hour.He was teaching us about codes
used in wireless messages in army.A good thing to teach class X students.Here is what i remember from it...

Pappa ---means alphabet P
Alpha ----means alphabet A

The irony was that that when he was leaving the school, i was asked to give vote of thanks in the
school assembly.And i did that and i meant exactly opposite to what i said on mike.

Friendly Teachers in School

Daniel Sir

He taught us maths.His classes were very interesting.It is because of him i like the subject
itself.He was a talented teacher.He was a good singer also.He left our school and in Class XIII i
joined his tution classes.He asked us to write about the story of Coal.That shows his ability as a
teacher.I give him 9.8 out of 10 points.

Varghese Sir

He was a poet.He taught us malayalam.He once told me that short sighted people often as far
sighted once.This used to bring confidence in me.

There were many friendly teachers like Sreekumar Sir, Beena Miss, Reshmi Miss,Biju Sir, John
Sir, Prabha Sir etc.

Teachers at University and College


Most irritating persons

Taught Electronic Circuits at College of Engineering, Karnuagapally..Came as external examiner at my rest of engineering at College of Engineering, Adoor.He insulted me in my lab exam and cost me that exam.....I failed that lab exam not due to my ignorance of the subject but only due to his arrogance.

Unknown Arrogant Fellow
One person from Chengannur Engineering College-----Bald person, forgot his name (a christian
name).....He was an irritating person all the time.Came at lab external exams as examiner.He has got behavioral problems...He did my course viva,,Found happiness in insulting me.............
If he is reading this page, there is a message to you.

.............FUCK YOU..........................

Now if i am going to meet you in person, i shall deliver the message directly.Now that i have the degree certificates.

Exception and Good hearted Persons

Biju Sir

Lab Assistant during that period at Adoor Engineering College.He got a good heart.He behaved well with the students.

I am thankful to all these irritating guys because the pain they caused helped me to look more in to myself and discover the power i have.May be god designed all these to bring the better out of

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Maruti Astar Buying Experience

My experience in buying automobile products was evident in the purchase of a new car in 2009.The decisions happended so fast.At kayankulam railway station, i found a maruti astar hatchback.It was Sunlight Copper in color.I found it attractive.Couple of weeks later, all of a sudden i thought of buying a new car.My options were........

1. Chevy Spark
2. Maruti Astar
3. Hyundai i10
4. Hyundai Santro

Finally i went for Maruti Astar.Here are the reasons that convinced me to choose a maruti.
Maruti cars are comparatively cheaper to maintain.Service stations are everywhere and spares are easily available.

Why i bought Astar?

  • Fuel Efficiency of Astar as certified by ARAI is 19.6 kmph .
  • Good performance and interiors.
  • In the interior more space is dedicated to the driver and his fellow passenger.
  • I wanted a small car to move it around in indian roads.
  • I liked the looks of Astar.
  • Most of my usage is in the weekends and 80 percent of the travel with rear seats empty.
  • Since i am working online in my office room in home, i won't be driving everyday to office.That is why i wanted a petrol car.
Words of Caution Heard from Other Car Users

There is not much space in Astar.
My take: It depends on what the customer expects.I am expecting a small car and not an innova like vehicle or a long sedan.


My take: it is true...when comparing to spark, astar is expensive.But maruti stable cars are having better resale values.Now that Beat is there(new chevy car for 2010).......which i feel a good bargain that Astar...
Cost in Kerala

Ex Showroom Price = 349,746
Insurance = 10649
Warranty = 1895
Handling Charge = 1500
Road Tax = 20985
the sum = 384,775
discount = 12,000
then cost on road= 3,72,775
Cost of Extra Fittings
wheel cover = rs 622.22 (meant to be free)
power window astar = rs 5777.77
Security System Astar LXI = rs 5324.44
seat cover oe eag = rs 4266.66
under body coating = rs 2222.22 (rip off)
cd mp3 sony GT/40UM = rs 7991.11
speakers s 170/190 DE = 3377.76
labour charge = 900
discounts = 2939
bill amount = 31,000
total Cost of Car On Road = 4,05,000
Dealer Offer
  • No cash back or discount.
  • Mat (i think it is given with the car and not from the dealer)
  • Flap (normal)
  • Steering Grip (Poor Quality)
  • Teflon coating (business based on jargons)
  • Wheel cover
  • Indus Package (means nothing)
  • Fabric Seat Cover or Rs 1100 discount in art leather seat cover bought from them
The car was delivered on 16th August 2009.I went for LXI varient.Here are the features
  • Three cylinder K series 1 Litre Engine.(K10B)
  • MPFI
  • AC
  • Power Steering
  • Five Seater
  • Five Gears Manual Transmission
  • 13" tubeless Tyres
  • 35 litre fuel tank capacity.
  • Maximum speed of 155 km per hour.
  • Power = 68 Ps @ 6200 rpm
  • Torque = 90 Nm @ 3500 rpm
Extra Fitting Opted on additional payment
  • Front Power Windows Sold by Maruti.
  • Keyless Entry Security System marketed by Maruti Suzuki.
  • Sony Xplod MP3/ CD Player - Plays USB Drives too.
  • Under Body Coating - Day Light Robbery
  • Art Leather Seat Cover in Black and Grey
Till now i drove 3300 kilometers on it.After five months, i am satisfied using maruti astar.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Evening was Worthwhile

