My First Blog Post in 2010

Here's what about me and my blog in 2009.I was both busy and lazy in 2009 and will be the same in 2010.And i started a weight reducing program in 2009 and it is still nowhere.Reduced 6 kilograms in six months.So slow huh ......but feeling healthy..Started strength training for all the body parts.Hoping it will reduce my cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol.I am doing the workouts in the evening in 2010 unlike in 2009.In 2009, i visited the gym at 7 am and gets out at 8:30 or 9.The new timing is comfortable.

There was not much blogging action on digital tyke during 2009.As usual i am promising more posts in 2010.But one thing is for sure, you cannot change yourself in a time period of hours, you can do it only in a time period of years.Hoping to do more serious blogging.Vowing not to let this blog die a slient death.


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