25 years back, my Father built a building.We call it Vaisakh.It is located at Para Juntion, a place in my home town, Nooranad.Now this building has been divided to rooms and are leased to different clients.It include a family dwelling in the 1BHK home in the building.After my father's death, I am the landlord.One day i got a call from one tenant.I went there and found employees from the local panchayat measuring with tapes.Now they told me that the government is going to increase the building tax this year.This happened in mid 2009 and they gave me some forms which i needed to fill up and resubmit to them.

Now here is a situation that shows my true colors.I sat upon that statement for an year.It was supposed to be returned to the panchayat office within a fortnight.Now when the tax for 2009 - 2010 year was due, i remembered about the forms.I took them and searched for all the documents that might be of use.I could complete the forms in an hour, all the six of them.It was very funny.

I found a notice stating that the panchayat is conducting a revenue collection camp on 13-1-2010 near my place.Then i got to my maruti astar hatchback and drove to Muthukattukara temple Junction.There i found a young lady alone collecting cash.She gave me the receipt on payment of tax and instructed me to submit those forms to the panchayat office.The tax was not hiked this year fearing backlash from the public.I paid Rs 1042 and went to the panchayat office where i gave those statements and they declined to give me a receipt.

While i was doing all these tax works, my friend Saneesh called me to meet our other friend Gopi Krishnan.I came back to my home, had a lunch in 10 minutes and drove to Gopi Krishnan's home in Thazhava near Vavvakavu, Karunagapally on my Bajaj CT100 motorcycle.Gopi Krishnan is a software engineer working in Accenture, Hyderabad.At Gopi's home, i found Saneesh twenty minutes later.We watched Suresh Raina getting his century on TV.We knew that India won't win the match.

Saneesh came on his Hero Honda Glamour.Here is our trail.
THAZHAVA ----------> VAVVAKAVVU ---------------> OACHIRA ----------------> AYIRAMTHENGU
There is a lake between Ayiramthengu and Azheekkal.A flat boat transports cars, bikes and people throught the lake.They call it JUNKAAR........(i don't know the correct spelling).

Ayiram thengu Jankaar Service

On the Junkar, it costs Rs 5 to transport a bike, Rs 10 for a car and 1 for a human.Once you cross it.There is a road waiting for you full of sharp S turns.Driving carefully here on the narrow road helps your bones to stay strong.Now you reach a small road that runs from north to south parallel to the sea.The road leads to Azheekal.

Azheekkal Beach

There was a small beach.We bathed there, watched the sunset, spend some quality time and came back.
Saneesh and Gopikrishnan
I was back at home at 11pm.You know why?........I lost the way and and some how got back ..........i went to bed all of the sudden bcos i had food at 9:30 from gopi's home.
---THE END--
Maneesh and Saneesh

My First Blog Post in 2010

Here's what about me and my blog in 2009.I was both busy and lazy in 2009 and will be the same in 2010.And i started a weight reducing program in 2009 and it is still nowhere.Reduced 6 kilograms in six months.So slow huh ......but feeling healthy..Started strength training for all the body parts.Hoping it will reduce my cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol.I am doing the workouts in the evening in 2010 unlike in 2009.In 2009, i visited the gym at 7 am and gets out at 8:30 or 9.The new timing is comfortable.

There was not much blogging action on digital tyke during 2009.As usual i am promising more posts in 2010.But one thing is for sure, you cannot change yourself in a time period of hours, you can do it only in a time period of years.Hoping to do more serious blogging.Vowing not to let this blog die a slient death.